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We are a Malaysian based company focused on digital Enterprise AI Customer Experiences (CX) Platform development.

We have our own Cloud Chatbot AI engine, Enchatment system that helps businesses to engage and connect with customers via social engagement on Website, Facebook Messenger and official WhatsApp for Business channels using an integrated Chatbot + Agent Live Chat platform.

We have also developed our owned Video Call Centre Solution called Vidpio in October 2020.

With the integration of our Enchatment and Vidpio, we are now able to provide a unified Call Centre Solution that will gradually replace existing, traditional and expensive Call Centre Solutions that currently used by all MNCs and SMEs.


In times of Covid-19 like now, social distancing is the new normal.

Customer Service via Face to face communication for Small companies, SME, large Enterprise and MNC (Multi-National Corporation) is completely zero during this work from home policy.

Using video call such as Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Team has become a norm to reach out to your existing customers face to face.

What about your new potential new customers who want to reach you? Call Centre Solution?

Setting up a call center can be costly and challenging as you need to pay for software license fees and staff to maintain without knowing if the cost will be justified.

Furthermore, you can’t see your potential customers (via phone call) and reviewing (customer service experience rating) the conversation between your staff and your potential customer.

Will it be wonderful if a robot (via chatbot) can answer all your FAQ, and/or schedule an online appointment or purchase an insurance policy or product along the way and/or talk to your customer service representative (via video call with recording capability) face to face that can be executed in a single chatbot conversation seamlessly?


Chat Infinite is now able a provide you an All-in-One Enterprise AI CX platform that can

  1. Answer all your company FAQ in various language (Bahasa, English, Mandarin and others)
  2. Talk directly with your customer service representative face to face via our Vidpio platform without needing to download or install additional applications like Zoom or Teams.
  3. Perform direct transactional tasks such as booking a room, buying insurance policy or product, sign up membership even for user that engaged with you for the first time

While Enterprise customer has chatbot roadmap and strategy in place, getting the right partner and solution to integrate TRANSACTIONAL Chatbot into their existing infrastructure is much harder as it involves complex integration to their backend.

Our own Cloud Chatbot AI engine, Enchatment system can helps businesses to engage and connect with customers via social engagement on Website, Facebook Messenger and official WhatsApp for Business channels using an integrated Chatbot + Agent Live Chat platform.

Our Vidpio allows your new customer to make appointment to video or schedule appointments with your call center/customer service staff or talk directly when you are engaged with our Chatbot.

Communication between your customer and your Call Centre staff can be seamlessly even though your staff is work from home.

The video call will be recorded, can be viewed on your dashboard and to be reviewed by your customer service manager for customer experience improvement purposes.


Our existing client is moving away from traditional Call Centre Solution into digital platform.

We are witnessing a reduction of 600 call center staff to less than 50 staff at present.

The enterprise is saving millions in cost from the maintaining its call center (license fees, hardware, rental, call center staff, and others)

This cost cutting trend is happening now across the Call Centre Solution industry.

Our product is proven and used by Government links Agencies, MNCs and others.


Our Enchatment Chatbot system is currently being used by CGC Bhd, Singapore Starhub owned giga! MVNO, Resort World Genting and Unilevel Malaysia and we will be launching Chatbot for Perkeso in February 2021 and Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam in March 2021.

We are also targeting all Small companies, SME, large Enterprise and MNCs in ASEAN.

Mykris Berhad is our partner and distributor. We are working together to reach out to all SMEs in Malaysia and overseas.

We are also working with NEC Malaysia, AsiaCom and Exitra Solutions (LGB Group) Tier 3 Designed Data Centre in promoting our Enchatment Chatbot and Video Call Center Solution (Vidpio) to their existing clients.  

We are connecting more new customers to join our platform.


Our revenues are derive from 2 sources:

  1. Initial Installation/ customization fees - range from RM 100k to RM 250k
  2. Yearly subscription fees - 40% of Initial fees

As per Fortune Business Insights study, the global Contact Centre Software market is predicted to reach USD 48.0 billion by 2026 with CAGR of 14.6% (2019 – 2026)

We are of the opinion that our Chatbot and Video Call Centre Solution will be able to gradually replace existing, traditional and expensive Call Centre Solutions that currently used by all large SMEs and MNCs in ASEAN region in the near future.


Companies like Intercom and Messagebird focus on quick deployment but require the organization to bring their developers and business analysts to develop and build the chatbot themselves.

For large turnkey projects that use SalesForce or IBM Watson, the implementation is lengthy and costly. This is suitable for large companies like banks that require multiple system integrations.

We position ourselves in the sweet spot, balancing between Turnkey and ready made solutions. Our price vs performance is advantages because we can provide an out of box experience while helping mid to large companies deploy their chatbot strategy using local talents and language while flexible enough to integrate to their backed system for a comprehensive and powerful AI powered customer interactions.


We are raising between RM500k to RM 3million. The funds raised will go toward hiring software developers, R&D, working capital and to expand customer base.


We aim to be the preferred Enterprise AI CX platform in ASEAN region.


Chat Infinite is funded by the founders, Terry Chan and Casey Chong.


Terry Chan:

  • 15 years in Contact Centre & CX
  • Sales Director at LambdaTech
  • Setup up large Contact Centre including: RW Genting, CIMB, AmBank, RHB, Alliance Bank, Etiqa, AIA, Sunlife, Dominos, Astro, Time, DIGI and others.

Casey Chong

  • 20 years in Banking, Investments & Stock Broking
  • UOB, Daniel Stewart (Hong Kong)
  • Terry Chan (COO)
  • Casey Chong (CFO)
  • John Teoh (Sales Director)
    • Formerly General Manager at BBDO and Y&R.
    • 26 years professional with extensive experience in communications, branding, sales and marketing in QSR, Finance, Telco, Alcohol, FMCG, Hospitality, Tourism and E-commerce.
  • BL Lee (Chief Developer)
    • 4 years in Project Management
    • 4 Years in IT Education and Training (Lecturer)
    • 13 Hackathon Winner


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