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Dialogue in the Dark (DiD), founded in 2012, is an Accredited Social Enterprise recognised by the Malaysian Government.

Our VISION is to get PWDs/OKUs included in society through collaborative missions with other Social, Private, Public, Professional and Educational Partners.

These missions aim to Educate, Equip, Enable and Empower PWDs/OKUs to meet four of UN SDGs by providing Equality in Education and Economic Enabling Opportunities through Partnerships to lead to Zero Poverty.

Our SE is built on the foundations of internationally-renowned Experience Learning Programmes from Germany known as Dialogue in the Dark. DiD Germany was established in 1988 and has impacted more than 13 million visitors to its centres in 22 nations globally.

Upon DiD’s arrival in Malaysia, we revamped this renowned Experience Programmes to do more than impacting our clients and visitors; we trained and enabled visually-, physically- and mentally-impaired associates in entrepreneurial programmes such as running Call Centre and e-Commerce, doing urban farming, becoming Café Baristas or Online Education Tutors, healing using aromatherapy, cooking and creating Arts and Music projects. We have trained 100 visually-, physically- and mentally-impaired youths and adults and provided free educational and tutoring aids to more than 150 visually-, hearing- and multiple-impaired students between ages 10-17 studying in 12 special and mixed schools nationwide.


A. Inequality in Education

Lack of “Employment and Economic Empowerment Opportunity” often resulted in many OKUs living in poverty and being left behind.

B. In Malaysia, we have more than 1 million OKUs, of which 1/3 are youths and children. There are more than 90 million OKUs in ASEAN and 1.3 billion OKUs globally.

C. The number of OKUs will not decrease due to chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and lifestyle disorders. This is an on-going burden on society and countries as it will cost the world billions of dollars to care for them E.

Can this landscape be transformed?

It is a HUGE YES!

Empowering younger OKUs to fish rather than to be fed will lead to zero poverty.


DIA Experience Centre offers transformational programmes to challenge mind-sets leading to behavioural changes. Not just among OKUs but also the Ableds through Reversal of Roles Experiences which have proven to be Life Transforming Experiences. With more than 32 years of experience, we have made a difference in more than 13 million people in 24 nations.

With full support of our Experience Programme Partner Dialogue SE Germany, Mr Stevens Chan and his wife, Kaye Wong, founded Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia (DiD Malaysia).

DiD Malaysia is the SE vehicle of SOS Missions Bhd, an NGO to support its Social and Community Works involving the Malaysia Glaucoma Society (MGS). MGS, is an NGO formed by Stevens, a blind adult. We believe through collective experiences of Dialogue partners worldwide for the past 30 years, we can alleviate this global burden with OKUs as they transform be become productive members of society via DiD experiences!

DiD Experience Centre showcases Dialogue in the Dark, an exhibition facilitated by the blind while Dialogue in Silence is facilitated by the deaf. Dialogue Games is facilitated by the crippled and Dialogue with Time, by senior citizens. These are the Game Changing Experiences that will impact lives!



The first Dialogue Experience Centre is curated to be an Empathy-Cultivating Theme Park in ASEAN and outside Japan and Germany. It was also the first in the world to showcase not only the Dialogue experiences but also act as an Academy:

  • Virtual Home School for OKUs;
  • Retail Showcase of DIA Academy Enterprise operated by trained OKUs;
  • Arts Café with Dankoff;
  • ASEAN School of Barista to train blind baristas;
  • Urban Farm with HAVEA AquaFarm and SenseGrass;
  • Call Centre with Microsoft for Good and STL Computing;
  • Home School with Sasbadi Online;
  • Aromatherapy services;
  • Convenience store;
  • Cuisine Dining in the Dark and Silent Restaurant;
  • Fun and Learning Filled Empathy Experiences Tours;
  • Special Events provided by DiD, DiS, DG and DiD;
  • Team Building Workshops provided by the combined Dialogue Experiences;
  • HRDF-Certified;
  • Extra-curriculum Education Workshops provided by combined Dialogue Experiences.

  • More than 35,000 paying visitors – both Malaysians and tourists from 30 nations – have experienced DiD tours since 2014.
  • More than 60 corporates, public agencies and governmental/ministries clients have done DiD workshops since 2013.
  • More than 10 public and private universities, 50 public, private and home schools have undergone DiD Education Workshops and Learning Tours since 2013.
  • Achieved SE A+ Accreditation which allows tax exempt receipts for doners.

a. Corporates, SMEs, SMIs;

b. Students from all Educational Institutions (primary, secondary, college/university)

c. General Public / Tourists

  1. DIA Experience Centre;
  2. Fun-filled theme park like Experience Tours;
  3. Special events such as Birthday Parties, Dining Experiences, Musical and Theatre Experiences
  4. Extra Curriculum Learning Experiences for Public, Private and Home Schools;
  5. Education Workshops for Universities and Colleges;
  6. Team Building Workshops/Training Programmes for private/public organisations.
  • Fewer than 15% of HRDF subscribers of 6,000+ companies have experienced DiD trainings – do more marketing programmes to companies to experience DiD to build team rapport and instil empathy.
  • Fewer than 5% of all schools and about 10% Universities/Colleges students have experienced DiD – excellent opportunity to create more caring future generation.
  • Tourist destination with a difference – for Ableds and OKUs to experience to combined Dialogue experience.
  • DiD can be duplicated regionally especially in ASEAN – a market ready for Education, Training and Theme Experiences.
  • Proven globally with Japan. Singapore. China. Hong Kong, Germany, London, Milan, Korea and Turkey hosting DiD Experience Centres and Theme Parks.
  • Unique DiD Experiences are tailored for between 1 and 4 to cultivate, harness, foster and generate empathy building and fruitful relationships among participants.
  • Empowers OKUs by giving them meaningful job opportunities!

This is our first Equity Crowd Funding Round. We have previously been sustained by Angel Investors, Donations, Grants, Awards and 40% from business revenue.  Seeking investment of up to RM4,000,000 with an opportunity to own up to 49% of DiD Malaysia


We desire to create an diverse atmosphere that students will love being around. Our programs are intended to empower students to tackle challenges and take on experiences that may be new to them. We are here to make a change in this world. We are accomplishing that change by working with selected youth & adult groups and giving it our all to ensure they walk away armed to be successful in all aspects of their life while understand that each individual work contributes to the whole because "We all have the same goal"


Angel Impact Investor: Mr Ng Chin Huat, Chairman Asia Brands.

Corporate Donors: DIGI; Kenanga Investment; Kajang Rocks.

Foundations: Jeffrey Cheah Foundation; Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng; ION Specs International Foundation; Hasanah Foundation.

Government Agencies: MAGIC; AIM.


Winner DIGI Challenge for Change 2016.MAGIC Amplify Award 2016.SE.A+ Accreditation by Ministry of Entrepreneur Development 2019.MAGIC PUSH Award 2019. Star Golden Heart Award 2019


Stevens Chan and Kaye Wong

Stevens, with only an O-Level certification started his own consultancy firm in the early 90s to aid local and foreign entrepreneurs set up direct selling companies in Malaysia after he gained substantial experience in the banking and insurance industry. Back then, his firm was the only few in the country who could offer services such as obtaining the required licences to forming business marketing plans. His services were highly sought after and even more so when the Direct Sales Act was implemented in 1993. However, in 2002, the world that Stevens Chan know and love came to an end.

As an active businessman, Stevens was living a regular life, like any normal person would. But disaster struck when he was diagnosed with Glaucoma, an eye disease that will eventually lead to blindness. He tried his best to beat the disease with nine eye surgeries but to no avail as he gradually lost all of his vision in 2007.

He founded Malaysia Glaucoma Society and later on, SOS Missions Bhd. with one vision of stopping and preventing unnecessary blindness. Besides that, he also wants to help patients with different eye disorders cope better by supporting them so they will have the strength to continue living even with sight impairment.

Knowing that more can be done, Stevens thereafter founded Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia in 2012 to continue in raising public awareness and empathy for those with visual impairments as well as to empower the visually impaired community (VIPs) to reach their fullest potential. Through Dialogue in the Dark, Stevens hopes that through the medium of darkness, people will learn to love and appreciate light and not to take their GOD given eyesight for granted. In addition, it also became the perfect platform to equip, enable and empower the visually impaired community while enlightening the sighted community in handling diversity!

Innovating on the platform of Dialogue in the Dark, Stevens soon turned DiD into an Academy (Dialogue Includes Academy) with a mission to equip and empower the trained VIPs and other People with Disabilities (PWDs) to be entrepreneurs that he and his team has built. His efforts are joined by other Private Corporations in the fields of Urban Farming, Aromatherapy stations, as well as Telemarketing and Mobile Tuition Center operations. Stevens’ vision is to build an Institution that prayerfully, will in time turn perceived Disabilities into Dynamism. This is his way in helping to point PWD communities to look at their own capabilities that can transform society’s perception of seeing them as resourceful contributors and not as burdens to society or even their families!

As various parties continue to work together to create a cohesive society, Stevens believes that there will be a sustainable and significant impact within the community. One that abounds with equal opportunities, benefits for both the sighted and visually impaired.


Dr Foo Yin Fah

Dr. Foo is an associate professor and Associate Head of the School of Social Sciences at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching accounting and working in international accounting firms and large public corporations. Dr. Foo is passionate about nurturing future business leaders who are more enterprising and socially conscious.

Dr. Foo is a Chartered Accountant and member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and a Fellow of CPA Australia. He holds a PhD in Accounting from Victoria University, Australia.

Ms. Debbie Wang

Debbie is a highly experienced HR and People Development practitioner with more than 20 years’ of extensive hands-on experience in various HR functions such as Resource, Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Communications, Strategic Workforce Planning and Workplace Coaching.

Having had a successful corporate career with Fortune 500 organizations like Intel, Dell, Celestica, in both local and regional roles, she went on to pioneer transformational HR and People Development strategies for the fast growing employment portal JobStreet.com, for both local and regional business units.

In 2010, while taking a break from her corporate stint, Debbie decided to undertake an entrepreneurial challenge, within the HR and People Development area. At the same time, she co-founded an IT Enterprise Media Channel on latest technologies, solutions, and trends for the enterprise market. In her many roles, she is often required to look into the strategic part of development in the organisation as well as employees. She strongly believes well-engaged and well-equipped people capital within the organization is a strong source of competitive advantage to any business.

Debbie holds a M.Sc in Human Resource Management from Portsmouth University, UK and she is a Certified Workplace & Business Coach. Her passion is to bring about life transformation through coaching.


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