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Agmo Digital Solutions empowers the next generation cloud-based collaboration solution with Vote2U and Work2U.

Vote2U is a meeting software designed as a universal solution for fully virtual, hybrid and physical general meetings for public listed companies. It consists of 3 components – live streaming, voting and Q&A sessions.

Work2U is a workplace collaboration software to streamline the communication and workflow of companies.


The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a new landscape for remote collaboration under the new normal:

  1. The market is lacking trustworthy solution for public listed companies to conduct their annual general meeting virtually
  2. Workplace communication via instant messaging software is too messy and inefficient.

With Blockchain-powered Remote Participation and Voting Platform equipped with e-KYC and Records of Depositors (ROD) integration, Vote2U offers public listed companies to carry out annual general meetings (AGMs) with immutable Blockchain audit trail. The e-KYC technology is used to verify shareholders’ identities against their identity document instantly. ROD is exported directly from Bursa to ensure the user is a shareholder of a specific public listed company. These features allow shareholders to sign up to join the AGM even on the AGM day itself. Vote2U uses Quorum Blockchain technology for the audit trail to ensure data integrity and tamper-proof results.


Vote2U platform is available as a responsive web application to the shareholders without installing any mobile application. With one click after login, shareholders can participate in the meeting by watching live streaming, ask any questions they may have and casting their votes. Public listed companies can generate useful reports, such as proxy reports, attendance reports and voting results for scrutineers’ verification. Vote2U is audited by Crowe and NetAssist to ensure proper functionality and security.



Vote2U is a start-up born during the MCO period. In 5 months, it has successfully generated more than MYR500,000 in revenue. Conducting more than 50 AGMs/EGMs, Vote2U has conducted the virtual AGM with the highest voting record of 28,333. It has more than 150,000 shareholders’ records in the database.


Our services are offered directly to our customers - public listed companies in Malaysia through the B-To-B model. As our application is user friendly enough for end-users to use on any compatible smartphone, tablet or computer, end users can easily familiarise themselves with the features and procedures of our platform.

Due to the excellent features available for the end-users, we have also seen interest from JMB/Society/Associations/Koperasi in Malaysia and public listed companies in the region.


Vote2U charges based on each AGM/EGM conducted by customers. For public listed companies in Malaysia and public listed companies in the region are charged at MYR15,000 to RM30,000 per event. For JMB/Society/Associations/Koperasi, we intend to use the SaaS model to charging RM1,000 with the self-service model.

With this fundraising exercise, Agmo Digital Solutions aims to expand the business beyond Vote2U to Work2U – a workplace communication platform designed for corporates and SME.


Our primary target market is public listed companies in Malaysia. We are also in the midst of penetrating the market of JMB/Society/Associations/

Koperasi in Malaysia and Public listed companies in the region. The identified market size is as follows:

  • Public listed companies in Malaysia: RM30 million
  • JMB/Society/Association/Koperasi/ in Malaysia: RM100 million
  • Public listed companies in the region: RM300 million

In the current market place that we stand, Vote2U differentiated itself by offering automated electronic know-your-customer (e-KYC), Records of Depositors (ROD) integration and a Blockchain audit trail. These technology advantages enable the shareholders to participate in AGMs seamlessly without pre-registration in advance, yet offering the highest security standard with Blockchain technology.


We are raising between RM 500,000 to RM 2 million. The funds raised will go towards expansion into new verticals, R&D as well as working capital.


Our vision is to become the leading collaboration solution provider in the region, empowering people to work smarter and more efficiently under the new normal.


Agmo Digital Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Agmo Holdings Sdn Bhd. MYEG Capital Sdn Bhd (MYEG Services Berhad’s subsidiary) is a substantial shareholder of Agmo Holdings Sdn Bhd.

About MYEG Servies Berhad:

  • Group of companies is principally engaged in the business of development and implementation of Electronic Government (e-Government) services and the provision of other related services for the e-Government
  • Operates and owns the electronic channel to deliver services from various Government agencies to Malaysian citizens and businesses.


Tan Aik Keong

  • Twelve years of software development experience with vast experience in planning, developing, commercialising and marketing digital products in different industries, including Blockchain and healthcare.



Lee Ron Kit

  • Experience full stack developer with comprehensive Blockchain, cloud, web and backend development experience


Chong Wen Ling

  • Ten years of UI/UX design experience, with a solid portfolio in helping large-scale corporates to transform by creating disruptive technology products digitally





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