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We are an interior designing & build firm established in June 2020.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have driven 3.3M revenue within 10 months and a traction of 4 to 26 employees in less than a year.

Our mission is to become the recognized leader in its target market by providing absolute control of quality to our clients and possess complete 3D printing technology in construction to be the biggest supplier to all our competitors.

The reason behind us being confident in achieving what we aim for, is the culture we build, the No Rules Rule.


There are mainly 3 problems in this industry, and we see them as the opportunity area for us.

The Talents
It’s difficult for graduates nowadays to find a company that offers reliable mentorship, flexibility to grow, entrepreneur mindset and sense of belonging. Everyone has been expecting a 9-6 working style, getting a fixed pay that doesn’t justify their effort at all, but in Doubble, it's completely another way round.

The Conservatives
The conservative working mindset of majority people here in Malaysia, has been causing us troubles every now and then, the inconsistent workmanship, the low efficiency and the traditional ways of execution. Moreover, people are keeping themselves in their comfort zone and reject to try new methods.

The Consumers
The increase in fraud and scam cases nowadays in the industry has caused consumers to hold back while dealing with designers. The fortune spent by the consumers is sometimes unequal to the outcome, the poor workmanship, the inconsistent timeline and micro-managing workers.  

We are here to manage and change all the problems mentioned above, as they are directly linked together.


We are working towards establishing our own construction business line, this way, we will be able to control the overall quality.

We practice a reward system where our men are able to share profits with us, which makes their effort worth it and boost their overall quality in work. Also here in Doubble, we practice work flexibility, where there is no specific working hour and space, everyone can work whenever they want and wherever they are.

We are currently exploring and pursuing 3D printer technology, not just to help ourselves, but the aim to change and improve the whole industry, in the near future, we will be able to build houses with 3D printer, and that, will be the complete evolution of construction industry in Malaysia, we want, and will be the first to achieve that.

We are investing in a 360 customer service experience as well, first, to make them feel protected when working with us, to make sure they enjoy the trip to our showroom and to also make sure we end up as friends. Additionally, we are one of the lesser firms in Malaysia that has plenty of positive reviews on social media, nearly 30 positive reviews from clients on Facebook and also we are ranked Top 1 on Qanvast. These give consumers a huge confidence boost.


From 2022, we have driven 3.3M revenue within 10 months and a traction of 4 to 26 employees in less than a year. Despite the pandemic, our growth is quite noticeable.


We have plenty of target customers, right now we will be targeting the end users that are looking for quality and cost balance, and also we have a minimum criteria of at least RM120k to take in a job.

We have also been working with well known developers to secure their VP clients job, from here we build up our connection and reputation. 

When our 3D technology is ready, we aim to be the main distributor across Malaysia, and our target customer will also then include our competitors after that.

Business Model

Our business model as attached image below, the most efficient business model right now will be model duplicates, as we have already decided to branch out to Singapore in 2022 April.



We are currently expanding our operation in the construction industry. When 3D printing technology is ready, we plan to capture at least 50% of the market shares by becoming the main distributor of 3D printing technology in the construction industry and ASEAN will be our ground. We are aiming to have 5 branches across Malaysia and Singapore by 2025.


In design and construction industry, the number of competitors is undeniable wide, we have chosen a few that is more relatable to us, some of them are more mature than us in term of market age, but certainly, other than keeping our quality up, our most unique proposition will be the usage of technology, there is no trace of technology usage nor the intention to develop in our competitors, our working culture that boosts the value created by workers, and also our reward system.


We seek to raise up to RM1,300,000 offering an equity of 3.0% in Redeemable Convertible Preferential Shares. Funds will be used in marketing, working capital, and the expansion to Singapore.


Our vision is to be one of the most influencing groups in ASEAN, starting by changing the way people should work together, then the construction industry. And with the name Doubble conveys a sense of multiplication and extra, we strive in delivering more than expected in every direction.

Our ultimate goal is to become powerful enough, to not hesitate and be able to help, and change people’s lives. There are so many people out there that deserve a chance, an opportunity, a guidance and a decent life. 



Our Team

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We are closing soon.

4 months ago by William Lim Chen Huei

Dear investors, 

As we are very near to 1M already, we have decided to close the campaign 10 days from now. Please do not hesitate to invest in us before that, again we thank you so much to everyone who trusted us. 

WIlliam Lim


Minimum target reached!

6 months ago by William Lim Chen Huei

Dear Investors, 

We have hit our minimum target of RM500k in just 8 days since we went live, there is nothing to describe our gratitude to the people who trusted in us!

We will end our campaign earlier if we happen to hit MYR1M earlier than expected so we can kick start everything that we promised, please do not hesitate to Whatsapp me if you have hesitation investing in us. Thank you!

William Lim 


We are applying for MBAN Investee Company.

6 months ago by William Lim Chen Huei

Dear Investors, 

We were being asked about this and I thought I should let everyone know here that we are actually in the midst of applying for MBAN Investee Company so that angel investor can enjoy more Tax Exemption by investing in us. 

I am not able to promise the outcome now, but I will definitely update here whether we have been approved or not. Thank you!

William Lim 


We are going Live on 12th April!

6 months ago by William Lim Chen Huei

Dear Investors,

We are going Live on 12th April for 80 days, we are getting more and more excited about everything as we are doing better and we believe that our business model and culture blends in very well with our business nature. We will strive and will never stop.

William Lim


We are doing even better now!

7 months ago by William Lim Chen Huei

Dear Investors, 

We have already driven a revenue sum of MYR2.6M so far from January 2022 to March 2022 and we are positive about hitting MYR21.3M by year 1 after crowdfunding campaign together with our branch in Singapore. 

We will be updating again, thank you. 

William Lim


We are in Singapore now!

8 months ago by William Lim Chen Huei

Dear Investors, 

We are incorporated in Singapore since 3rd of January 2022 and you may find the Incorporation Doc here. We are looking for a place to set up our showroom and renovation right now, a total of 6 employees have been confirmed to join us so far, we aim to start running our business there by July 2022. 

Thank you for your trust in us, we aim to provide our investors a care free journey even after you invested in us. 

William Lim

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