Starting from a humble campus cafe in 2014 nestled within the grounds of MAHSA University, Brick House Group has quickly developed into KL's premier events and catering company with its own venue spaces. From buffets to full-service dining, we have catered for intimate parties, lavish 700 pax weddings, and everything in between. With a passion for parties and perfection, our young and energetic team is dedicated to exceeding expectations to turn your dreams into reality. 

Brick House Group currently houses two of Kuala Lumpur's famous, trendy, nature-themed cafes such as Pokok KL and Daun. With RM3 million of funds that will be raised, we are adding another up-and-coming, Instagram-friendly eatery on the map -- a halal dim sum restaurant, Chopstik in MAHSA Avenue! Currently, the space for Chopstik is in renovation but with your help, Chopstik will be ready to welcome guests by early 2021. Additionally, Brick House Group is raising funds to expand our central kitchen so our baked goods can be enjoyed by more Malaysians foodies. Though cafe cultures may come and go, we believe that good food enjoyed with good company will never go out of style especially in Malaysia.


Malaysian lack of access to good, healthy food. Ranked first on the WHO’s obesity prevalence list in Asia, and second, on their diabetes list, Malaysians need to consciously watch their health.

A reason why these metrics are so high is the dependence on a food culture that we have as Malaysians. With a rich history of food originating from all over Asia, the Malaysian experience is truly unique, and as such, has led to many over-indulging in it.


Combining culinary techniques derived from specialist chefs from all over the world, with the grounded flavors familiar to Malaysians, the Brick House Group aims to make healthy food accessible to everyone by relating it, yet putting a twist, to the tastes and sights everyone is used to.

  • Catering
    We have successfully grown in the catering service for half a decade now and established ourselves as one of the top catering service providers in the KL and PJ region. With over 300 requests a month, we can proudly say that this is a feat that not many catering companies can achieve. Our food range consists of Asian, fusion, and western delicacies and as always, we tend to apply our #bhsexyfood style to it.


  • Event & Event Planning

With over 200 events a year we have managed to gain much experience to organize and plan a range of events from weddings, corporates, ROMs, annual dinners, product launches, and more with a  sense of professionalism to every detail.


  • Cafes

In addition to our catering and event services, we currently operate 2 cafés – Pokok KL and Daun. Each features its own distinctive concept but both share the same belief in freshness, quality, good food and a great time. Our cafés also serve as venues that can be booked exclusively for private functions. 



In 2019, we have managed to rake in over RM3.7M in revenue with our glasshouse cafe, caterings, and events management. Our clients comprise famous homegrown brands such as dUck, Media Prima, and Petronas just to name a few.

As we continue to grow, expand our services, and reach out to more customers. Traction is a keyword here and fortunately for us, we have gained much traction ever since our establishment. From Instagram, Facebook to the word of mouth we have somehow done it right and continue to gain a huge number of followers every day and receive a good amount of attention on social media. In 2019, we have managed to rake in over RM3.7M in revenue with our glasshouse cafe, caterings, and events management. Our clients comprise famous homegrown brands such as dUck, Zalora, and Petronas just to name a few. 

With how things are changing, especially in 2020. We have improvised, adapted, and overcome whatever challenges we faced and continue to face. Somehow, we have pushed through our barriers and done the impossible when it comes to social media.

With a growing number of followers coming through our online platforms. It is overwhelming at times on the number of requests and responses we get on social media itself. Especially during the MCO when we pushed ourselves and managed to gain even more traction with paid ads to boost our posts online. By only spending a small percentage of our expenses on online social media we manage to promote many things, even our online grocery sales during the pandemic. We strongly believe that with more resources pumped into social media we can make our presence online even more solid.




Anyone who loves good food and coffee accompanied by abundant lush greenery. Our cafes are mostly patronized by the young crowd of 18-35 years old as our location is strategically situated among local universities and colleges. The cafes such as POKOK and DAUN are also family-friendly that is suitable for all ages. We constantly receive plenty of family gatherings and celebrations each day, proving that our concepts extend to everyone no matter what their age is.

Brick House has also garnered multiple corporate clients such as Chanel, Sephora, Estee Lauder, Dove, Petronas, Lazada, and MDEC just to name a few. 



Our business model centers around retail pricing of products and services (15-25% profit margin). As for events, we run on a per-project basis with a 20-25% profit margin. 


Although the Food and Beverage (F&B) sector is a relatively new sector to Malaysia, it has a market size of US$6 billion in 2018 with a growth rate of 7%-10%. Thanks to Malaysians and their love for food, the F&B industry in Malaysia is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Not to mention, according to data collected by Thomson Reuters, the Halal F&B industry is expected to take the lion's share at USD$1.9 trillion in 2021. 



  • Cafes: Mich’sology, Tujoh, Wild Sheep Home, Muse, White Sand

  • Event Spaces: Glasshouse, Bobo KL, Pitch, Rustiq Hall

  • Decorators: La Memoria, Gng, 3buttons, Ultimate Team Works

  • Caterers: Masala Wheels, Chef on the Go, House of Taste, Little Caterer, Mix Mix, The Big Rajah


What sets us apart from other cafes, event spaces, decorators and caterers are that we provide customizable, innovative, bespoke solutions, and offerings that are high-class and top quality for affordable prices. Whatever the clients want, we can do it! 


We are raising RM3 million in funding to expand our central kitchen (74%) which will significantly increase more production of baked goods to our cafes and restaurants and enhance the efficiency of our catering business while 16% will be allocated to cover operations cost.

Whereas 10% of funding will be allocated to fund our new restaurant Chopstick, a new Halal dim sum restaurant with a unique yum cha experience!

The breakdown of our funding allocation is as follows: 



Bringing people together through #bhsexyfood and beautiful spaces.




The first investors of Brick House Sdn Bhd were Dato Sharon and Datin Christine who invested RM1,000,000 to build a glasshouse café specializing in pastries and coffees.




Son of the chairman and founder of Mahsa University, Dato  Sharon is a graduate of Monash University, where he completed his studies in chemical engineering and has since gone on to assist in the publishing of multiple research papers. He is currently an Executive Director of the MAHSA Group and leads the Finance and Tech Departments, spearheading innovative projects such as KEDAI, MAHSA Nexgen, and Urban Living. He also currently chairs several boards of prominent organizations in the country. 

Dato’ Sharon co-founded Brick House alongside his wife Datin Christine Bong. Together they continue to strategize and lead the growth and development of  Brick House, ensuring its continued success.



Datin Christine Bong a.k.a. The Director of Awesome is the other half of the co-founders of Brick House Sdn Bhd. She graduated with a Law degree from the University of Manchester and is currently the Managing Director of the Brick House Group. Her passion for the F&B industry led her to start a  little glasshouse cafe in 2014, and from those humble beginnings came what we now know to be a multifaceted company encompassing various industries. 

Providing services such as catering, cafes, and events at its core, the Brickhouse Group has since only rocketed its way to the top of the market as  Datin Christine, with Dato’ Sharon alongside her, continues to direct and oversee the company's plans, innovating at every turn to stay on the bleeding edge of the competition.


Starting from a humble campus café in 2014 nestled within the grounds of MAHSA University, Brickhouse Group has quickly developed into KL’s premier events and catering company with its own venue spaces. From buffets to full-service dining, we have catered for intimate parties, lavish 700 pax weddings, and everything in between. With a passion for parties and perfection, our young and energetic team is dedicated to exceeding expectations to turn your dreams into reality.

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