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Farmerly is designed to bridge the gap between small-scale farmers and available agro sponsors. It's an impact agro-tech startup that has developed an online platform that enables anyone on the earth to easily sponsor crop farming and livestock projects for increasing food production while promoting youth participation in agribusiness. These investment helps empower our farmers strengthening, global food and nutrition security, impacting farmers lives but at the same time growing the sponsor's income.

It is a network of collaboration among farmers, investors, off-takers, and insurance. By providing a database of pre-qualified small-scale farmers or agro worker who needs financial and other support, the model allows globally with interest to invest in agriculture to do so at the touch of a button. Potential investors signup for the Farmerly website or download the mobile app to study push notifications once a farm is open for sponsorship. The investor invests in crop cycles with investments starting from around USD 50 to more. A crop cycle can be anything from 4 to 12 months for different agro products.


According to the GSMA Agri-Tech Programme, Smallholder farmers are facing a number of significant challenges across the world. Such as..

•           Lack of access to finance for agricultural inputs and capital investments.

•           Poor access to agronomic

•           Market and weather information

•           Poor access to infrastructure and modern equipment


Through our platform, we will raise funds from agro enthusiasts as agro farming sponsors. This fund we will invest in the farmers based on his /her projects. After harvesting and selling the crops we will distribute profit among the farmers, Investors,s and own self.

We will include experienced agronomists on our platform and provide all the advice to the farmer about the crops he/she produces.

We will develop sales and buy agro goods apps for rooftop gardeners, home gardeners and our partner farmers. They will sell their goods to neighbors and wholesalers. We will use high-tech technology for weather information. We will install IoT sensors in the crop field. It will collect all the information from the farmer's field to analyze the field and crop conditions.

We will engage with a modern agricultural technology company so that farmers can easily get modern agricultural equipment. 

Why Now?

By 2050 world Population will reach 9.1 billion and 80% of the world population will be living in urban spaces.  The question is who will feed this growing population? We think people should involve with agriculture directly or indirectly. That’s why we need new ways to create scalable and efficient agriculture farming.

On the other hand, Agricultural technology and Modern agricultural production methods are spreading rapidly all over the world. But, smallholder farmers are being deprived of these opportunities. Because they have lack adequate capital. In addition, they have considerable limitations in the use of modern agricultural knowledge and technology. It is not possible to ensure global food security by keeping 570 million smallholder farmers out of modern agriculture. However, most of the farmers' families are now using smartphones and the internet. Now only they need is advanced agricultural technical knowledge, enough capital, and an easy supply chain. So, we think now is the best time to bring smallholder farmers into the modern agricultural production system and achieve the goal of sustainable development by ensuring food security in the world

Company Purpose

To engage the educated youth in agriculture, and increase food production and food security in the world.


To create the world’s largest agricultural ecosystem for ensuring sustainable development and zero hunger.


Increasing the production of healthy agro crops with farmers and own projects.

Scale-up smallholder farmer's businesses to ensure overcome the poverty line.

Involve more people from the different sectors with agro crops production to achieve sustainable agriculture.


Commitment: We are committed to our stakeholders for better service & Quality.

Adaptability: We promote innovative change as individuals and as an institution.

Integrity: We expect professional & Personal Integrity

Respect: We respect all nations, cultures, languages, and humans by treating honor.

Market Size

Smallholders in developing countries play a key role worldwide in this food security equation. According to The Financial Express (Published 04 January 2021) in Bangladesh now have 14 million smallholder farmers who contribute 14.7 percent to Bangladesh's GDP. Globally smallholder farmers are 570 million (SARAH K. LOWDER, JAKOB SKOET and TERRI RANEY:  2015). Although these farms account for only 12% of the world’s farmland, they provide an estimated 80% of the food produced in Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) (Lowder et al. 2014). Currently, we are working in Bangladesh market. In 2022 we want to start work in Malaysia. After that, we will expand our business globally. The global Agri-tech Market was Valued at $17,442.7 Million in 2019 and is Projected to Reach $41,172.5 Million by 2027. (globenewswire.com, Published: April 16, 2021).

Business Model


Now we have a total of 75 Users (Farm sponsors). In August 2021 the first month of our piloting project had only 7 users. Our two projects are now ongoing. The crop cycle will complete in May 2022 and December 2022. Our Target next 12 months of our Users (Farm sponsor) will be 1000.

How we  Meet SDG’s


We start our first project starting in October 2021 in Bangladesh. Our brand and service promotions will start 2 months before then launching the platform. In the first 2 years of operation, we want to expand our business in two countries Malaysia and Bangladesh. We plan for massive and aggressive expansion globally at end of the 2023. From 2024 to 2029, we will expand our business all over the world.


  • Sanjoy K. Paul
    Co- founder & CTO
  • Tanvir A. Siddiqui Pavel
    Co -founder & Chief Business Officer
  • Akram Hossain Stalin
    Co-founder & Chief scientific officer
  • N H Neon
    Co-founder & CEO

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