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Finex & Co reimagine will & trust, estate planning business by integrating digital management platform and cloud technology, refining the process of will writing and shortening the time required by 10 times, also lowering the barrier of entry for talents to build themselves as a qualified estate planner.

By integrating technology, it allows Finex & Co to offer affordable will planning packages while keeping a healthy gross margin, aiming to make will and trust planning accessible to everyone.

Finex & Co has already completed 820 will packages for its happy clients within just 1 year into incorporation, proving Finex & Co’s business model, ability to scale and the management team’s capability to utilise their current marketing network to expand its business effectively.


There were unclaimed assets worth a total of 90 billion ringgit in the year of 202019 in Malaysia. This figure had been increasing dramatically every year since the year of 2004, until today.

So the 1st question is, why has wealth inheritance not been popularised among Malaysians? The 2nd question is, why are there so many companies and individual professionals providing estate planning services, yet it still could not be popularised?

After being in the wealth inheritance industry for a couple of years, we found that there are a few existing market problems in the traditional estate planning businesses that led to the problem above.

1. Complicated and lengthy process.

  • It usually takes 1 to 2 months time to create one complete will. The process of creation of first drafted will — from clients inquiring lawyers, to queuing for submission, then completion of first drafted will usually take at least 2 weeks of time.

2. Lack of Talent.

  • Due to complicated processes and required legal qualification, estate planning services can only be provided by qualified lawyers. However, estate planning has not been a very popular field to be specialised in for most lawyers, it usually is merely a side income for lawyers.

3. Unaffordable Pricing.

  • Because of the lack of talent in the space in addition to complicated and lengthy processes, pricing of traditional estate planning services is unaffordable to most people. Hence, wealth inheritance can’t be popularised.

We are all living in a digital era in the year 2022, however the estate planning industry has not been revolutionising digitally yet. We found this gap in the market and started Finex & Co.

Finex & Co integrates cloud technology & digital management platform to couple up with their profession in Estate Planning, re-defining how wealth inheritance should be done in the 21st century.

By integrating digital technology to introduce Smart Will System, we are able to refine the process of creating wills, reduce the cost by a significant margin, and most importantly, shorten the process by 10 TIMES without the heavy usage of manpower.

So here’s how the Smart Will System solves the problems:

1. Refining the will creation process:

  • Smart will system simplifies the whole will creation process, reducing the time required for creating the first drafted will, from 2 weeks to only 1 day; shortening time required for creating a complete will from 1 2 months to 1 week or less.

2. Talent Development:

  • With the implementation of our Smart Will System, the will drafting process has become easier than ever. Hence, we could allow individuals without legal qualification to become our professional estate planners with just 7 days of training, they would be fully capable to serve our clients. All needed to be done is oneclick approval on the software by our in-house legal advisor. This could reduce the reliance on heavy usage of qualified lawyers, as well as providing professional part-time job opportunities to the public, expanding Finex & Co’s footprints effectively.

3. Cost reduction:

  • Price is one main key factor for awareness of wealth inheritance to be popularised. By reducing the complication of drafting a will, and reducing the reliance on qualified lawyers to serve every single client, we are able to reduce our cost by a significant margin.

This is how the Smart Will System process works.

The process starts from incoming clients obtaining consultation from our estate planners, our estate planners will then input client’s information into the Smart Will System in accordance with the clients’ request.

The system will then lift off all the heavy loading work, which includes data processing and will writing. The will creation process is then left with one final approval click from our in-house legal advisor to complete the will.


Finex & Co’s most basic package starts from only RM388 with limited clauses for will writing, in comparison with average price of RM1k+ for the same type of will package on the market. With the RM688 advance package, it will be sufficient for the majority of our clients. Our will planning package goes all the way up to RM2,888 which includes custody service.

While keeping our price affordable, we are able to keep a healthy gross margin of above 40% on average for our products and services.

What’s worth mentioning is that will writing is not a “once in a lifetime” activity. When our clients’ assets grow, it is encouraged to have their will reviewed from time to time. Hence, will custody is a way to keep our relationship strong with our clients, hence increasing the lifetime value of our clients to our business.


Since the inception of Finex & Co in 2021, we have drafted over 820 will packages in total for our happy clients. With over 200 finex estate planners joining our team, within just 1 year.

It is proven that our business model works and it allows us to scale our business easier than most players in the industry.


We have gathered almost thousand of happy customers within just 1 year into incorporation, most of our reviews can be viewed through our facebook page.


Business Model

Currently, our main sales channel is mainly built around our existing financial planner network and estate planners. We adopt an active marketing approach to reach out to our potential clients, and use our Smart Will System and Finex Legal Advisory team to provide estate planning service to clients.

Our clients, by default, are automatically given the opportunity to register themselves as Finex Estate Planners, helping us to potentially reach out to more people in need after engaging with us for estate planning service.


When it comes to our potential market, by conservatively targeting only 20% of the M40 group engaging us for advance will package (excluding basic, premium package and custody service from our calculation), we are able to get a total available market of RM602 million. Hence, we believe that this is a huge market with no limit in sight.

As for the Serviceable market, by conservatively targeting only 10% of the M40 group engaging us for advance will package, it would be RM402 million.

Lastly, we believe that we are now able to access directly to a RM202 million ringgit approachable market, which is the top 20% high-income family group.

Fragility of life in recent years has triggered the public’s awareness of wealth inheritance. Wealth inheritance is now a rapidly growing market.

In addition to that, accessibility to education in our society today has become much more available than it was before. People, in general, have become acceptable of the importance of wealth inheritance, in which most cases, people deem wealth inheritance planning as part of their important-thing-to-do today.

It is well known that timing is one of the most important factors in the success of a startup business. We believe that timing is on our side, and Finex & Co is in the best position to scale into a valuable business in the foreseeable future.


Estate planning industry is a huge market, and a huge market naturally attracts many other players in the industry.

We believe our competitive advantage among all of them are:

1. Smart will writing technology

  • Instead of using the traditional way to draft every client’s will manually, we use technology to automate the will writing process. Shortening the process by at least 10 times.

2. Active marketing approach

  • When it comes to sales & marketing, instead of waiting passively for customers to come to us, we adapt an active approach method for sales & marketing. We have a strong team that is genetically built around acquiring clients actively, and we believe that we are able to execute that well.

We’re looking to raise a total amount of RM 2,001,00 in exchange for 16.67% of shares.

Funds raised are going to be utilised in 3 ways.

1. First is operational expenses.

  • We will hire marketing executives and legal advisors, as well as upgrading our storage for will custody.

2. Marketing and branding awareness about Finex & Co.

3. IT Development.

  • To further enhance and maintain the performance of Smart Will System.

We project ourselves to achieve a revenue of RM1.43 million in the 1st year following this Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) activity. We expect a loss in net profit due to capital expenditure required for our business expansion after ECF.

In the next 5 years, we expect Finex & Co will grow 10 times in revenue to RM14.09 million, with RM3.52 million in net profit after tax. Growing our valuation to an expected RM40 million ringgit.

These are some exit examples of players in the similar industry.

There are 2 ways for us to exit in the next 5 years, either by M&A or listed in the public market in the future.

As we mentioned, wealth inheritance has been a growing industry in recent years, so we can see emerging estate planning companies in the US raising millions of dollars.

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, enormous insurance companies or financial institutions such as Allianz, AIA, Great Eastern and more would frequently acquire companies for business expansion and acquiring more data. We could very potentially become their target for acquisitions when we gather a large pool of clients in the future.

By joining us as our shareholders in our very first fundraising campaign, we offer an attractive investment package as shown in the table below to welcome you on board!


Finex & Co’s vision is to safeguard every family’s dream, to inherit every family’s love to the next generation and beyond.

And our mission is to be the no.1 brand in the wealth management and estate planning industry, providing comprehensive understanding about estate planning to the public.

Founders & Team

Finex & Co is led by leaders that have achieved great success.

In 2018, Jay Fu’s team managed to develop 10 MDRT members in the insurance industry. At the same time winning 2 championships as a national group manager in Allianz group.

In that very same year of 2018, Jay Fu has become the first national group manager to win championship for 3 consecutive years, with Gross Written Premium exceeding 20million ringgit in total.

Fast forward till today, Jay Fu continues to achieve great success in the insurance industry. After incorporating FINEX in the year of 2019, FINEX has acquired more than 10,000 clients with a team of 75 people, achieving a total gross written premium exceeding 50 million ringgit under his leadership.

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