Strives to help people to understand and benefit from Human DNA


Everyone should have their DNA profile in hand as easy as having an identity card. Advanx Health is on a mission to democratize access to high-quality genetic information

Advanx Health is a healthtech startup founded by a group of pharmacists and life science researchers who are passionate about empowering individual to start taking charge of their own health by knowing themselves better. We provide genetic screening test for consumers to help them explore and understand their DNA, hence enable consumers to make a better decision in maintaining their health with reliable personalized insights based on their DNA profile.

This is a non-invasive test. With 2ml of saliva sample, we are able to provide more than 100 personalized reports including nutrition traits, fitness traits, risk of lifestyle disease, inner potential etc.

Among the areas that our tests can provide insights to :-

- Nutrition & wellness
- Fitness
- Risk of hereditary disease
- Personality
- Medicine & therapies


Advanx Health will be championing the move from a “One-size-fits-all” approach into personalized healthcare.

We will do this by providing affordable and accessible genetic screening to consumers.



The Advanx Health team has strong science backgrounds.

Yong Wei Shian
Co-founder & CEO
Master of Bioinformatics
Ex-Business Intelligence Analyst of Fave Asia

Chew Yen Ping
Co-founder & Tech Lead
Full Stack Developer & Pharmacist
Ex-Full Stack Developer & Growth Hacker of Next Academy 
Lead Mentor of Coding Bootcamp

John Yeo Keh Hau
Business Development Lead
3 years experience in supplement manufacturing business and retail pharmacy.

Vishala Sivapalan
Scientific Advancement Officer
Master of Medical Sciences
8 Years of Research Experience in Life Sciences (Pharmacogenomics, Genetics, Biochemistry)


ADVANX HEALTH has been accepetd into Batch #7 of the WTF Accelerator Programme

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