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Company Name: AiVA Vacation Lifestyle Sdn Bhd (1336493-V)

Industry: Technology and Travel

Incorporation Date: 01 August 2019

Commencement Date: 01 August 2019

Travel Agency Licence: KPL/LN:10020

Contact Person: Chung Peng Keong

Contact Number: 0124805043

Website: www.theaiva.com


Travelooker’s - Tourism Resources Platform

Travelooker creates a platform that can integrate the entire tourism industry market resources, cooperate with online and offline network business models, plus a flexible price structure, provide high quality, high-value and creating value-added solutions, for the market and stakeholders.

Travelooker's Ecosystem Includes

A perfect ecosystem allows all participants to obtain the values ​​and need they want, and a fair mechanism allows the system to continue indefinitely. The Travelooker ecosystem is seamlessly combined of travel enthusiasts, distributors, suppliers, and the platform.

Travel enthusiasts: In this ecosystem, only one type of person is served, that is, travel lover, and they also play a role as customers. The system mainly brings high-value, high quality, low-risk travel products to this group of people, to meet the needs of customers.

Distributors: The ecosystem creates several entrepreneurial opportunities for the market. Innovating the concept of profit sharing, to bring high, stable, passive and active double-barrelled income. Praising achievements recognise the efforts and contributions of distributors. Legally and systematic operate a new model of tourism, to achieve a valuable and glorious life

Suppliers: A stable ecosystem creates stable growth performance and profitability for suppliers, completes the enterprise deployment, develops and looks forward to the future

Platform: Travelooker plays the role of an intendant in the entire ecosystem, ensuring balanced development in many aspects, continuous performance growth, and even distribution of profits. Create Malaysia and Southeast Asia's most trusted No.1 international tourism brand, and No.1 international tourism entrepreneurship platform, and to be innovation leader in the tourism industry

The Travelooker ecosystem not only meets the needs of the above parties but also provides more local employment opportunities, helps local economic growth and achieves local tourism development.

A simple sentence to explain what a Travelooker:

Travelooker legalised, illegal tour operator

Travelooker, Travel while benefiting, everyone can travel the world

Travelooker integrates the market resources of the entire travel industry

Travelooker is the first systematic international travel entrepreneurship platform in Malaysia and ASEAN


The problem faced by travellers

The major pain points faced by most travelers, up to 92% of Group Inclusive Tour GIT faced that the price of high-quality travel packages is too high for them, makes them unbearable. Up to 65% of the Free Independent Traveler FIT confirmed that they should bear the risk of accidents during the trip. They also agree that planning the perfect itinerary is thankless, time-consuming and annoying. Controversy about the itinerary always happen, and do not even know how to start planning itinerary. Up to 42% of Free Independent Traveler FIT faced that tickets for attractions and activities are expensive. This has been a long-standing issue that results in prevent travel enthusiasts from enjoying the entire journey.

The problem faced by operators

The major pain points faced by most travel operators. Travel professionals, such as tour guides, tour leaders, drivers, and newcomers, are often faced with low incomes and instability of job opportunities, to improve their quality of life and increase their income, they are eager to set up a travel agency to develop their own tourism business. However, the threshold and cost of establishing a travel agency are very high, and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, some people take risks start operating illegal tourism business and has brought many issues to the market, such as fraud, over promise, incorrect itinerary, etc. Illegal operators also faced high fines of RM200K to RM500K or imprisonment for 10 years or both. Even travel agencies are sometimes unable to travel in groups due to insufficient numbers of head count. The selection of travel package are not much and not comprehensive enough. This has been a long-standing issue that increases in illegal travel operators.


Travelooker aims to evolve the traditional business models by defining Travel while benefiting, everyone can travel the world through the R.H.A.B.I.E system for Travellers and 3F.2B.1S system and Easy-to-replicate 1S.3M.5S training system for operators

Travelooker Market Positioning (Travelers)

After an accurate understanding of the R.H.A.B.I.E system, travel lover clearly know that the value, quality, entrepreneurial opportunities, instalment payment convenience, etc. of the obtained products and services will allow them to travel with peace of mind. Travel again and even becomes a witness, introducer, spokesperson, distributor, and thrive with Travelooker for a perennial. In result, it has become "sticky with Travelooker".

Competitive advantages of Travelooker (Operators)

After accurate use of the 3F.2B.1S system, travel players clearly know how to allow them to travel unlimited times, or even travel for free to complete their dream of traveling around the world. Travelooker recommends Flexible Price and Profit Structure. This function and structure are perfect allocating profits and performance to all participants, customers expect savings, distributors long for profits, suppliers seek performance, and the platform expects the number of transactions to meet various requirements. The freedom of time to travel and work is fully in line with the needs of working people. The threshold for becoming a distributor is pretty low, and even those who meet the conditions can enjoy 12-month interest-free instalments. Such an arrangement allows those who illegally operate tourism to gain a quick channel to participate and become legal tourism operators. Travelooker distributor can also enjoy Double-barrelled income, an active and passive stable income structure.

Easy-to-replicate 1S.3M.5S training system

Travelooker clearly knows that continuous learning and training is an indispensable part of improving performance, personal and team growth. Therefore, Travelooker provides all distributors with an Easy-to-replicate 1S.3M.5S training system

Product & Service

Travelooker products and services, including Distributor Membership Packages, Tour Packages, Attractions, Activities & Accommodation.

Travelooker aims to boost the business performance of our distributors, by using an excellent ranking system’s to reward the right distributor according to the achievement they are reach. Praising achievements recognise the efforts and contributions of distributors.

Distributor Membership Packages: Travelooker offer a single distributor membership package plan for travel lover.

Each distributor package come with

One AiVA Distributor Account

Distributor Start-up System Training, 1 person.

NDO – New Distributor Orientation Training, 1 person.

OMO – Online Marketing Orientation Training, 1 person.

TAO – Tour Attraction Orientation Training, 1 person 1 destination.

Tour Packages: Travelooker offer Special VIP trip, ordinary trip, incentive trip, business trip, etc.

Attractions and Activities: Tickets for all Attractions and Activities can be purchased through the Travelooker online portal. At present, Travelooker focuses on the development and sales of the local market. It will enter Singapore in 2025, Indonesia in 2026, and Thailand in 2027.

Accommodation: Travelooker will work with our business partners to create a win-win situation


Travelooker has reached its 4th year milestone in providing a well-established and matured solution to travel lover on travel package options, or develop an international travel business.

To-date, Travelooker has established a fully operational product and service with over 32 teams leader and 896 customers within 3 years of development.

We are projecting the revenue generation of:

2023: MYR 5.18m (with expansion efforts to the outside of Penang market)

2024: MYR 10.36m

2025: MYR 20.73m

2026: MYR 31.10m

2027: MYR 46.65m

We are projecting the traveller’s generation of:

2023: 10,800 travellers (with expansion efforts to the outside of Penang market)

2024: 21,600 travellers

2025: 43,200 travellers

2026: 64,800 travellers

2027: 97,200 travellers


LIMITED TIME: Get up your early bird gift when you reserve and commit your investment today!

Please take note:

Travelooker Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) only open to:

  • Malaysia citizen and
  • Not holding any other Travel Agency equity

Travelooker's mission is to serve people who love to travel and let them travel with peace of mind, and to empower travel lover to fulfil their vision and thrive by harnessing the power of network with technology to motivate and develop an international travel business, and to transform illegal tourism operators in to appropriate and legal tourism operators.

Travelooker has so far served over 896 customers and 32 teams leader in Penang. 

Business Model

As a multi-vertical component structure, Travelooker Ecosystem benefits from having multiple revenue streams across multiple verticals.

Travel enthusiasts:

Tour Packages


New distributor package

Re-order distributor package


Digital media


Attractions and Activities entrance

Accommodation booking


Bringing Travelooker Business Model To Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

The segmented travel market in many ASEAN countries remains untapped after, will little to no significant innovation.

Leveraging Travelooker expertise, experience, and connection across ASEAN, Travelooker set its sight to execute its proof of concept at Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, and unlock the potential of ASEAN, one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

With a rapidly growing market cap of more than USD 393 billion per year and access to 283 million people between 25 to 60 years old in ASEAN alone, there’s no saying what good Travelooker can do next for the people, community, and the local tourism economy.



Please take note:

Travelooker Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) only open to:

  • Malaysia citizen and
  • Not holding any other Travel Agency equity


LIMITED TIME: Get up your early bird gift when you reserve and commit your investment today!

Please take note:

Travelooker Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) only open to:

  • Malaysia citizen and
  • Not holding any other Travel Agency equity

To be the No.1 Trusted Global Travel Brand in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and No.1 Global Tourism Entrepreneurship Platform and to be innovation leader in the tourism industry.


Serve people who love travel and create high-quality, low-risk and high-value travel products.

Advance innovative profit sharing, praise achievements to retain talents, and legally operate a new model of tourism.

Provide more entrepreneurial opportunities, help local economic growth, and achieve local tourism development goal.


Travelooker is determined to achieve more than 10,000 distributors in 5years at 2027, easily complete their dream trip, make money, holidays around the world, at the same time establish its own Global Tourism Business.


In line with our commitment to upcoming corporate governance and stakeholder engagement, Travelooker seeks to provide pertinent information to investors as the company moves towards IPO.

It is a window of opportunity for high growth potential for both the company and our stakeholders.

Travelooker plans to gradually expand its business around Southeast Asia over the next 5 years.

The key strategy includes market penetration through establish an efficient team network locally. There are already active solution distributor’s to facilitate resource integration in different business areas. The ultimate goal is to build a healthy ecosystem that would foster long-term collaboration among Travelooker platform, suppliers, distributors, and clients.


Chung Peng Keong, Malaysian, Founder and CEO


Chung Ling Yong, Malaysian, Chief Operating Officer

Chung Yong Chey, Malaysian, Financial Officer

Chung Chey Tang, Malaysian, Admin & HR Officer

Choo Shing Lai, Malaysian, Biz Development Officer Japan Division


LIMITED TIME: Get up your early bird gift when you reserve and commit your investment today!

Please take note:

Travelooker Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) only open to:

  • Malaysia citizen and
  • Not holding any other Travel Agency equity

  • No shares will be allotted or issued based on this document after six months from the closing of the offer period.
  • This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorisation of the Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007.
  • This document has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. The Securities Commission does not recommend nor assumes responsibility for any information including any statement, opinion or report disclosed in relation to this fund raising exercise and makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. The Securities Commission expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the information disclosed.


  • Zesmond Chung

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Travelooker.club - Travel portal by AiVA Vacation is online now!

2 months ago by Chung Peng Keong

We am gleeful to share with you that Travelooker.club has been online, and you are welcome to visit and purchase.

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