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Trade In with Caricarz

Car Buyer

- Confusing wide selection

- Uncertain car condition

- Uncertain car dealer services

Car Dealer

- Traditional business model phased out

- Used car dealer market become smaller

- Used car difficult to purchase vehicle

- Digital platform disrupting their business


- Created search-hero to recommend the best car for the consumer

- Verify the quality and the condition of the car

- Standardise all car posted in caricarz that comes with a warranty and good servicing record to reduce the worries.

- Pre-check car loan application.


- Solve consumer pain points so that they can shop in caricarz.

- Segregate potential buyer to the car seller.

- Re-engineer and digitalize the business models.

- Allow dealers to purchase vehicles from our user base.


Our product includes 4 pillars of business

  1. Classified Car Platform (New, Used Car & Recon Car)

  2. New car in-depth review and Info.

  3. Trade-In Module

  4. Automotive Media Coverage


- Intuitive way of car searching experience.

- Provide more transparency and a trusted platform to users. As all ads posted in caricarz went through a market price screening and multi-point car inspection to ensure the highest quality vehicle.

- Introduce Pre-check on car loans for better approval rate (Coming on Q3 2022)

Car Dealer

- Segregate potential buyer to seller with our retargeting advertisement

- Re-engineer and digitalize their business by highlighting their available vehicle online.

- We focus on getting the right customer to dealer

- Enable them to access our database to acquire vehicles.



Our customer audience is targeted as Malaysian and has high intention to purchase a new car with the budget around RM30-80k aged between 25-44 years old.

Our customer comes from a variety of online and offline. Where we invested strategically in all social media and billboard placement at our reseller to obtain impressions from users that visited or pass by our reseller premises.   

Business Model


Caricarz currently operated under automotive industry and targeted to become the most proffered automotive platform in Malaysia by 2023.

Our business is operating in Malaysia market.


Our competitors are Carlist.my, Motor Trader and Mudah.my

However, Search Car never been easier by using caricarz. Wide selection of vehicle with verified seller and car condition.



Our vision is to become the most preferred automotive platform in South East Asia.


Additional Disclosures

Date of incorporation: 10th April 2020

Registration number: 1366410-H

Date of commencement of business: 11th November 2020

History of business from the date of incorporation: Acquired 1000 sellers by December and 10,000 cars posted on the platform. Now we have 140,000 cars posted and 2500+ sellers

Information relating to the director

Name: James Goh Chiang Lock

Nationality: Malaysian

Age: 42

Profession: Sales & Marketing

Qualification: Bachelor Degree

Past experiences: Director and Founder of Raytech Window Tinting

Any interests held in any other company which may result in a conflict of interest. NO





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