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Everpeaks® is an end to end eCommerce managed services provider and technology platform.


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  • Everpeaks® was founded 4 years ago by Joachim Sebastian, Andri Reza and Samuel Sebastian bringing together their experience in eCommerce, technology, distribution and logistics together to provide solutions for brands to reach the global markets.
  • Everpeaks® is an end to end eCommerce managed services provider and technology platform.
  • Our platform combines eCommerce expertise with a duty free global distribution hub that integrates to the eCommerce platforms of the world.
  • Our vision is to enable Manufacturer to Consumer Commerce (M2C) globally.
  • Everpeaks® has strong partnerships with global leaders in the eCommerce industry. We are the only SouthEast Asian Amazon Service Partner Network Member, only Malaysian eBay channel partner, the Malaysian Community Partner for Payoneer and a Partner to DHL Express Malaysia.
  • We have generated MYR8mil in export revenue in 2019 for our clients
  • In the past 4 years that we have operated we have identified gaps in the global eCommerce industry and moved to address them.
  • The COVID19 pandemic has not only accelerated market need for us, but increased the total addressable market for eCommerce globally.
  • Everpeaks® is a certified investee company under the Angel Tax Incentive (https://bit.ly/37bNXrz) and a Cradle CIP300 recipient that has successfully achieved programme deliverables.
  • Everpeaks® will be participating as an exhibitor as well as invited as a keynote speaker to the white label world expo (www.whitelabelexpo.com) in the USA, UK and Germany. This forms part of our core strategy to secure clients and establish our brand in the largest economies of the world.

Currently traditional distribution is an inefficient, risky and costly venture for global expansion. By having 2 layers between the manufacturer and its customer, there is a cost inflation of approximately 100% to the end consumer.

Furthermore, established distributors act as barriers for new brands to penetrate markets that they have no presence in. Managing distributors globally can be a costly, time consuming and very frustrating affair.

The distributors are also usually distracted between many brands that they handle also leaving the bulk of their focus on large brands. What if you are a new brand? Where does that leave you?

The COVID19 pandemic has accelerated a change in the way our economy works. It has created a new wave of opportunity in Manufacturer to Consumer (M2C) Commerce.

This change however has resulted in brand owners and manufacturers being unable to capitalise on this new wave. This is due to their internal structures that are more catered to Business to Business (B2B) sales and the lack of skilled experienced talent to execute an eCommerce strategy.

A further compounding issue is that the truly competent companies that act as enablers in this ecosystem are well segregated as either pure eCommerce or pure logistics. Without sufficient experience in both these critical areas, no eCommerce strategy can be executed efficiently.


Fulfilment by Everpeaks® (FBE) is an end to end eCommerce solution that delivers the ability for brands to have a centralised DUTY FREE warehousing, inventory management system and eCommerce integration all in one place. It allows brands and manufacturers to connect to their consumers directly through eCommerce from click to delivery.

Fulfilment by Everpeaks® (FBE) operates from a duty free warehouse in Malaysia. This warehouse is integrated with a system that can connect to all major eCommerce platforms within the region including Lazada, Shopify, eBay, and many more. The benefits of duty free warehousing combined with an eCommerce integrated fulfilment solution democratises global trade and allows a new type of company to consider cross border fulfilment as a core strategy: the SMEs of the world.

Fulfilment by Everpeaks® (FBE) serves as a central distribution hub for brand owners and manufacturers. They can ship bulk via Air Freight or Sea Freight to be received at our centre, then stocked in into individual units within our warehousing facility. These units, once stocked in become live within our system that connects with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Lazada, Shopee and eBay and provide a real time inventory count across multiple channels.

Brand owners can use our system to automatically fulfil orders that come through eCommerce, manually ship multiple products to dealers within the region or bulk ship large quantities to distributors in different countries.

The real value of this system is that it allows all the above to be done in a Duty Free environment. This moves the tax and duty burden for a business from pre-sale to post-sale. This provides at a 10-30% cashflow improvement on global supply chain cost management. This is simulated below :

Traditional :

Container value : USD100,000

Duties and taxes at 30% for in country warehousing : USD30,000

Pre-sale up front cost without any sale : USD30,000


Container value : USD100,000

Duties and taxes for warehousing : USD0

Post-Sale Duties cost at 30% : USD30,000 ( with confirmed sales of USD100,000 )

Besides the massive advantage provided above, our facility also provides digitisation, returns management, inspection, and consultancy services to help our clients generate more sales.


Fulfilment by Everpeaks® (FBE) offers a huge competitive advantage to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) from around the world by bringing an enterprise level solution down to SME level pricing.

By comparing FBE to traditional distribution, you can see that it is positioned to be scalable, agile, and low cost. FBE allows access to markets previously only attainable via a distributor. The biggest differentiator is that this service combines logistics and eCommerce and adds the true global enabler of DUTY FREE WAREHOUSING making it a holistic solution for any brand owner looking to penetrate SouthEast Asia.

Distribution networks for many goods have shut down due to the virus. These networks will take time to recover. In the meantime, demand will outstrip supply as traditional distributors will only stock up risk free products and at low quantities while ramping up business. This will prove a great opportunity for Manufacturer to Consumer Commerce (M2C Commerce) where brands can reach the demand for their products globally without the need to rely on traditional distribution. To clarify, traditional distribution is seen in the process below:


Manufacturers -> Country Distributors -> Dealers -> Consumers

M2C Commerce:

a)Manufacturers –> Dealers –> Consumers


By leveraging on this, manufacturers and brand owners can enjoy greater margins and invest that in a more localised brand centric customer engagement programme to ensure that the brand relationship is maintained.


Everpeaks® started 3 years ago as a managed services provider. We grow brands on the global platforms of Amazon and eBay. Our company revenue has grown exponentially:

  • 2017: MYR260K
  • 2018: MYR520K
  • 2019 (unaudited): MYR800K

Fulfilment by Everpeaks®, our global fulfilment solution is set to be launched by Q3/Q4 2020. We forecast onboarding of 9 Clients in 2020, 40 clients in 2021 and 65 clients in 2022 which are very conservative numbers when we consider the market size.


Our target customer is a Brand Owner or Manufacturer in the following countries that is looking to expand to SouthEast Asia :

  • North America
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

For our current managed services business, our flagship client for the past 3 years is Royal Selangor. They are a 135-year-old Malaysian brand that produces home décor and collectibles made from Pewter.



Our core business model for the past 4 years is as a managed services provider for brand owners and manufacturers in Malaysia to export directly to consumers via eCommerce. We have generated more than MYR8mil ringgit in export revenue in 2019 for our clients. As we dived deep into the world of eCommerce, we identified a real gap in the market and thus, FBE was born. FBE was the work of years of fine tuning our capabilities and identifying barriers in the eCommerce market that are difficult to overcome for a brand owner and manufacturer. It also ties in with the need for our company to scale that is difficult to do with the managed services model. What truly becomes synergistic is that FBE clients are key leads to become managed services clients and it serves as a funnel for us to generate significant value in the market.


Our short term target is to acquire automotive customers. This is a market that we have significant expertise in and have already mapped the global exhibitions for our participation. From these numbers alone, our goals are achievable.

Our long term goal is to democratize cross border trade and to allow Small and Medium Enterprise owners from around the world to leverage on duty free warehousing by simplifying the entire process within our one stop centre: FBE. This opens up our market to every brand owner and manufacturer in the US and EU. We are looking at a 2.9 Million SMEs as a market size. This does not include the rest of the world.


Comparable companies operating in the market include Bao Zun in China and A Commerce in Thailand. Bao Zun supports the China Market and reports a revenue of $399m in Q4 of 2019.

A Commerce in Thailand is potentially Thailand’s first unicorn seeking to go public in 2020.

Our business model has led to significant value creation within the market. To differentiate ourselves from other players, we have spent years cultivating and nurturing relationships with the biggest brands in the world for eCommerce. 

Besides this, our true Unique Selling Proposition that is a gamechanger is the duty free warehousing facility. This is not offered by any known competitor in the market.

Our accreditation and differentiation has led us to be invited as Keynote Speakers to global exhibitions such as the upcoming White Label Global Expo in Germany, UK and US next year.


We are looking to raise MYR1.6 million ringgit for our operations. This would provide us with a 1-year runway. We are already almost breaking even at this point and any investment will be used for business expansion. Thus, our greatest investment portion of 40% is allocated to marketing and being present in exhibitions around the world. We allocated an additional 30% to develop and refine our tech solution and 20% to manpower.

In 2018 we were the recipient of the Cradle CIP300 grant of MYR300,000.

IMPORTANT : As a Cradle CIP300 recipient, if we receive funding of more than MYR1,500,000 it will trigger a success clause of a MYR160,000 repayment. We would like to declare this as part of our funding utilisation


Our vision is to enable Manufacturer to Consumer commerce (M2C) globally.


We have secured MYR 1 Million in funding from our lead angel investor. This investment will be spread over 2 tranches: June 2020 and February 2021. We have had no outside investment prior to this round besides the Cradle grant.



  • Payoneer Brand Ambassador for 5 years
  • 7 years of experience running business in Manufacturing, Service, eCommerce and Distribution

ANDRI REZA - Director of Tech and Strategy

  • 4 years as COO in local conglomerate
  • 4+ years as entrepreneur with experience selling to world
  • 15 years experience in technology, content strategy and eCommerce

SAM SEBASTIAN - Director of Customer Support and Operations

  • 3 years running end to end eCommerce Operations
  • 10 years experience running operations and management
  • Executed and managed operations with large scale workforce of 200+ pax
  • 5 years consultant to management level employees

The Everpeaks® team is made up of 9 members (2 not present below). We are subject matter experts in eCommerce and have developed partnerships with the biggest brands of the eCommerce world. We are a young, energetic and committed team looking to create an impact on global eCommerce while positioning Malaysia as a player in the eyes of the global eCommerce community.


Vulcan Post : They Helped Clients To RM8 Mil Of Revenue In 2019, Now They’re Eyeing RM3 Mil Of Their Own

Whitelabel Expo US : Keynote Speaker - 10 March 2021

Whitelabel Expo UK : Keynote Speaker - 22 February 2021

Whitelabel Expo Germany : Keynote Speaker - 10 October 2021 ( Postponed to MAY  2021 due to COVID19 but still confirmed )

the EDGE : Going online and getting traction

BERNAMA : Everpeaks® jalin kerjasama dengan Payoneer bagi pasaran Malaysia



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Our fundraising journey is published on Vulcan post!

over 2 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

Read our latest media coverage by Vulcan Post here


Reason #5 to invest in Everpeaks : Minimum Funding Target Achieved!

over 2 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

Reason 5# to invest in Everpeaks : We have reached our minimum target today!

We are happy to announce that we have achieved our minimum funding target today! This means that we will definitely close the round successfully and your funds will not be stuck waiting for a funding target. We will be accepting funds until we hit a treshold of MYR3mil or 14 days, whichever comes first. 

We invite all of you to be part of our journey and listen to our offer today at 8:30 pm at the following link :

When: Jun 16 - 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Topic: Everpeaks ECF Sharing

link : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84694697750?pwd=d0pCYSt1OTNlSjdjS2JuR2IvaFBDdz09
Password: EVER88


Reason #4 that you should invest in Everpeaks : Money attracts money

over 2 years ago by Joachim Sebastian


Reason #4 that you should invest in Everpeaks : Money attracts money

We have already secured MYR 1mil in funding prior to executing our ECF campaign. This funding is split into 2 tranches ( June 2020 - 500k and Feb 2021 - 500k ). 
With our company currently being the only Angel Tax Incentive Certified company on pitchIN,  investors have added value for their investment by way of tax relief provided if you are an acreditated angel investor. 

Learn more : 



Reason #3 to invest in Everpeaks : We are near breaking even before ECF. We do not burn cash to grow.

over 2 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

Reason #3 that you should invest in Everpeaks : High Growth without High Burn Rate

In today's world, with the COVID19 pandemic and the WeWork fiasco, profitability and traction is key. No longer are investors keen on putting their money in high burn loss making companies.

Everpeaks has been operating on an average 72% Revenue growth year on year with a 32k profit in 2017 and a 33k loss in 2018 ( nett MYR1k cumulative loss in Audited Reports ). We have increased manpower from 3 to 9 pax in the past 3 years while maintaining costs. We are practicing controlled growth as we solidify the company structure and operations.

We are self funded so far. Moving forward, we intend to be profitable and issue dividend in 2 years from our ECF round. With us, you can be assured that you will not be investing in a high cost rocketship. We prioritise sustainable growth with a profitability target. The exit is gravy.


Reason #2 to invest in Everpeaks : The world has changed to focus on eCommerce

over 2 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

Reason #2 that you should invest in Everpeaks : The right business at the right time.


Our core focus in Everpeaks is to enable Manufacturer to Consumer (M2C) Commerce globally through eCommerce. With the COVID19 pandemic, the world has changed. In USA, eCommerce as a percentage of retail grew the same amount within 8 weeks as equal to the past 10 years. We will position Malaysia as a regional hub for global distribution though our eCommerce and fulfilment solution.


Reason #1 to invest in Everpeaks : Angel Tax Incentive

over 2 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

Reason 1 to be part of our Journey : We are a certified Angel Tax Incentive company(only one in pitchIN currently) . What does this mean? At year 2 you will be able to claim tax deduction on your income for the total investment made (min 5k max 500k) If you are taxed at 25% and invest 500k , you have just made MYR125k on your investment immediately.

Important : This incentive is applicable for accredited angels registered with MBAN only ( register yourself now! )

Read more at about this incentive at : https://www.cradle.com.my/products/angel-tax-incentive/?


Everpeaks is officially a Angel Tax Incentive Certified Company!

over 2 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

We are proud to announce that Everpeaks is officially a Angel Tax Incentive Certified Company. This means that for qualified investors, you can claim tax breaks of up to MYR500,000 per investor per year based on your investment into Everpeaks. ( terms and conditions apply )

INVESTOR CRITERIA : Please read here 

(must be a member of the Malaysian Business Angels Network)

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