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Digital transformation is crucial in reviving the global post-Covid19 economy. Understanding the sudden rise of unemployment due to changes in the working landscape, FixApa Sdn Bhd (‘FixApa’) is formed in response to the government of Malaysia’s “Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 (SEPADU) Action Plan.”

FixApa Sdn Bhd’s mission is to become a regional social marketplace assisting and nurturing the gigsters (freelancers) and service providers to realize their full potential by capitalizing financially from (multiple and) marketable skillsets allowing businesses and individuals access to quality services by utilizing one single platform for their various requirements and needs.


The COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into a health, socioeconomic and humanitarian crises of unprecedented scale and impact in Malaysia.

On the economic front, the lockdown is turning into an economic knockout. The economy is nosediving with intensifying negative impacts on jobs, incomes and 2 livelihoods, disrupting supply chains and upending businesses, and exacerbating inequalities, poverty and hardships especially among the most vulnerable.

Most of those effected by this pandemic will jump into the gig economy platforms to replace their lost income, however, most of the Gig economy platforms in Malaysia has niche based, such as logistic, food delivery, tourism related and others, but do not focus on the skill set of the gigsters which was laid off, hence the gigsters will do the task which the platform offers but not what they are trained to do.

Among other problems with the current structure of gig economy platforms in Malaysia are:

  • The gigsters have no say on the rate given by the platform.
  • There are no social benefits structured by the gig economy platforms.
  • There is no enhancement on gigster’s career path.

In 2016, an employment tribunal decision stated that Uber loses its right to classify UK drivers as self-employed maintaining that drivers are in a “position of subordination and dependancy to Uber”and it was upheld on 19th February 2021.

This is a landmark decision should mean big changes to the gig economy.


To ensure that the range of services offered on FixApa keeps to a top-notch standard, Kemaih will closely monitor gigster performance, offer guidance whenever needed and continuously seek collaborative partnerships with relevant government agencies and other parties to provide upskilling and retraining programs to registered gigsters, whilst enhancing their competencies, marketability and future growth.

Our Unique Value Proposition is as below:

  • A single platform (marketplace) where service providers can offer their services to the public and companies instead of using social media platform with uncertainty hits.
  • A systematic booking and online payment system for scheduling and secured payment.
  • Service fees are set by service providers based on experience of the particular service.
  • Upskilling and benefits provided by FixApa to ensure quality of services.
  • Service providers are verified by FixApa through thorough vetting system.
  • Customer decides on service providers instead of appointed by the platform.
  • Reducing operational cost for companies with “pay per service” service system.
  • A marketplace for customers to look for household services / repairs in real time and based on geolocation.
  • Our high-level concept is Shopee for Services

Multiple Categories Services Marketplace

Filtering for Easy gigster search
Multiple Income Stream for Gigsters from a single store

Detail of Service Provided by Gigsters

Which include with a booking system

A secured payment system

Sales Report and Analytics for Gigsters

Future Revenue Streams


Visitors (1st Aug 2020 – 31st Mar 2021)

Sales (1st Aug 2020 – 31st Mar 2021)


Early-Stage Customers

Our Growth at this moment is organic, we have not spent any budget on marketing as to understand the problem/solution fit of FixApa in the market.

Our Marketing plan will begin in May 2021 for the soft launch and full launching in July 2021.




The market is huge!

The early-stage marketing we estimate that we will have access to more than 1 Million customers (both for the gigsters and paying customers)

TOTAL:  1,035,200

Our 2nd stage adopters are:

Total: 5,000,000

The Malaysian gig economy is set to bring in US$2.7 billion by 2025. This is because the industry is rapidly growing with the fastest-growing jobs online involving writing, programming, and blockchain technology. Generally, the gig economy has helped improved Malaysia’s GDP as it has in a way or another helped some individuals to secure additional income or act as an employment opportunity to some who could have been entirely jobless. (reported by Paul, Hype, Page & Co)



Our target amount is raising RM3,500,000 in exchange for  10% of ordinary share to fund the growth of the company.

We will allocate our fund accordingly to drive our growth in the next 18 months.

Minimum: RM1,00,000.00
Maximum: RM3,500,000.00
Type of Equity: Ordinary Shares
Equity: Up to 10%


To be the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE GIG MARKETPLACE in South East Asia caring for all its users


Our overarching aim is to offer BEST SERVICES to SUPPORT and ENHANCE Customer’s day-to-day operation at OPTIMUM level providing RELIABLE HELP to anyone ANYWHERE


Core Values

INNOVATIVE way for gigsters to seek OPPORTUNITY where we NURTURE them with KNOWLEDGE for GROWTH


Kemaih Sdn Bhd (Holding Company)



A serial promoter/entrepreneur who successfully marketed the World Rugby Sevens Series – Singapore 7s and Rugby World Cup 2019 franchise programs in the last 15 years as an independent contractor. He has developed substantial amount of network overseas and very capable to lead this Project and understands the needs and challenge as a freelancer.



Hardworking entrepreneur whose experience in the event management spans more than 20 years and is the catalyst to start-up the venture. She is an invaluable asset to KEMAIH as she manages marketing and promotion events, product launches whilst setting up a solid marketing team. 


Shazilan Bin Dahlan | Chief Financial Officer
Chartered Accountant, Fellow Institute of Public Accountant, Fellow Financial Accountant. Ex Group CFO for Impiana Group and Siraj Group (Saudi Arabia)


Ahmad Zailani bin Abdul Majid | Chief Technology Officer
More than 20 years of experience in Solution Selling, Consulting Services, Software Product License, IT Infrastructure and Maintenance and Support Services. Formerly with MIMOS, IBM & ORACLE


Ainil Fidrah Binti Mohd Ghazali | Chief People Officer

HRDF approved trainer, with 15 years involvement in Human Capital Development Projects in Higher Education as well as Technical Vocational Education and Training.


Malaysia Insight

Malaysia Youth Council Bulletin

Bicarawara Fintech TV1 (to be aired soon)

Recognition and Partners


The eRezeki program enables citizens, especially low-income groups, generate additional income by doing digital assignments via online crowdsourcing platform. The eRezeki participants will be matched with digital work in line with their respective skills.

Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 is a commitment to make Malaysia a nation that achieves sustainable growth along with fair and equitable distribution, across income groups, ethnicities, regions and supply chains. The commitment is aimed at strengthening political stability, enhancing the nation's prosperity and ensuring that the rakyat are united whilst celebrating ethnic and cultural diversity as the foundation of the nation state.

CENTER FOR HEALTHY AGEING & WELLNESS (H-CARE) is a center of research focused on research, innovation, commercialization and wellness services for all ages, for promoting healthy aging and prevention of disease towards the well-being of the community.




IPSAS is Malaysia’s pioneer research institute in youth and community development, addressing contemporary youth and community-related issues in the country. Since our establishment in November 2001, we have undertaken numerous research and consultancy activities with the goal of contributing to the socioeconomic well-being of youth and communities. As the lone social science research institute in UPM, we also contribute to educational development by offering post-graduate degrees in youth studies, leadership studies, community education and rural advancement. Our strengths are based on our well-qualified and experienced researchers, and strong industrial and institutional networks. 

Commonly known as the Majlis Belia Malaysia (MBM) in Malay. MBM is the national umbrella body of youth organisations in Malaysia.

The council was established on July 23, 1948 and has over three million members.

Majlis Belia Malaysia (MBM) aims to instill in Malaysian youths an integrated character in terms of mind, body and spirit. It also promotes responsibility, independence, volunteerism and patriotism. The Majlis Belia Malaysia (MBM) focuses on the demands of youths (www.1belia1malaysia.com) to be heard, their issues to be addressed and their roles upgraded. Its main target is to established integrated and inter-sectoral youth development to determine national development and revive the youth movement to build a strong Malaysian youth identity.

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