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Bluebird is an apartment rental startup catered to short, medium and long term rentals.

With over 70 tastefully furnished apartments under management in KL City Centre, we aim to be the most flexible rental company in Malaysia. Our rental accomodation are mainly aimed at young local and expat families or couples. and are all deisgned to be work-from-home friendly.

Bluebird is founded by Jordan, who is passionate about real estate and proptech. Prior to starting Bluebird, he co-founded Hut Coliving (a coliving company) and Roomah (a monthly hotel rental platform). 

He believes proptech is the way forward and want to play a role in making the renting experience in Malaysia as seamless as possible.  

Our track record:

-Over 90% occupancy over the past 12 months

-Over 70 units under management (to date), scattered across three apartment buildings 

-Over 1,000 check-ins monthly

-A team of 10 people, and growing

-Gross revenue of RM120-140k per month (> RM1 mil per year)

-Gross margin 35-45%

Types of units:

We mainly focuses on studio and one-bedroom units (made up around 90% of our portfolio), with several two-bedroom units under our portfolio. Moving forward, we will start to explore more two to three bedroom options. But for now, our focus mainly lies in studio/1-bedroom as that is where our experties lies.

  • Jordan Liew

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