Connecting golfers for tee times.




Deemples is a golf app that connects golfers for tee times. Golfers want to golf, but can't golf if they can't find someone else to golf with. In today's busy lifestyle, golfers find it harder and harder to get a game going because their friends can't make it when they can play. As a result, golf courses are recording lower rounds, putting the entire golf industry at risk. 

Deemples helps by allowing golfers to post games, and other golfers to join in if they're available. Once they're in they can chat with others in the game, and when they're done they can rate and score each other. Golf clubs also now start accepting payments from golfers via Deemples to secure bookings, and improve the golf registration experience at the golf course. 

Currently with a team of 3, we've helped golfers play over 35k rounds of golf, processed over 3500 transactions, and have seen revenues grow 50% MoM since we started monetising 9 months ago. We'll continue building features and rolling out marketing plans that will help golfers organise games, and golf courses to get paid easier. 

Golf courses now require assistance in fully digitising their tee time booking process, removing the need for human interaction, improving efficiencies and yield, and being able to convert revenue and accept payments 24/7. This investment round will be used to improve their technology stack, roll out onboarding activities, and ensure the golf organising and booking experience will be seamless for both golfers and golf courses.

Malaysia makes up only 0.5% of the USD70B global golf industry. The same problem persists for the other 60M golfers in the world. Our next markets are AUNZ and North America that captures 57% of the global golfing population.

Aside from geo-expansion, once current product features/business models are mature, Deemples will invest in new digital products, ie Marketplace, Content, Advertising, Academies, and Golf Course Management Systems, to add value to the golfers’ journey.

US media conglomerates like Comcast and Discovery have been investing heavily into golf media companies:

  • Comcast, owner of NBC Universal and Golf Channel, acquired GolfNow, the largest tee time booking service in the world. GolfNow recently acquired EZLinks, FORE! Reservations, TeeOff.com, iSeekGolf, BRSGolf, and more to maintain dominance in each market.
  • Discovery recently acquired Golf Digest from Condé Nast for USD35M, beefing up their GolfTV offering, which has exclusive rights to the PGA Tour, European Tour, Ladies European Tour, and the Masters.
  • TopGolf, US-headquartered global golf entertainment outlet chain, invested by Callaway Golf, reportedly filing a USD4B IPO in 2020.

The vision for Deemples is to help golfers find a game anytime, anywhere in the world.

Deemples is currently available in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, and Melbourne. Download the Deemples app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery. Check out Deemples on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our blog.



There are a 4 types of golfers

1- The club members: Those that golf week in week out with the same bunch, at the same golf club. This is routine for them, and if that group stops golfing, the rest will just stop golfing along with them. 

2- The variety seekers: Could be club members too, but golfers who seek variety outside of their home club. No two golf courses are the same, heck no two holes are the same. Golfers being golfers want to try all of them, hence you see why golfers travel for golf, because there are only 150 golf courses in Malaysia, compared to 30k of them around the world. 

3- The price conscious: Golfers that look for cheap deals, natural human instinct. 

4- The newbies: The largest and most important pool of golfers. All golfers start here, but if they don’t find people to golf with together on a consistent basis, they drop off and the golf industry loses yet another player. Once they catch on, they become addicts, and the golf industry stands to benefit from their consumption for years to come. 

Aside from type 1 - the club members, type 2-4 are golfers that use Deemples the most. Because their schedules are not consistent, and it’s not every week that everyone they want to golf with will be available. 

In a world where private clubs only account for 30% of the golf courses, and 70% and continuously increasing percentage are public golf courses, we see the number of type 1 golfers - club members declining across the board. More private golf clubs are also turning to become public courses since club membership base alone usually cannot financially sustain the operations of the club. 

Only 1% of the population golfs:

In a population of 7 billion people in the world, only 60 million people play golf. That’s less than 1% of the world’s population. In Malaysia, the numbers are the same, 300 thousand golfers in a 31 million population country. 

In more developed countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, the density of golfers go up to about 10%, and in developing countries especially in Asia, Africa, and South America, the density is close to 0.1%.

Golf takes a long time for a game, compared with other games. A round of 18 holes takes about 4.5 hours, then you add in the time taken to travel there and back (usually at least 30 min away), eat, chit-chat and shower after the game, easily an 8 hour activity. 

The people that play golf too, are normally people with higher income, who are usually senior executives, business owners, and professionals. These people usually have a packed schedule. So it is almost impossible, for busy people, to be able to find another busy person, to carve out 8 hours in their day at the same time.


A platform that connects golfers who are looking to golf

Golfers want to be able to find other available golfers at all times, so a platform was built to solve this purpose.

By 2015, (5 years ago)  there were platforms made for almost everything. We could get a ride easily with Uber, get food delivered easily with Foodpanda, find accommodation easily with AirBnb, find dates easily with Tinder, but finding golfers who were available at the same time that you were, was a nightmare. 

Before Deemples, golfers resorted to a few ways: 

  1. Joining a golf club
  2. Web forums
  3. Facebook groups
  4. Whatsapp individual friends
  5. Whatsapp group chats


Joining a golf club

Was out of reach for most golfers. Some golf club memberships were cheaper at about RM4000 per year, but some went up to RM200,000 one off. There’s also a monthly subscription fee of about RM100-500 to keep your membership active. 

Aside from the financial aspect, golfers didn’t want to be tied to just 1 club, playing the same 18 holes every week. Except for type 1 golfers (club members)  above, the rest of the golfers want variety, and with golf courses always having discounted rates, there was no reason to get a golf membership. 

Joining a club also didn’t guarantee that you were able to find another golfer who was available at the same time. 

Web Forums

The good ol days of the internet pre-Facebook. Forums ruled as discussion boards where everyone came together for a specific topic on a website. In Malaysia there was a forum called mygolf.com.my that a lot of us used to find someone else to golf with.

The need was there, the structure wasn’t. There were a lot of limitations, but it was the best tech we had at that time. There was no way to filter across countries, states, or even sort by chronological order for game dates.


Facebook groups

Facebook groups replaced forums. However, if not moderated well, the group would just be a bunch of people coming together sharing various items, for example golf news, golf equipment, golf accessories, golf deals, and of course golfers looking for players. 

Because of unstructured content, things also get lost in the vast volume of information. Golfers who were looking for games, could never find other golfers who were also looking. 

You could join multiple Facebook groups, but that would just be multiplying the amount of unstructured content. 



Whatsapp was a game changer for most of us. We didn’t have to try to call a friend and made sure he picked up before we could communicate. You could leave a message and they’ll respond when they can! However, it’s also a pain when you’re only asking one person at one go, and have to wait a long time for a response, before you ask the next friend. 


WhatsApp groups chats

Which led us to Whatsapp groups. Instead of 1-to-1 communication, communicating in groups was a lot more effective. Most groups would be anywhere from 4-250 people. Which means 250 people were getting a notification everytime someone replied to say if they could or couldn’t go, amidst all the other banter going on in the chat. Again, unstructured information which leads to loss of opportunity if a message is missed, or unnecessarily bombarded by too many messages, when you cannot play anyway.



Learning from successes and failures of others

Learning from all the requirements golfers needed to find a game, and the successes and failures of other similar consumer marketplace apps either in golf (GolfMatch, MyCircle Golf, etc) or in other areas (ie Uber/Facebook/Tinder/Instagram), we were very clear how we wanted Deemples to be like. 

We saw other similar apps like Deemples have news feeds where golfers could post pictures and videos of their game/swing ie Facebook style. We also saw some that included a friend list, where you could save a golfer into a friend list to invite that golfer again. 

Whilst these features are nice to have, they were not core to helping the golfer achieve their goal of finding someone to play with at the same time that they can play. 

If you wanted to share your picture at golf, or ask for comments on your swing, you could do that on Facebook/Instagram where your friends were already congregating. 

If you really liked a person you met on the golf course and wanted to keep in touch, you would just get their phone number or add them on Facebook. This doesn’t mean they’d ever be available again wherever you wanted to golf. 

So building newsfeeds, friend lists, and chatting features would take up too much technology resources that wasn’t contributing to the main objective.

We learned more from the likes of Uber, where there wasn’t a list of drivers that you could choose from (even if there was, the driver was irrelevant if they were not available when you wanted a ride), or a newsfeed to share your ride (you could however share your ride on other social media platforms). We just wanted golfers to be able to find other golfers who were most importantly AVAILABLE and looking for a game at the same time, in the shortest amount of steps. 


Introducing Deemples:

Deemples is an app that golfers use to post games stating when and where they want to play. Then other golfers can browse upcoming games in chronological order,  and have the option of filtering by area, golf course, and dates. 

Once golfers join a game, they can chat with other golfers in the game, view profiles of players in the game, including number of games played, rating, and handicap. When they’re done with the game, golfers can rate each other, and also submit scores for each other, so golfers can maintain an objective and accurate golf handicap on Deemples. 

Deemples is currently available for golf courses in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, and Melbourne.


Additional features:

A few features were built to increase retention of the app.  

Golf handicap

A golf handicap provides an estimated playing ability of a golfer. 

Since only a small fraction of the golfing population had a valid golf handicap that’s verified, in most cases a golfer would basically just “declare” what their handicap is without any basis. 

Golfers playing via Deemples were all strangers, so allowing golfers to just declare a handicap that could have been inaccurate wasn’t good enough. Because we had the technology capabilities, and since users were already rating each other after the game, we decided to allow golfers to submit scores for each other. 

3 values were required to calculate the handicap of each golfer: Adjusted gross score, course rating, and slope rating. 

These values submitted would then be used to calculate a golfers handicap. Golfers weren’t allowed to submit their own scores, but required a minimum of 2 other golfers in the game to submit identical scores for them for it to show and count for handicapping purposes. 

Game results

Taking it up a notch from handicaps, a few more values had to be submitted so that a leaderboard of game results for each game could be generated once scores were submitted. To do this, we requested for golfers to submit hole by hole scores, in addition to the 3 previous values, so that the sum of scores for each hole would give us the gross score of the player. The net score then could be calculated by subtracting the course handicap from the gross score, which could be calculated by the course/slope rating that were submitted. 

With this, golfers were able to see something like this:


Monthly leaderboard:

The game results got us thinking. Why do results by game, when we can combine everyone who were playing across the month at various golf courses into one larger leaderboard for a Deemples network-wide competition! 

This has led to a monthly competition which is now the all new Deemples Monthly Medal. Now it is possible for thousands of golfers to compete at one go, whenever and wherever they want to play. 

This is made fair with the course and slope rating of each golf course which provides a different handicap for the same player at different golf courses based on that course’ difficulty as per their course/slope rating.

We’re still in beta testing on this feature and have been running a simple version of it on Deemples.com (https://deemples.com/deemples-monthly-medal-august-2020/). Once it’s fully rolled out on the Deemples app, it’ll look something like this:



In the last 3 years, 22,000 golfers have experienced the app and played over 40,000 rounds of golf. 

Whilst we’re available in 5 countries, 80% of the rounds happen in Malaysia for now. 

A golf round is a golf industry metric calculating the number of players playing at any given time. For example if you play 5 times a month = 5 rounds of golf. If 4 of us play together = 4 rounds of golf.



As a 2 sided marketplace, we help golfers connect for tee times, and golf courses to find these golfers for their tee times. 

There are a few stakeholders for Deemples:

  1. Golfers
  2. Golf clubs (groups/societies/organisations)
  3. Golf courses



use Deemples primarily to find other golfers to golf with. They post games and let others join, or just browse for games and join whichever that fits. 

We reach out and market Deemples to golfers via:

  • Cash incentives (in early stages of a city)
  • Content marketing - blogs, social media
  • Paid digital ads - Facebook, Google, Apple
  • Banners and posters at golf facilities (golf courses, driving ranges, and retail shops)
  • Guerilla marketing - talking to golfers at golf driving ranges and golf course restaurants. 
  • Activation - events (mostly golf competitions, but sometimes also golf education workshops, golf clinics by coaches, etc)  that we (or a host we work with) host on Deemples.


Golf clubs (groups/societies/organisations)

hosts regular and consistent games for their members. Deemples makes tracking sign ups, payments, handicaps, and even score submission and results easy for the golf club. Aside from cost savings from purchasing other golf software, and easy management of their group, they can also recruit new members from the rest of the golfers using Deemples. 

There’s also a chat in each game, so the hosts can provide timely updates only to players joined in that game. 

We put a guide up for the best practices for hosting games on Deemples: https://deemples.com/best-practices-for-hosting-golf-games-on-deemples/


Golf courses

realised that instead of waiting for golfers to decide to play at their golf course, golf courses started hosting their own games at their own golf courses instead. This was a turning point since the golf courses had access to their own tee times and knew what was available so golfers joining their games didn’t have to call the golf course to check availability and make reservations anymore.

Special requests could also be made by the golfers to the golf courses via the game chat. Golf courses also started using the game chat to get feedback from golfers after the game. 

Golf courses were given special access to an admin panel that allowed them to view both upcoming and previous games, and also chat into all games happening at their golf course regardless if they were the hosts. This allowed them to assist in any booking issues, and were able to get feedback from golfers during and after the game. 

Golf courses started pushing the use of Deemples more to their customers/members since Deemples was always on, compared to the phone lines only being available 12 hours of the day, when someone was available to answer.


Golfers outside of current markets

There’s a last group of golfers that we are not able to satisfy at the moment. These are golfers that are outside of the markets that Deemples is available in. However, we get almost weekly emails and app store reviews that constantly ask for Deemples to be available in those markets, so that they too can find golfers for their golf games easily. 

We constantly get requests from the large golfing markets, ie USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa.



We are now at the most exciting part of the business, the monetisation model, called Deemples Pay, an upfront payment feature. 

Golf courses have been used to using Deemples to host games, and are able to chat into all other games happening at their golf course. So we added on one more function that enabled them to accept payments upfront from golfers via Deemples. 

Golf courses were getting booked out every weekend, but didn’t have any means to collect payments from golfers until they showed up on the game day and made payment over the counter just before the game. If it rained out, or the golfer decides just now to show up, the golf courses would have lost revenue and wouldn’t be able to replace it immediately, since golfers knew not to show up without a booking over the weekend. 

This posed a large cash flow threat to the golf course, and were happy to utilise Deemples Pay that Deemples provided to them. 

Golfers were already using Deemples to join games, and golf courses were providing golfers with preferential rates for paying upfront, so there was very low resistance from golfers to make payment to secure their slots. 

For every successful transaction that happened with Deemples Pay, Deemples took a small percentage fee.


Golf courses loved this upfront payment model because now:

  1. They were able to secure revenue upfront. 
  2. No-shows and last minute cancellations have dramatically reduced. 
  3. Better visibility into revenue forecasts and can plan marketing campaigns accordingly. 
  4. Increased efficiencies during registration. Since payments were already made, registrations took a fraction of the time, and golfers were teeing off much quicker. 
  5. Low resistance from golfers since they were already used to the Deemples app anyway. 

Golfers also loved it because: 

  1. They can secure slots without picking up the phone. 
  2. Fast registration times at the golf course
  3. They know that other players in the game will be showing up too (more likely than not) since payments have already been made.

Within 9 months of launching Deemples Pay, we got 10 golf courses signed up to accept payments upfront from golfers, processed over 5k transactions, and have seen revenues grow by 50% MoM.



There are 60 million golfers in the world, playing on 30,000 golf courses. In Malaysia there are 300,000 golfers, playing on 150 golf courses.

On average, a golfer golfs once a month (some play once a week, and some play once a year), and a conservative estimate of golf fees per round is USD30. That USD1.8B worth of golf per month, or about USD20B per year! If they play golf, they’re also purchasing other golf related products and services ie apparel, accessories, equipment, lessons, events, and media, which adds up to a USD70billion golf industry.

North America (mostly USA) makes up 50% of the world’s golf, and Australia has the highest density of golfers to population in the world.



Currently there are no similar platforms like Deemples (finding golfers) that have gained meaningful traction.

We divide the platforms into 3 different types for the entire golf booking process:


Tee Time booking platforms

Large and successful examples are: GolfNow, Teenet, Teeoff, Teetimes, iSeekgolf, Golfscape, etc

Booking platforms have worked in markets that have a higher middle class segment ie USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. This is because:

  1. There’s a much higher density of golfers in these countries. 
  2. Cost of labor is high, so golf courses have more automation, and people are used to self-serve. 


It doesn’t work as well in markets with a large disparity of income, ie South and SouthEast Asia, South America, and Africa. Oppositely, this is because:

  1. Even though there’s a large number of golfers, the density of golfers are still low in comparison to the population. 
  2. The population is generally in the low income bracket, hence there is sufficient manpower to manually serve golfers. 
  3. The golfers are all in high income brackets and are used to being served. 


Examples like GolfGreedy in SEA, GolfReserv and GoGolf in Malaysia, GolfConnect24 in Vietnam, GreenGolf in Singapore, have all ceased as there wasn’t a product-market fit. 

Tee Sheets (Club management software)

There are 3 existing players in Malaysia: QiSoft, Albatrozz, and IFCA. 

Examples outside of Malaysia are EZLinks and FORE! Reservations in the US, MiClub and MpowerMSL in Australia, BRS in the UK, etc. 

In each country there are usually 1-2 dominant players that have been in the business for about 20 years. Therefore, technology used are usually dated and pricing models didn’t incentivise the technology providers to innovate. 

Tee sheet companies are usually B2B businesses where golf courses buy these platforms to manage their inventory. The golf course receptionist will manually block out slots as they’re booked by golfers via telephone, email, or walk ins. 



doesn’t help with the tee time booking process, but helps with collecting data and providing information that will aid and assist in your golf game. 

You can submit data for every stroke, or your total score, and these apps will usually give you an analysis over time on your performance, your updated handicap, and where you can improve. 

At the same time, because of the GPS features built in, it’ll give you distance readings to the pin from where you’re located for each hole. Some of these apps are built into wearables as well. 

Noteable GPS/Scoring apps: Hole19 from Portugal, 18birdies from San Francisco, Swing x Swing from Connecticut, GolfShot, The Grint, and many more. 


Finding golfers (similar to Deemples)


There were a few in the world who have tried but failed. A few examples are GolfMatch, Golf Partners, TeeUp, and FindYourRound the USA, MyCircle Golf in the UK, GreenCircles and GolfPartnerConnect in Australia, be4golf and 4ball4all in South Africa, and more. 

The 2-sided many-to-many consumer marketplace type business model is the hardest to execute. All of the companies mentioned above had the passion to solve the problem but didn’t necessarily have the knowledge and skills to execute well. It’s a network effect model, which means the initial kick start had to be solid for it to continue to snowball. 


Deemples’ angle

We feel this part of the booking process is the most crucial. If golfers can’t find another golfer that’s available to golf, then they can’t book, can’t play, and can’t consume anything else related to golf. It’s also an angle we can enter the market with, since it’s solving a current problem, then subsequently building additional features to complete the booking process.



Deemples has previously raised a total of RM1.1m in the last 3 years from angel investors. 

This round we’re looking to raise RM1.7m at a RM8.4m pre-money valuation. 


What are the funds going to be used for?

In general, 70% will be allocated for new product development and marketing, 20% for business development, and 10% for general administration and other expenses.

The product that we’re going to be focusing for this round is the new tee sheet to help golf courses fully automate their booking process.


Golf courses currently have Deemples that helps golfers find each other so golfers can golf more. They also have Deemples Pay which allows them to accept payments upfront from golfers to secure tee times and solidify revenue for the golf course.


The last thing that’s missing to complete the entire booking process, is to connect the golf course’s tee time inventory (tee sheet) with an interface that golfers can interact with (ie golf course website, Deemples, any other platform), so that golfers can book and pay without human intervention, based on current availability and prices. 

To do this, a major technology overhaul has to be done with the Deemples platform to make it more modular and scalable for future geographical expansions. This process will take about 6 months including internal QA and testing, before rolling out to the first golf courses for beta testing. 

The objective is to help:

  • Golfers have 24/7 access to an amazing tee time booking experience. 
  • Golf courses reduce manual processes, automate revenue, and increase yield, all happening whilst they sleep.

Very similar to buying a movie or airline ticket.

To do this, a major technology overhaul has to be done with the Deemples platform to make it more modular and scalable for future geographical expansions. This process will take about 6 months including internal QA and testing, before rolling out to the first golf courses for beta testing.


Pricing model and revenue projections

We’ll be providing this new tee sheet for free to golf courses, and generate revenue only from a % of the sales that go through the platform.

Average golf course generates about MYR500k in revenue per month. For conservative calculations we’ll use a MYR250k revenue golf course, and take a flat 10% on all sales, estimated Deemples revenue = MYR25k per month per golf course.

Rough estimates and timelines:

  • GC = golf courses implemented for tee sheets
  • GMV = gross merchandise value, based on historical growth of 50% MoM.
  • Gross margins based on 8% of GMV (estimated)
  • Expenses = MYR60k per month (70% product dev/marketing, 30% others)

GMV is growing with acquisition of more golf courses for payments.

Tee sheet will increase per golf course revenue by 20x, and solidify inventory supply.

Stable state for Malaysia:

If 50 golf courses (half of all golf courses in Malaysia) adopt the Deemples tee sheet, the estimated revenue will be 50 golf courses x MYR25k per month x 12 months = MYR15m per year.


Global ambition

Deemples was never built just for Malaysia. 

The problem of finding available golfers is a global one. There are only so few golfers in the world, golfers love to travel for golf, and golfers are having less and less time available. 

It is our mission to make sure golfers can find others to golf anytime in any country they want to. 

The booking process in the end will be a seamless one:

  • Get on the app
  • Host a game at the golf course and time you want to play
  • Other golfers who can play join in
  • Pay for your own rounds to secure your slot
  • Make lifelong friends in the 4 hours of your game. 

The short term goal is to achieve profitability in Malaysia with existing business models, then helping even more golf courses digitise their business, which will in turn improve the organising and booking experience for golfers. 

Malaysia only accounts for 0.5% of the world’s golf. If done right, Deemples in Malaysia will contribute to a MYR 30M business. 

Next markets would be larger, more mature golfing markets = AUNZ and North America, which will make up 57% of the golfing population. These markets, if Deemples serves them, could contribute another potential MYR 3.5B of business.

The goal for golfers ultimately is so that setting up a golf game around the world becomes seamless, the same way you set up your Tinder dates, or your business meetings.

The future of Deemples product

The future of the Deemples product, is a platform for everything golf. The playing of golf counts for about a USD20B industry, which includes tee time bookings, and golf course revenues.

The larger part is everything else that surrounds it, including equipment, apparel, accessories, academies, media, events, and golf course management, which sums up a USD70B industry.

We’d be more focused on anything that can be done digitally:

  1. Marketplace
  2. Content
  3. Advertising
  4. Academy
  5. Golf course management software



The next biggest thing that golfers do online, aside from finding golfers to golf with, is finding golf stuff to buy or sell.

Since Deemples by then would already have the largest online pool of golfer audience by city, a marketplace makes sense to add on to convenience to golfers for letting go of their used items, which someone else will find of value.

This would be like a Mudah/Carousell/Craigslist, but just for golf items. It’ll make searching to buy golf items the easiest, and sellers to directly reach the widest pool of golfers in one place.




Golf content is available everywhere these days. However, since we’d already have a large audience pool, and golfers already trust the Deemples brand for both finding golfers and trading equipment on the marketplace, we’d be able to create valuable content that can reach golfers efficiently.


Examples could be:

  • Golf news
  • Golf equipment or golf course reviews
  • Education on golf rules, etiquette, skill improvement

We could either have an in-house team to produce this content, or partner with content producers to facilitate this.



Finding golfers, tee time bookings, marketplace, and content would have generated high amounts of traffic to Deemples platforms across various markets. This will be the time where to monetise this traffic with relevant advertising.

Advertising could come in a few formats:

  • Pure branding campaigns
  • Activation campaigns that include golfing events, equipment demos or trials, or even sign ups for various subscriptions.

Whilst advertising can bring in good revenue and brand association, it won’t be scalable if it includes offline activation campaigns. Therefore when the time comes, we will outsource the activation advertising business to an agency, so that internal human resources can be minimized for a more efficient team.



Only 1% of the world’s population golfs, that means 99% don’t. To get these 99% into the game, they’d have to start somewhere. So academies are imperative to the growth of the game.

Academies are also a non-scalable business, since the most effective way is having 1-to-1 coaching. However, in recent years, there are technologies being developed that allow digital coaching to happen for students with coaches anywhere in the world.

Digital coaching platforms could be an area Deemples invests in in the future.


Golf course management software

We’re already building a portion of this with the tee sheet product. However, golf courses require a full fledge software to manage the entire golf resort including:

  1. F&B sales and inventory
  2. Memberships
  3. Other sports bookings
  4. Financial reporting

We could either:

  • Build the entire golf course management solution, or
  • Partner with an existing solution, with the Deemples enhanced tee-time booking solution integrated.


Pricing models for this could either be:

  • SaaS monthly subscription model, or more preferably,
  • % of all sales transacted via the platform.

We like the latter since it aligns us with goals of the golf facilities, and encourages us to continuously improve the product to encourage more golfer participation in any part of the golf facility’s business.


Potential Exits

This will be cutting our vision short, but what we can see that’s possible:













Our vision is to grow the golf industry, removing barriers 1 by 1 that threatens the growth of it. This is so that both existing and new golfers have an improved experience of the game, and continue to play and share the game throughout their lives.


Previous rounds investors were from individual angels around the world love the game of golf. They like that Deemples is in a niche space because just like all 2-sided marketplaces, domination is key, and niche is much easier to dominate.



David Wong - CEO

  • APAC business development manager at Sequoia-funded Nugit
  • Client service director at Xaxis China (a WPP company)
  • Country manager for China and Malaysia at ASX: Netccentric. 
  • BSc in Business, Indiana University, USA. 
  • 12 year golfer, with a current handicap index of 14.0. 
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidwpy/



Ahmad Daleen - CTO


Tanjia Tarin Nishi - Content and Digital marketing












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Campaign closed, thank you for all your support!

about 2 years ago by David Wong

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your vote of confidence. The golf industry has a lot of barriers for growth, hence opportunity to remove these barriers and make it more accessible for both existing and new golfers. The road will not be an easy one, but it's something our team will be willing to fight for. 

Do this right, here in Malaysia, help our golf industry grow, then help the rest of the world do the same. City by city, bit by bit, all because you have given us the opportunity to! 


BFM 89.9 FM Open For Business: Golf & Growth Post-MCO

about 2 years ago by David Wong

Arvindh Yuvaraj from BFM 89.9 FM - The Business Station, had a chat with Deemples to find out how technology and new marketing strategies were being implemented by golf courses to improve efficiencies, increase yields, and help golfers golf more. 

This segment was aired this morning Tuesday 22 Sept 2020 @ 10am. But if you missed it, here's the podcast: https://www.bfm.my/podcast/enterprise/open-for-business/ent-ofb-golf-and-growth-post-mco



Fireside Chat with pitchIN team - 21 Sept 2020 @ 8:30PM

about 2 years ago by David Wong

If you missed the investor preview session on our ECF campaign launch day 9 Sept 2020 at The Club @ Bukit Utama, we're doing a fireside chat with pitchIN, hosted by pitchIN's head of investments Shenola Matthews. Shenola will be asking the Deemples team on how we came about the idea, who's the team behind Deemples, where we're headed, and most importantly, a bunch of questions about GOLF!


Do join us this evening 

Monday 21 Sept 2020




Subscription Fitness: The next big thing?

about 2 years ago by David Wong

Deemples is not in the subscription fitness space, but close to it. We're kinda like a Grab/Uber for golf? Since we monetise per transaction instead of per month. 

However since the pandemic, more have opted for home gyms, and more open space sports ie golf. 

Have a read: https://www-modernretail-co.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.modernretail.co/retailers/mega-category-why-subscription-fitness-is-the-next-battleground-retailers-and-tech-companies/amp/


Mashable, ParGolf and Hitz.FM mentions Deemples!

about 2 years ago by David Wong

6 days into the campaign, and lifestyle and golf publications have shared the news of the Deemples ECF campaign to their readers! Here are the links:

Mashable South East Asia: https://sea.mashable.com/tech/12374/this-malaysian-made-app-lets-you-find-golf-buddies-easily-so-you-wont-have-to-play-alone

ParGolf: http://pargolf.my/2020/09/14/deemples-eyes-new-features-launches-equity-crowdfunding-campaign-on-pitchin/

Did anyone hear Arnold Loh from Hitz FM mention the tinder of golf - Deemples this morning???


2 days to go live: 99 investors have registered interest of over RM1million

about 2 years ago by David Wong

As of this morning, 12:58AM on 7 Sept 2020, 99 investors have registered interest of over RM1 million. 

deemples pitchin ECF campaign

If you're keen on getting more real time updates, do register your interest at pitchin.deemples.com. If you haven't RSVPed for the investor preview event on Sept 9 at 8pm at The Club @ Bukit Utama, do it by joining the "game" on the Deemples app!


Time change for Investor Preview Event

about 2 years ago by David Wong

Due to heavy requests, we've changed the preview event time to 8pm on the same day. 

New details:

  • Venue: The Club @ Bukit Utama
  • Date: Wednesday 9 Sept 2020
  • Time: 8PM

Do RSVP if you can make it, so we know you're coming. 

RSVP by joining the event on the Deemples app. Search "PITCHIN"



Record breaking: Number of rounds played - 2 months in a row

about 2 years ago by David Wong

What seemed like a 2020 year poised for growth after 4x growth in 2019, started off with COVID, and in mid-March golf courses closed completely. April was a 0 for the golf industry, but as soon as golf courses opened again, we bounced back quickly. 

We've hit the 2000+ mark before, but in July 2020, for the first time we broke the 2500 barrier. Consecutively, in Aug 2020 we broke the 3000 barrier and ended up with 3251 golf rounds for the month. 

Hope to have bigger months as we move forward. Helping golfers and the golf industry move digitally forward!

Deemples round growth July and Aug 2020


RM427k registered interest in the first 30 hours.

about 2 years ago by David Wong

We set up a form on pitchin.deemples.com, that we pushed out to 22k Deemples users via email, and have been amazed by the initial response! We requested for everyone registering their interest to also ask 1 thing that they want to know about Deemples. We'd be busy responding to those questions soon!

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