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Bimmerz Logistics has been operating since July 2021. We have been associating with many logistics/line haul related customers such as Lazada, Shopee, YCH, SpringFresh, DHL and other outsourced vendors

We did start off with one 5Ton (BDM : 7500KG) truck w/tailgate. With a revenue of 150K less than 3months for a new start up, we decide to get a new truck which leaves 2 trucks in operating as client request of truck doubled. We also moved up the ladder by adding a new 41FT trailer - Side Curtain in our fleet as the demand gotten higher in terms of local and outstation for prime movers March 2022 onwards

From 1 truck to 2 trucks and 1 trailer, we managed to grow the revenue by 2x in 2months, with the latest revenue of RM320K since july 2021 till April 2022, we are in place to achieve RM2 mil by the end of 2022.


As the local and outstation logistics & transportation request have increased with the set of clients we are managing, below are the issues faced

  • Insufficient 41FT trailer support as the demands are needed from Client that we are associating.
  • Pending incomplete supply jobs that are yet to be closed due to high number truck request.


  • To increase 41Feet Trailers and 10 Tonne trucks as to further support ourvcurrent clients and future projects/customers
  • To setup yard and office in Klang Valley for clients and investors discussion on business improvement and truck storage.


To be a largest chain supply and logistics company in APAC with main aim drive to improvement towards logistics chain in better and optimised way. To invade cost reduction and manual effort removal to better drive higher efficiency and effectiveness. This is also to reduce more on human attrition and to increase the interest in exploring Logistics as their career path for current millennials.

Future Planning

As we further grow in business, we will also want to provide blocks of multi-tenanted logistics and warehousing facility to our customers. This will help them store all imported and in-house goods in our facilities to better manage their logistics arrangements and procurring. 

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