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Date of Incorporation                          : 20th September 2021

Registration Number                           : 1430483-K

Licenses and permits held by issuer   : None

Date of Commencement of business  : 20th September 2021


The BEYOND4 Ecosystem is an end-to-end solutions ecosystem comprising of 5 accelerators (Education, Skills, Talent, Innovation & Startup) established with the purpose of identifying, nurturing and accelerating talent based on their interest and aptitude, to help each individual achieve their True Potential. The BEYOND4 Ecosystem provides suite of technological and innovative solutions across the board designed to solve 21st century problems by identifying & accelerating talent DNA & Start-Ups through research & innovation spanning across 8 verticals via the Orchestration Method.

Its Distinctive Approach for The Convergence of Multifaceted Ecosystems, harmoniously bringing together various stakeholders with each performing their respective roles creating a cumulative higher value as an ecosystem. Through this the BEYOND4 Ecosystem is able to serve clients while affecting change in industry and economy by advancing skilling, employment, innovation and startup opportunities.

The BEYOND4 Ecosystem aims to create over 5,000 jobs and 50 startups across 8 industry verticals in Malaysia over the next 36 months namely in Emerging Tech4 4.0, Manufacturing 4.0, Fintech 4.0, Agtech 4.0, GBS 4.0, EdTech 4.0, FoodTech 4.0, HealthTech 4.0 and Digital Art 4.0. The Multi-tier ecosystem is designed to leverage on internal industry expertise as well the value brought through by corporate and government partnerships to propel Malaysia’s talent, innovation, and startup space.

Here are some of the reasons why BEYOND4 is a great investment opportunity.

Competitive End-To-End Solution Provider
The BEYOND4 Ecosystem is the only end-to-end solution provider in a market that consists of companies providing limited services. The BEYOND4 Ecosystem stands apart from the crowd due to its methodology in identifying talent and deploying talent to the best career path and identifying potential entrepreneurs to create startups from the funnel system. The BEYOND4 Ecosystem has very few to no competitor that is able to rival their complete solution system.

Multi-Vertical, Multiple Revenues
The BEYOND4 Ecosystem provides an array of services to a wide market audience through its five accelerators. This enables the business to benefit from multiple revenue streams across each of the verticals. The ecosystem delivers a robust business model both individually through each vertical and collectively as an ecosystem. The multiple revenue streams provide stability thus helping in revenue and profit levels that are accelerated for the benefit and return of investors.

Strong Team Composition with Successful Tech History
Led by founder, S.T. Rubaneswaran (STR) , the ecosystem has an array of partners, a team of expertise and a versatile workforce that enables STR to ensure in successfully achieving the cumulative goal of each accelerator. The team has deep expertise in education, assessment & evaluation, technology and entrepreneurship. The strong leadership and management team along with a successful track record is a definite vote of confidence to their success.

BEYOND4 provides an end-to-end talent funnel that analysis and deploys talent where it is most efficient.

Talent Shortage

1. Talent Shortage has been a persistent problem in Malaysia for the last couple of decades. This has severely hampered the growth of many industries during this time. Technology has made many rapid advancements in the past decade and the struggle to nurture, deliver and retain premium talent continues in spite of public and private sector initiatives to develop local talent. This has resulted in the delay of the nation’s transformation into a fore-front economy in the Asia region. The primary reasons for talent Shortage are: 

a. Sub-Par Talent-Development in Education and Skill Development.

Education in both academic and skill-based proficiencies are not up to local and global requirements in Malaysia

b. Ineffective Talent-Deployment to Industry.

As per the RFG Talent Asia report 2020, statistic shows over 50% of employees require re-skilling due to the mismatch of skills during the hiring process.

c. Lack in Talent-Innovation Support Structure.

As economic growth is greatly influenced by the ability of a nation to churn out quality talents, Malaysia’s plan to become a high-income nation is severely impaired by its inability to identify and support innovative talent in entrepreneurship and technology.

2. Lack of Innovation and a Successful Startup Ecosystem

Innovation in Malaysia is increasing but considerably low compared to transitional & aspirational countries. Malaysia needs to respond by accelerating its innovative capacity to remain competitive. The primary reasons for the lack of successful in innovation and startups are:

a. Lack of coordination in research, development, commercialization & innovation initiatives

In spite of a large number of agencies and ministries engaged in innovation initiatives, the impact has been limited.

b. Smart Money

Malaysia does not lack capital; it lacks intelligent capital at the early stage. A lot of people with money want to invest in technology but don’t know how.

c. Brain Drain

With innovation-support at a high demand and low supply, the nation has seen its fair share of startups and technological innovations by local talents lost to neighboring nations who have provided better opportunities and supporting systems

Malaysia has seen a fair share of its innovation and talents lost to neighboring nations due to its lack of talent-support.


The BEYOND4 Ecosystem’s answer to the perennial problem of talent shortage, lack of innovation and startups is to provide an integrated multi-tier ecosystem that primarily focuses on talent. Through its unique multi-level assessment methodology and Funnel model, Beyond4 selects and deploys the candidates into the right career path based on their performance across behavioral, technical and professional competencies. This method is crucial in identifying super talents, innovators and entrepreneurs at an early stage, thus effectively guiding them towards carving out a career path most suitable for their needs. The 5 accelerators within the Beyond4 ecosystem are designed to provide the necessary support and infrastructure at each stage of development of the talent to maximize their chances of success.

Education Accelerator: Talent-Nurturing Through Education
The BEYOND4 Education accelerator is a hybrid tertiary education platform that provides higher-education opportunities via its degree programs. The degree program employs a fully digital learning environment that allows learners to study from any location with its team of lecturers, trainers and industry mentors from all around the world. This provides talent-nurturing opportunity that is not just easily accessible but also forefront in quality and delivery.

The digital platform tracks the performance and progress of each student while allowing interaction between students and lecturers alike. The platform also incorporates elements of gamification to allow for greater motivation in learning.

Skills Accelerator: Talent-Development Through Upskilling
To address the skill gap in the, the skills accelerator provides an innovative online learning platform for skills that are on demand and relevant to the digital workforce of today. These skill-based learning programs are curated and accredited by internationals learning partners such as Microsoft, SAP, Pearson VUE, Oracle University, CITRIX and Logical Operations amongst the few, to ensure the best-in-class learning opportunity.

The digital platform helps boost learning, overall progress and performance, while at the same time allowing networking and interaction between students, mentors and lecturers.

Career Accelerator: Effective Talent-Deployment
Drawing performance and learning data from the Education and Skills Accelerator, The talent accelerator provides an integrated hiring system that allows partners and clients to screen for potential hirings and monitor their progress all the way through probation and confirmation. The analysis system comes equipped with what is known as the Discoveri Portal, an assessment system that continuously assesses the learning and performance of each individual in order to further recommend potential job opportunities, talent-advancement through relevant upskilling and talent innovation.

Innovation Accelerator: Innovation as a Skill
The candidates with an aptitude for innovation are handpicked for the Innovation accelerator. Through this program, the candidates are provided with the necessary infrastructure, support and mentorship to innovate while learning to be structured and make optimal use of the resources provided to them.

The Innovation Accelerator provides a comprehensive opportunity that covers mentorship, training, networking and funding, ensuring a higher percentile of success when developing potential innovators.

Startup Accelerator: Self Sustaining Startups Through Nurtured, Local Talent
At the highest point of the ecosystem pyramid is the startup accelerator where a select few aspiring entrepreneurs get to hone their skill while they are provided with that provides a support structure to succeed.
The BEYOND4 Startup Accelerator provides a comprehensive opportunity that covers mentorship, training, networking, and funding thus ensuring a high success rate while creating a self-sustaining approach to investing in high potential tech startups. We also extend investment opportunities via crowdfunding events such as the BEYOND4 Crowdfunding event which we recently hosted at our KL Hub and other joint events with our ecosystem partners.


The BEYOND4 Ecosystem stands apart from any of its competitors with its unique multi-tier end-to-end accelerator design which supports a symbiotic relationship between each of the accelerators. This structure helps the ecosystem function as one while at the same time allowing each of the accelerator to thrive independently. This is achieved through the ‘Orchestration model’ principles of

– Virtuosity             : individual expertise

– Context                : knowing your role

– Adaptability         : ability to accept change, and improvise

– Awareness            : of overall “composition” & roles

– Communication   : with all involved

– Solution-driven    : concise, specific feedback on individual players’ performance

Apart from the structure, the BEYOND4 Ecosystem aims to disrupt the market through a number of unique features and offerings:

Talent Funnel

Through its unique multi-level assessment methodology and Funnel model, BEYOND4 selects and deploys the candidates into the right career path based on their performance across behavioral, technical and professional competencies. The talent-funnel employed five levels of accelerators: Education, Skills, Career, Innovation and Startup, provides a continuous flow when it comes to opportunity, progress and development, each with its own unique deployment opportunity. At each stage the candidates are handpicked to ensure that the right talent is deployed at the right place at the right time.

Learning Platform

The BEYOND4 Ecosystem provides an interactive digital learning platform for both the education and the skills accelerator. Programs on the platform are carefully curated by experts from across the globe to support experiential learning and monitor progress from the perspective of assessing and providing feedback to both the candidate as well as the client.

Talent Cloud

A talent cloud consisting of top tech talent that come through the ‘Discoveri’ assessment, training & upskilling courses along with the innovation accelerator program, thus helping develop and nurture exceptional quality, job ready tech talent. This helps the BEYOND4 Ecosystem provide clients with customized recruitment models and candidates with lifetime career management support.


Through partnerships with world renowned mentors, trainers and lecturers, the BEYOND4 Ecosystem is to deliver best-in-class learning and development for those seeking to be employed by high-performance corporates or those looking to build their own startups.

Self-Sustainable Startup Acceleration Model

At the very top of the talent funnel pyramid is the startup accelerator where a chosen few entrepreneurs are given opportunities to further accelerate the process of building, growing and funding their startup. The BEYOND4 Ecosystem aims to create a self-sustaining approach to investing in high potential tech startups through accelerated break-even, low capex, exponential growth and value-based funding.

Accelerator Hubs

Through specialized industry focused hubs for Skilling, Innovation & Startups across Malaysia, the BEYOND4 Ecosystem has the local presence and infrastructure to identify, nurture and accelerate talent to create Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

What is most unique about BEYOND4 is that it effectively provide a multi-vertical accelerator system that is clear in its goal and versatile in its product delivery.



The BEYOND4 talent funnel serves both B2B and B2C clients through multiple services. The ecosystem is knitted via the Orchestration model which harmoniously brings together the respective accelerators to manage and leverage on strategic alliances enabling the creation of innovative, powerful new business models through collaboration. To simply put, the individual accelerators each carry an added value when connected within the ecosystem brings a greater value with start-ups being birth through this multi-tier accelerator ecosystem.

Corporate Partners & Clients. (B2B)
Through the talent funnel, the BEYOND4 Ecosystem is able to serve B2B clients ranging from small business to MNCs via the Skills, Career and Innovation Accelerators. Knowledgecom as the Skills Accelerator has over 10,000 corporate clients over the past 2 decades which constantly feeds the talent cloud. Global Strategic Partners (GSP) as the Career Accelerator forms strategic partnerships with esteemed partners for the deployment of talent driving the talent funnel for highly skilled talent. Premium teams of talent identified in bigger companies through our assessment can also be funneled into the Innovation Accelerator for rapid problem solving and ideation.

Students, Graduates, Employees and Entrepreneurs (B2C)

These 5 accelerators are also able to serve the mass market audience who are looking to accelerate their education, skills, career apart from also provide a unique opportunity to innovate and build their own startups with investment opportunities, mentorship, and training.


As a multi-vertical talent cloud structure, BEYOND4 Ecosystem benefits from having multiple revenue streams across multiple verticals.

Education Accelerator
- Program fees
Skills Accelerator
- Training fees
Career Accelerator
- Service-engagement charges (use of platform)
- Successful deployment commission
Innovation Accelerator
- Program fees
- Professional Engagement & Consulting fees
Startup Accelerator
- Program fees
- Cost + Equity Holding


BEYOND4 Ecosystem target market ranges from school graduates to working professionals and aspiring founders & co-founders. These are individuals who are keen to have a fresh learning opportunity either through the education program or those who would like to receive additional training for new skills applicable in their workplace.

These audiences predominantly range from young adults of the higher-education age group of 18 - 25 who are looking for a best-in-class learning opportunity that will fast track their career or startup journey. The Education Accelerator mainly caters for school-leavers while the Skills Accelerator is designed for working adults looking to upskill, re-skill or accelerate their career through certifications and the Career Accelerator is developed to deploy these trained talent into the working world as Future Ready Talent. The Innovation and Start-Up Accelerators are for those looking to venture into ideation, problem solving and eventually monetizing their ideas.

The working professional market ranges from the 25 and above age group who are currently already employed and would like for an avenue to upskill for the purpose of achieving higher performance level, career advancement with Innovation and Start-Up opportunities for the Innovators, Disruptors, Sustainers and Humanizers.


Since its founding, BEYOND4 Ecosystem and its various arms have gained significant traction across the nation with physical presence in the states of Selangor, Penang, Malacca, and Johor, all of which are key development hubs in Malaysia currently. Expansion plans and partnerships are also already underway in the state of Pahang and Perak with expansion plans penetrating the South-East Asian market as of April 2022 to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Taiwan.

Governance Structure

The BEYOND4 Ecosystem list of companies in held under a holding company; Decago Sdn Bhd with each company drives the respective accelerators under the Ecosystem. The Ecosystem’s value and revenue will continuously be increased as more start-ups are created and accelerated.

Forecasted Revenue and Profit After Tax

With funds-raised, the holding company Decago Sdn Bhd is set to achieve the following revenues from FYE 2022 – 2026 from the group of companies under the ecosystem.


The DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) methods represent the most renown approach to company valuation, recommended by academics and a daily tool for financial analysts. The valuation is the present value of all the free cash flows to equity the startup is going to generate in the future, discounted by its risk. These methods weight the projected free cash flow to equity by the probability the startup will survive. Then, the flows are discounted to present by a rate that represents risks related to industry, size, development stage and profitability. Lastly, an illiquidity discount is applied to the sum of the discounted cash flows to compute the valuation. The value of cash flows beyond the projected ones is represented by the TV (Terminal Value) and the way it is calculated is the difference between the following two methods.


It is in the BEYOND4 Ecosystem’s multi-vertical approach that sets the Ecosystem aside from its competitors. As the Ecosystem is able to serve B2C and B2B clients through its end-to-end talent cloud and talent funnel structure. Individuals, clients and partners are likely to stay within the Ecosystem with extended opportunities to either accelerate one’s career advancement journey or the opportunity to monetize one’s own idea. Intelligently knitted together through the Orchestration Method, start-ups accelerated via the BEYOND4 Ecosystem has a higher possibility of success rate given the expertise and resources within the ecosystem supporting them and reducing risks and liabilities. 


The BEYOND4 Ecosystem has secured strategic partnerships with government agencies as well as corporate players to drive the objectives and goals of the ecosystem. Partnerships with key stakeholders are a valuable asset in the arsenal to support the expansion that the Beyond4 ecosystem is aiming for. Working closely with partners in various capacities from both the public and private sector have helped the BEYOND4 Ecosystem to gain the highest possible degree of market-awareness and penetration.

Government Agencies and Industry Partners.
The following are some of the key industry partners of the Ecosystem and government agencies that have continued to support the expansion and growth of the company with signed Memorandum’s of Understanding in place as we build and solidify the ecosystem together with one driven goal with each playing their respective roles:

MDEC: Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation is tasked with organising and leading Malaysia's Digital Economy forward.

The Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) is a government agency under the Ministry of Human Resources which gives social security protection in terms of cash and benefits to employees in the private sector in case of workplace injuries, emergencies, occupational sickness, and death.

Talent Corp: national agency that drives Malaysia's talent strategy towards becoming a dynamic talent hub.

Digital Penang:  Digital Penang is a government agency of the Penang State Government, established to accelerate efforts to capture opportunities in the digital economy and promote a digitally engaged society.

HLX: Hong Leong Group’s innovation exchange, with the aspires to grow the Malaysian tech start-up ecosystem .

WCOE: Walta Centre of Excellence (WCOE) is a Corporate Skills Development as well as Technical & Vocational training centre.

Yayasan Pahang: functions as the primary institution that manages and assists in the development and expansion of the education, sports, culture in Pahang.

Hatten Group: Is a community development group that specialises in integrating various core businesses like construction, commercial and asset management, retail leasing, hospitality, education, wellness and beyond.

Iskandar Investment Berhad Ventures: Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) is an investment holding company to catalyse the strategic development of Iskandar Malaysia.

Pratian Technologies: is a global ‘Digital Business Ecosystem’ solution provider serving from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 Co’s across 7 Countries globally with a Partnership Mindset.

pitchIN: is a crowd funding platform that aims to help individuals and organization invest in Startups.

Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN): is the official trade association and governing body for angel investors and angel clubs in Malaysia

Blackstorm Consulting: is a Singapore-based business scaler that specialises in corporate strategy, profit management and market entry in Southeast Asia.


Led by CEO and Founder S.T. Rubaneswaran (STR), the BEYOND4 Ecosystem has respective teams as per each accelerator and an overall management team alongside STR that drives the entire Ecosystem. The versatile small yet powerful workforce of 30 over people are the backbone driving the ecosystem who manages clients across the board.

BEYOND4 Ecosystem also works closely with a team of international mentors who guide and support the various accelerator programs, providing learning content and mentoring to our clients. These mentors carry with them years of experience working with high-performance industry leaders such as MIT Innovation Lab, Pratian Technologies, Apple Macintosh, Harvard Business School and various venture capitalist funds.

Governance Structure

The BEYOND4 Ecosystem list of companies in held under a holding company; Decago Sdn Bhd with each company drives the respective accelerators under the Ecosystem. The Ecosystem’s value and revenue will continuously be increased as more start-ups are created and accelerated.

Fund Utilization
The BEYOND4 Ecosystem intends to utilize the funds we are crowdfunding as per the below table over the next 6 to 12 months to allow us to drive the entire Ecosystem with a streamlined profitable business model.

“No shares will be allotted or issued based on this document after six months from the closing of the offer period”.

“This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorization of The Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007”.

“This document has not been reviewed by The Securities Commission Malaysia. The Security Commission does not recommend nor assumes responsibility for any information including any statement, opinion or report disclosed in relation to this fund-raising exercise and makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. The Securities Commission expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any lost howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the information disclosed”.






BEYOND4 Ecosystem



BERNAMA - Beyond4 bekerjasama dengan MDEC, Digital Penang percepat inisiatif pendigitalan







  • No shares will be allotted or issued based on this document after six months from the closing of the offer period.
  • This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorisation of the Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007.
  • This document has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. The Securities Commission does not recommend nor assumes responsibility for any information including any statement, opinion or report disclosed in relation to this fund raising exercise and makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. The Securities Commission expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the information disclosed.

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