Building Hybrid Cloud Kitchen and First Meal Subscription App for Students




We focus on past validating data and automated technology to be seamless & scalable across all our F&B businesses.

100Bucks Sdn Bhd has laid the foundation for several F&B brands adopting our hybrid business model.

Over the past 2 years, 100Bucks has managed over 7 different F&B brands namely Fuh'Lemak Kitchen ( Asian & Western fusion ), 100Bucks Coffee (coffee house), Bites (sandwich bar), KBQ Wings (chicken wings & Korean delights), Chrwarma.co (modern middle eastern cuisine), AOB (Indian authentic cuisines), 100Bucks Crowd Kitchen (cloud kitchen with 6 kitchen spaces for Food-preneurs)

Collectively our annual revenue has increased about 4 times with revenue in 2020 over RM500k and has reached RM 1.9M in 2021.

We deliver over 6000 orders every month and has served over 150,000 pax in Klang Valley & Penang since 2020.

Over 300 recipes were created, tested & tailored to suit our target market in the past 2 years by our experienced kitchen crew.


Food Pricing - Food pricing offered by restaurants on online delivery platforms are very inefficient. The high cost of goods has been the major contributor to this crisis. Moreover, conventional restaurants have high operating costs & commissions charged by online delivery platforms to cover, which eventually leads to high food pricing offered to consumers.

Order Restriction- Consumers are restricted to ordering a limited choice of cuisines from one outlet via online delivery platforms. Often times ordering for a large group, everybody has their preference and choice of favourite cuisines and ordering from multiple vendors would incur a higher delivery cost.

Daily meals for students - Students with busy class schedules tend to skip meals as they cant get affordable food to order in. Online food delivery platforms offer price that targets consumers with higher spending power (working adults). Apart from that, online subscriptions for daily meals are mostly available for meal preps with high selling prices which is not affordable for daily consumption for students.


Hybrid cloud kitchen - Our hybrid cloud kitchen provides a better & affordable pricing option as we purchase our raw material in bulk for all our 20 cuisines and this gives us the opportunity to offer meals as low as RM 10.00. In addition, our high-end menu served in the Front Of the House ( FOH ) helps us to balance the gross profit margin.

Multi-cuisine cloud kitchen - Within our hybrid cloud kitchen paired with an experienced F&B team, we have 20 different cuisines serving up to 300 menu items in one restaurant. With this, consumers could order multiple cuisines under one roof and at the same time save on the delivery charges compared to ordering from a few different restaurants and paying higher delivery charges.

Meal subscription for students - A one stop solution application that offers daily meal subscriptions solely focusing on the students market. Freshly cooked meals will be delivered to universities according to the time slot within the application on a daily basis. The application features pre-ordered daily meals with affordable prices ranging from RM 10.00 up to RM 30.00 per meal. On top of that, students can enjoy bottom line benefits, discounts, rewards & referral bonus. With this, students could get proper daily healthy meals on time delivered to their doorstep.

Product 1


LOCATIONS: The first project will be at Subang Jaya.

CONCEPT: Hybrid model - Focusing 50% on Cloud Kitchen (BOH) & 50% on Dine-in (FOH).

MENU: 20 different cuisines adding up to 300 types of menu items from daily simple meals to high-end premium meals.

MENU PRICE : Cloud kitchen (BOH) offers food starting from RM 10 per meal available for online deliveries and pick-up only; Restaurant (FOH) offers meals starting from RM 15 up to RM 80 per meal available for dine-ins and takeaways only.

3RD PARTY INTEGRATION: Foodpanda, Grabfood, ShopeeFood, Airasia Food, MAYBANK Sama-sama Lokal and other Food delivery platforms.

RESTAURANT CREW: We have trained and developed a complete restaurant crew for the past 3 years, especially for the kitchen. Our team consists of the Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Sous Chef, Commis Chef, Quality Officers, Restaurant service Managers and management team to handle the finance, accounts and HR processes.

Product 2


INTEGRATION: Hybrid Cloud Kitchen by 100Bucks Sdn Bhd + MyFUTURE platform, an Online Search engine for students by S&L Setia Sdn Bhd.

MODEL: Online food delivery application focusing on a subscription model for school & university STUDENT MARKET.

CONCEPT: The application will include over 20 multiple cuisines with 300 menu items in total & students will be required to pre-order to get an exclusive discount compared to those who order instant delivery.

DELIVERY: Based on pre-order, we will deliver to students with our delivery fleet. (Focusing area by area)

PERKS: Students will receive cashback for every purchase, one week ahead of pre-orders, discounts on referrals & semester break promos.

MARKETING: With Myfuture Online Education platform and its Student database, we could engage and penetrate the student market by having sales booths and banners inside the Universities to increase brand awareness and to have referral programs among students to subscribe to us.

Check out MyFuture Online Student Requirement Platform: https://www.myfuture.com.my/institutes


We transformed our business model swiftly during pandemic 2020 and moved into the cloud kitchen business model and witnessed significant growth within our restaurants.

We opened 6 kitchens around KL, Selangor & Penang serving over 300 different menu items respectively.

Over 2 years we have also trained and developed over 50+ FOH, BOH & management teams.

Acquired over 30+ certified suppliers, raw material suppliers, marketing agencies, contractors and other vendors.

We have an average increase of 30% more meals ordered every month from 2020 from all our kitchens totalling up to over 150,000 meals served in 24 months.


We have three types of customer segments that are currently being served.

1. Business to consumer (B2C)

  • Our walk-in & dine-in customers to our restaurants.
  • Customers who orders our food from 3rd party online delivery applications (grab, foodpanda, airasiafood).
  • Orders for catering service for events such as weddings, birthdays & gatherings.

2. Business to business (B2B)

  • Corporate meals to be offered to companies, factories, schools and offices to provide as staff meals.
  • Pay it a forward program where companies, NGO's, social clubs and individuals donate to us to distribute food to the needy.

3. Customer to Customer (C2C)

  • Referral programs where we give discounts, vouchers and commissions for those who refer customers to buy our products and services using their referral code.
  • Brand ambassadors and influencers who promote our products and services to their followers.

Based on our research & collaboration, we have planned to set up our 1st hybrid cloud kitchen at Subang Jaya as it is the fifth most populous city in Malaysia with over 700,000 residents. It is also nicknamed University Town, home to many higher education institutions including, Monash University, Sunway University, INTI International University and many more.

Our hybrid model will focus equally on cloud kitchen and restaurant concepts giving focus to both FOH & BOH in order to further drive our revenue stream.

The restaurant will focus entirely on high-end Asian-Western fusion menu with a cozy ambience making it a go to spot to our fellow Subangites, while the cloud kitchen will create upwards of 20 cuisines serving 300 over menu items.

Our current experienced and well-trained restaurant team consisting of Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Sous Chef, Commis Chef, Quality Officers, baristas & professional servers together with restaurant service managers is ready to carry out this enormous task.

With the traction, customer acquisition, team and space we have, we are going to also focus on various other business models to generate more in income stream namely, third party online delivery, events, brand licensing, franchise & royalty program, centralised kitchen, pay it forward ( CSR ), F&B Entrepreneur training program, food truck, corporate meals & catering service.


Malaysia's online food delivery service market is expected to grow 17.9% annually to reach a revenue of RM 1.62 billion in the next four years.

The food delivery industry, which is part of the gig economy, should be based on the digitalisation concept. This is where cloud kitchens with tech driven capabilities have the biggest opportunity to fuel the growth of this industry.


Moving away from a singular cuisine and diversifying into other cuisine styles through multiple cuisines enabled us to enrich our offering to the local food delivery market, feed the demand for more choice and amplify our customer reach. Our audience appeal becomes unrestricted as we gain the ability to tap into the tastes of a broader pool of consumers. The multi-branded approach gives us the agility to adapt fast. We can introduce new brands and cuisines styles as emerging taste trends unfold.

Proprietary Meal Subscription Application - Sang Ki Application is a monthly meal subscription ordering platform focusing solely on the school & university student consumer market. Our application has an interactive interface for students to subscribe as low as RM100 monthly.

Hybrid Cloud Kitchen Model - Hybrid cloud kitchen with the potential for long-term growth will be built to cater not only to online deliveries but also for dine-in with a premium menu and a cozy ambience.

Automated Operation - By automating our inventory, we eliminate manual stock counting and long spreadsheets. Streamlined backend inventory management, kitchen management & Point Of Sales, we have adapted automation in our business from the start of our business.

Own Delivery Fleet - We have our own fleet of riders to deliver pre-booked subscription meals to our student consumer market.


Capital Expenditure: 26%

  • To build our brand new hybrid cloud kitchen in Subang Jaya. Funds will go to rental deposits, initial design layout, legal licenses, renovation & construction, equipments & furnishing. A certain portion of funds will be used for completing the prototype of SANG KI application (online meal subscription for students).

Operations: 20%

  • Funds will be utilised for 12 months of operating expenses and cash flow. With this, we could focus on the Gross Profit and operation fully as the expenses will be covered by the funding.

Inventory & Maintenance: 20%

  • We will also utilise the funds to subsidise our raw material & inventory costs by purchasing in bulk while maintaining all our kitchen equipments up to standard.

Sales & Marketing: 14%

  • Brand awareness and market penetration are crucial for the start, therefore to build trust among customers and attract more, we will use the funds to run multiple marketing campaigns using many ROI driven funnels.

Product R&D: 15%

  • Being in the F&B business we need to innovate and introduce new products and services to the market according to the trend and market demand. The goal is typically to take new products and services to the market every 3 months and add to our company's bottom line.

Others: 5%

  • The utilisation of this portion of funds will be used for uniforms, travelling costs, office maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses.

In the next 2 years, we are planning to extend the brand exposure thus launching our Hybrid Multi-Cuisine Cloud Kitchen in every university town in Malaysia.

Our next target will be to penetrate the SEA market. With this, we are targetting RM66M as yearly revenue by 2025.

In the next 5-8years, we are looking to bring our company public in order to gain more publicity and making our product known to a new group of consumers which in return increases the overall market share of the company.


In October 2019, we have incorporated 100Bucks Sdn Bhd with communal experience in the F&B industry to set up our first and primary brand Fuh'Lemak Kitchen in Medan Connaught, Cheras. Over a short period of time, we managed to muster as much as knowledge and research and pivoted to a hybrid multi-brand cloud kitchen business model catering more to online delivery compared to dine-in.

We have also created multiple Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP ), Training & Development for our Front of the house ( FOH ) & Back of the house ( BOH ) staff to adapt and comply.

With the said resources, we have managed over 10 different outlets within the 2 years around Klang Valley & Penang from conventional restaurants, mall food courts, hybrid cloud kitchens & other F&B outlets providing spaces for events and gatherings.

To manage all the brands across our platform, we meticulously researched for the best Point of Sales ( POS ), Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ), Scheduling Software, Inventory management software, Restaurant analytics software and Online Ordering Software to have a seamless business transaction.

Our team grew to over 50+ talented & dedicated individuals to manage all our outlets from key partners, entrepreneurs, and restaurant staff to the human resource department, administration, sales, marketing, finance & accounting team as well.

Our key services include dine-in, online food delivery, corporate meals, pre-ordered daily meals, bulk orders, meal subscription ( manual data ), Pay It Forward, catering & event management.

For further expansion and scaling, we are aiming to launch a brand new hybrid multi-brand cloud kitchen combined with a premium restaurant in a 'Hot Spot'.

We are also looking to complete our prototype of an online ordering & delivery application serving affordable subscription meals catered to school & university students.

We envisioned to become the leading & pioneer brand to cater subscription meals for schools &university students and expand our hybrid cloud kitchen all around Malaysia & move on to tap the ASEAN market.

Management Team

Yuva Francis ( Founder & CEO ) 33 years old, Malaysian

  • 14 years of experience in the F&B industry ( restaurants & bars )
  • 6 years of experience in investment-linked companies. ( insurance )
  • 4 years of involvement in the business operation and development industry (Developed up to
    20 F&B outlets/Brands in Penang, KL and Selangor)
  • Handles F&B operation, Branding and Business management for 100Bucks Sdn Bhd and other subsidiary companies.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Management and Entrepreneurship

Miene Lousyni ( Co-Founder & COO ) 29 years old, Malaysian

  • 10 years experience in Business operation
  • 4 years of experience in the education industry
  • 4 years of involvement in F&B business operation (Developed and operated up to 10 F&B
    outlets/Brands in Penang, KL and Selangor)
  • Handles Business Management and Operation for 100Bucks Sdn Bhd and other subsidiary companies.
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in TESL

Mugillan Vignes ( CMO ) 30 years old, Malaysian

  • 10 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry.
  • 4 years of experience in generating leads, increasing brand awareness & conversion rate by at least 200%
  • 3 years of involvement in online strategy development with a turnover of RM 1 million
  • Developed & launched content marketing & leads generating campaign resulting in sales over RM 2million.
  • Bachelor of Business Management & Marketing (Hons)

Habib Abdullah Taib ( F&B Director ) 39 years old, Malaysian

  • 19 years of experience in the F&B industry ( Restaurants & Bars )
  • Cost and quality control expert with 15 years of experience handling food and beverage
  • Food stylist, mixologist and Executive Chef
  • Handles F&B management for 100Bucks Sdn Bhd and other subsidiary companies.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Culinary Arts

Shammalah ( CFO ) 28 years old, Malaysian

  • 7 years of experience in Accounts Audit and Tax
  • 3 years of the experience F&B industry
  • Account and Finance Department head
  • Handles Finance and Accounts for 100Bucks Sdn Bhd and other subsidiary companies.
  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons)

Dr ONG CHUAN HUAT, MCIM, MIMM (Preferential Shareholder & Advisor)

  • 34 years old, Malaysian
  • IMM - Life member of the Institute Marketing Malaysia
  • 10 years as Angel Investor
  • 7 years in the Retail Industry
  • 5 years in the education Industry 
  • CIM- The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Marketing with Hons (1st Class)

ANDREW DANA WESLEY (Construction & Design Partner & Advisor)

  • 32 years old, Malaysian
  • 5 years of entrepreneurship/ business building experience.
  • 3 years of experience managing current ventures (sustainability company and social enterprise)
  • 8 years of industry professional, consultant and project manager (oil & gas & chemical, manufacturing)
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental & Occupational Health
  • Professional Affiliations: CIEH United Kingdom, MIHA Malaysia

DR S.VIJAY KUMAR (Business Partner & Advisor)

  • 47 years old, Malaysian
  • An educationist with a business acumen mindset with over 24 years of experience in the education industry both in higher and technical education.
  • Has earned a powerful record of handling international partnerships & academic development programs with numerous UK, Australia, India & New Zealand universities and is an academic leader.
  • Specialist in developing curriculums for Certificate, Diploma & Degree programs.
  • Doctor of Education (Educational Management) (HU, US)
  • Master of Educational Management (UM, Msia)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration (UoW, UK)
  • Managing Director – Global Magnetic Sdn Bhd
  • Board of Directors – Global Bucks Sdn Bhd
  • Advisory Council of LEB Training & Consultancy
  • Playing crucial roles in a number of partnerships enterprises.

  • No shares will be allotted or issued based on this document after six months from the closing of the offer period.
  • This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorisation of the Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007.
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