1st Startup in Malaysia to Develop Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Everyone can Charge!




Since the company opened in 2019, Powered by RISE is the first in Malaysia to build an electric vehicle charging station complete with a payment system and ready for export. Now we are locally made, self-coding, self-assembly, manufactured and owned intellectual property and trademark. Malaysia is one of the centre hubs of electronic and electrical manufacturing, we have an abundance of great talents and a complete support chain industry. Powered by RISE is ambitious to design and build a complete ecosystem of Electric Vehicle Charging Station locally. We plan for fundraising to scale up our production and capture market sales. 

We only need to raise RM 500,000 for the fundraising on this round as we got great support from grants from Government and Private Sector.

  1. Main factors deterring consumers from purchasing an electric car among Malaysian respondents in 2019, showed that 62.06% of respondents express concern that there is a lack of charging stations in Malaysia. Without solving this problem there will be hard for users to consider purchasing of EV. 

  2. Cost comparison of conventional fuel and electricity in Southeast Asia in 2019, by country (by cost per 100 km in U.S. dollars), by using electricity compared to petrol, users may save approximately $1.83 which is equivalent to RM8.04 per 100km. Which is almost 3 times the saving in comparison to conventional fuel to electric vehicles. Yet the charging fee that is currently used by Shell and BMW DC Charger is too high, which is over the ratio of capability and affordability of EV ratio. 

  3. None of the charging stations in the world would provide carbon credit/carbon offset tax reduction, which supposedly by using an Electric Vehicle will reduce the tailpipe carbon emission, the more we use the EV, the more saving on the planet via the reduction of tailpipe carbon emission. 

  4. Home Owner that is looking to buy a pre-own Electric Vehicle, don't know what types of charger are suitable for their home. Most pre-owned PHEV owners' houses don't install EV Chargers. 

  5. Current commercial and collaboration model do not beneficial for every party that wish to provide a charging station

  6. Innovation is the key part of providing a charging station, every element of the charging facility needs creative and IP Innovation that produces the best charger that is most suitable to use in different occasions and scenarios.

  7. Most of the charging stations available is only cater for electric cars, which ignored the potential of an electrical 2-wheeler.


We are the first in Malaysia to build an electric vehicle charging station complete with a payment system and ready for export. We design and build a complete ecosystem of Electric Vehicle Charging Station. Local made, self-coding, assembly, manufacturing and owned intellectual property and trademark.

  1. We design our charging station that is scalable for up to 40 charging ports, catering for all types of electric vehicles. We got slow charging to DC Fast Charging all complete and ready to market. 

  2. We got the most comprehensive payment solution for charging. Clients can pay via e-wallet, cash, pay wave and credit card. We are even the first in the world to accept cryptocurrency as payment

  3. Fully integration to all types of Electric Vehicle Charger. Integration with PMS and Parking System. The display can operate with advertisement companies to allow for ads as extra revenue

  4. Our system is export ready to install in any country in the world

  5. Support all types of EV charging ports as we manage and code our OCPP server

  6. Apps available for download and 100% functioning in the play store and apple store ready to use. 

  7. User platform with zero platform fee ready to use for each user to keep track of monthly income and fees 

  8. We have a roadmap with a lot of innovation on our hands waiting to publish and shock the world 





1. State Government and City Council

To collaborate with State Government and city council level to implement, provide, and install charging stations for local use and revenue sharing with local government

2. Developer and Building Owner 

To collaborate with the Developer or Building Owner to install a charging station on premises and enjoy profit sharing 

3. Petrol Station and Highway

To collaborate with Petrol Station to install charging station on premises and enjoy profit sharing 

To collaborate with Highway PLUS etc, as they will give premises for charger installation and tariff

4. End User Market

To collaborate with Dealer such as Carsome Platform to sell and bundle the charger






1) Powered by RISE is the best partner in providing such a Charging Station Solution as we design and build our charging station

2) Powered by RISE could solve this problem of Charging Fees too high as we aim to provide an affordable charging solution, which aims to make the charging fee cheap so everyone can enjoy savings by charging with EV instead of using conventional ICV vehicles. 

3) Powered by RISE, it has the most comprehensive payment solution for charging. Clients can pay via e-wallet, cash, pay wave and credit card. We are even the first in the world to accept cryptocurrency as payment. Clients can also pay via our RISE apps. Other than that, we are also integrated with other government apps so that we could merge inside the super apps feature of other apps in future to provide charging as well. Eg. TnG. 

4) Powered by RISE continue to innovate and keep the pace of leading the technology of EV Charger. We got technology that is ready to pilot and file for IP including casing, electrical board, charging cable and charger gun.




Focus on Local Market 

Focus on the local market to penetrate the market with current charger and services

Build up support industry 

Penetrate big-ticket customers such as Gentari, TNB, Sarawak Energy as an industry support

MOU with Big Corp 

Deal the collaboration plan with big corporations such as IOI, Sunway, Berjaya, and Carsome for their current and future demand for EV Charging 

Build up Support Product as 2nd Major Potential Income

Build and manufacture advanced Charger Gun and Charger Cable together with advanced technology in charger board and charger casing, become support products for current EV Charger Manufacturers so to get continuous order of business

Expand Oversea 

Expand to overseas such as Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Australia with ready demand for EV


Name: Emergence Innovative Sdn Bhd
Company Registration Number: 1349865-H
Date of Incorporation: 11th November 2019


Kray Chong is born in Malaysia 1987 from Kuala Nerang, Kedah, dad is government servant as Electrical Technician of JKR, and mom open the electrical appliance shop.

As someone that come from electrical background family, he’s been helping and working in electrical since he knows how to talk. After graduated of Degree in University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, he’s been working as Project Engineer in construction company in Kedah Kulim where he gathered the experience in construction and complex electrical engineering. Afterwards his experience as Sales Engineer in Penang given him the knowledge of business and sales. He founding first Sdn Bhd Engineering Company since Years 2015 and been involve in major project including MRT Railway High Tension Wiring and Cable Support System, Hospital Women and Child Electrical Engineering, Malaysia Defences Contract, Data Centre Project etc. The many years of engineering experience and entrepreneurship give him the necessary engineering background and knowledge to start-up Powered by RISE in 2019 and act as CEO and major shareholder of company ever since. Kray Chong also is founding and director of several company including Perisai Citra Sdn Bhd and Great Mutual Group Sdn Bhd.





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We extend the investment period!

19 days ago by kray chong

We received alot of pledge from investor, and we feel bad if close the round earlier. All your trust is highly appreciated, 3 years into startup and building our product and charging station, we face so much obstacle and struggling, the supportive and optimistic spirit of Pitchin and all the fellow investor is very heartwarming and happiest moment to us. So we decided to extend and allowed oversubscribe. Please join in and invest us for the last 10 days! 


Going to close the investment round when reaching RM400,000! Thanks for the support

25 days ago by kray chong

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