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  1. Founded in 2017 in Abu Dhabi by an accomplished entrepreneur with a proven track record in Retail Operations, Retail Property Development and Mixed-use Asset Management. The bawiq app was designed from inception to be a user-friendly mobile application supported by an ecosystem of platforms to provide a full delivery service solution.

  2. In 2018, bawiq launched version 1 of its mobile application providing users with an entire supermarket in their pocket.

  3. 2019 saw the commencement of operations in Malaysia, driven through a detailed Market reconnaissance program which incorporated focus groups, on the ground survey programs and user testing/validation programs. Based on the customer/user feedback, we redesigned our user interface to suit the requirements of our Malaysian customers.

  4. In December 2020, bawiq went live in Malaysia and moved its global headquarters to Kuala Lumpur.

  1. Grocery deliveries take over 24hrs to fulfilled  

  2. Limited variety of products and quality issues

  3. High delivery costs

  4. Social distancing issues in tight supermarket aisles

  5. Lack of options for secure multi payment options – debit/credit/wallet/e-wallet/cash

  6. Poor value for money, no discounts, no cashback programs, and no loyalty programs

  7. Major issues with product out of stocks



Create an ecosystem of platforms to ensure variety, quality, speed, efficiency, and value

1. Platform can carry over 100k products

2. Huge array of payment options: - debit/credit cards, online banking, Bwallet, Touch ’n Go, GrabPay, WeChatPay, Boost, dlink payment for corporate credit/debit card, QR Code payment etc.

3. Standardized and easy to understand delivery charges:

a. RM 9.50 for instant

b.RM 4.50 for schedule delivery

4. Deliveries can be scheduled to customers convenience

5. In-app discount programs: - weekly, monthly, seasonal, and loyalty-based discounts

6. All customers automatically earn loyalty points that can be converted to bawiq wallet cash

7. Fastest grocery delivery in KL and Klang Valley

8. Develop a web of Dark stores to deliver Q-commerce model


Our proprietary technology is fully developed in-house by our development team. The bawiq platform consist of the following:

  1. bawiq Customer Apps

  2. bawiq Riders Apps

  3. bawiq Merchant Apps

  4. bawiq E-Commerce site

  5. bawiq Loyalty Solution

  6. bawiq Dark Stores




Since we are commenced operations in December 2020, we now have over 98,000 registered users, over 50,000 active users and we have successfully delivered over 22,000 orders on time. 32% of our active customers are repeat customers.

Our app is currently using a fraction of its capability, offering just over 12,000 SKU products in 21 categories and 130 subcategories.

We currently service over 90 areas within KL and Klang Valley. Our delivery coverage is expected to cover over 80% of Malaysia within the next 7 months. Bawiq will continue its global expansion into Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam within the next 24months.

  1. Average age 25 years to 55 years

  2. 58% Female – 42% Male

  3. Income Bracket – Middle, Middle-Upper, Upper

  4. Nationality – Malaysia, Expat

  5. Technology – Basic, Daily use, Rapid use, Expert

Business Model

bawiq’s business model is fundamentally different from its competitors. bawiq offers a cloud service solution which retains the entire customer journey in essence the customer shops from bawiq and sees bawiq as the service provider ie, bawiq is the supermarket, bawiq is the laundry cleaner, bawiq is the car washer, etc etc.

Unlike other platforms that offer their customers a flat database of products to order from, bawiq offers real-time inventory-based information to its customers. This reduces the number of issues relating to out of stocks, price variances and product variances. 

bawiqs GeoTerrain based geofence system allows the platform to simultaneously layer - product offering, product pricing, product availability and delivery radius. With the use of AI and complex algorithms, our platform can determine the closest supermarket with product availability at the right price.

As bawiq grows its customer base and reaches a predetermined critical mass, bawiq will introduce an open platform democratic dark store solution to provide dark stores to all delivery platforms. Once these dark stores are in operation, bawiq will fulfill deliveries within 15 minutes.

Bawiq’s Dark store solution currently provides our inhouse shoppers and third-party shoppers with a GoogleMaps style location services solution that directs them through each supermarket to the exact location of the products that they are supposed to pick in the most efficient route. This drastically reduces picking time and mistakes in picking.

As Bawiq owns the entire customer shopping segment it is able to monetize the entire customer shopping journey both frontend and backend.


The addressable market has grown significantly over the last year due to the Covid epidemic. Peoples shopping habits have changed drastically and those who refrained from e-commerce and m-commerce shopping have adopted the shopping habit through necessity and have now become habitual e-commerce and M-commerce shoppers. Even with the opening of malls, shopping centres, wet markets and general retail, shoppers have continued to shop on delivery platforms to stay safe.

Over the next few months Bawiq will start to add several service retail options for its customers. Bawiq has just launched its Laundry and Dry-Cleaning service and Home Car Wash service will commence next month. The following services are earmarked to go live between now and Q2 2022: - Home cleaning, Home Fixit, Home Service, Home Pet Care.


Future Growth for bawiq
Dark Stores:

Bawiq is looking to grow across Asia. Key markets include Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Expansion across the Middle East through our regional office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Bawiq aspires to grown into Europe and has been approved the the United Kingdom Department for International Trade.


Phase 1: UAE
  • Set up operation

  • Develop App

  • Test in controlled environment

  • raise money through model into GCC & Mena Region

Phase 2: Malaysia
  • Set up HQ

  • Launch in Kuala Lumpur 

  • Build/Create brand awareness

  • Utilize brand value to expand into Southeast Asia

Phase 3: Singapore & UK
  • UK launch in key cities to drive non-EU expansion

  • Singapore launch to boost presence among global companies

  • Cities: London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast

Phase 4: Hong Kong
  • Set up Hong Kong base

  • Utilize brand equity from SE Asia

  • Expand into Asia Pacific

  • Utilize HK to drive china expansion

  • Japan, Korea, Phillipines, China, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Guangzhou

Phase 5: India
  • Launch in Bangalore

  • Expand to key cities

  • Drive franchise to tier 2 cities

Phase 6: Taiwan, Phillipines and Vietnam
  • These markets have some of the highest growth and demand potential

  • Overtake local underdeveloped competitors

  • Vietnam can serve as an entry point to other high-growth Mekong region markets (Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar)

  • Taipei, Kaohsiung, Manila, Quezon, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi


Within the Grocery Delivery space there are 3 main players:

  1. GrabFood targets immediate essential groceries – Snacks, drinks, immediate essentials

  2. FoodPanda targets immediate essential groceries – Snacks, drinks, immediate essentials

  3. HappyFresh targets weekly shoppers offering a range of groceries and fresh products

bawiq targets the monthly shopper, weekly shopper, and immediate essential grocery shopper.

Speed, delivery cost, range, value for money – we beat the competition.


We are funding to drive customer acquisition and further develop our technology stack.




Rajeev Lee
Founder & CEO of bawiq

Mr Rajeev Lee has over 20 years of retail experience encompassing all disciplines within Retail Operations, Property Development and Mixed-use Asset Management. He has a proven track record gained through working with Blue-Chip organisations extending from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Barbados and the United Arab Emirates. Prior to opening Morgan’s, Raj held senior positions at Tesco, Safeways, Swire, Capitaland, Ayala, Massy, Aswaaq, Sorouh and Aldar.


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