Award Winning, Innovative Waste To Wealth O&G Company Going National !




BELIGAS is an Award Winning Company that rewards consumers to recycle used cooking oil to reduce for cheaper LPG Gas Delivery

Established in July 2020, BeliGas has steadily grown to become a household name for cheaper LPG cooking gas delivery service with its innovative first in Malaysia “recycling used cooking oil for discount” model on its mobile application: BELIGAS.

The conventional liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) cooking gas delivery market has a long-standing problem – the high prices and inconvenience in the purchase and delivery process of LPG cooking gas tanks.

By leveraging digital transformation and innovative recycling solution, BeliGas is determined to provide an alternative solution to fill the market gap nationwide: 

  • RM 2,734,525 revenue in audited Year 1 (June 2020-June 2021)
  • RM 2,801,000 revenue in Management Report Y2 (July 2021 to January 2022)
  • We currently serve KL & Selangor, and currently expanding to Negeri Sembilan & Penang
  • We currently own 2 State-Level Warehouses with 13 operational outlets & in-house logistical serving 300+ localities. 

We are BLITZSCALING and aggressively AMBITIOUS for presence in major Malaysian states while eyeing SEA! 

For the first time, we would like to invite potential public investors, customers and partners who believe in HIGH IMPACT INVESTING ; in the goodness of creating value for the environment & community while generating healthy profits; to invest in the future of BELIGAS. 


TIME SENSITIVE OFFER: Get up to 20% Extra Shares when you reserve and commit in PRE-LIVE today!

JUST IN: CRADLE invested RM 500,000 CIP IGNITE-II grant to help BELIGAS to scale quicker! 

Convinced More Than 18,000+ Customers Per Month To Recycle Used Cooking Oil To Offset For Cheaper LPG Cooking Gas – BeliGas Incentivizes Customers For Their Sustainable Habits

BeliGas incentivizes customers who recycle household and business used cooking oil to offset and reduce their monthly cost spent on LPG cooking gas, which in turn, BeliGas uses to be upcycled into renewable biodiesels.

In exchange for consumers’ used cooking oil, BeliGas rewards customers by offering a discount on their LPG purchase and other redeemable rewards such as free insurance, free planting seeds and cash rebates.

Prioritizing Employment For Malaysian, Especially B40s and Ex-convicts

BeliGas is a registered Social Enterprise that prioritizes hiring Malaysian B40s and those from marginalized communities.

It all began with an aim to help Malaysians struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BeliGas wants to provide immediate employment to the B40s who'd lost their jobs, including the marginalized communities, such as former prisoners.

The digital transformation has enabled BeliGas, a pandemic-resistant business, to establish work opportunities and hire the unemployed from the B40 group and reformed convicts directly from Prison.

An Award-winning Company With A Golden Heart – To Help And Empower Our People And Uplift Our Community

Last year, BeliGas was awarded the winner of TheStar Golden Heart 2021, a national program highlighting massively innovative and impactful community programs across Malaysia.

BeliGas offers B40s, and those from marginalized communities, such as reformed convicts a second chance in life by joining BeliGas, to help them blend into the community through business training and delivery services.

Purchasing LPG Cooking Gas Refills - A Monthly Problem Faced By 6.5 Million Households In Malaysia

BeliGas has identified the long-standing gap in the local LPG cooking gas delivery market.

The conventional practice of purchasing LPG cooking gas refills in Malaysia has remained the same for Malaysian households and businesses in the last decade.

Running out of gas when cooking is a terrible experience for the average Malaysians, mainly because the entire process of ordering, purchasing and delivering the LPG cooking gas tanks is such a hassle, expansive and problematic.

Substandard Delivery Service Leaves Customers No Choice But To Run An Extra Household Errand

Customers usually call on their usual gas delivery agents to deliver the LPG cooking gas tanks to the house or the restaurant. 

Yet, sometimes, the lack of on-demand gas delivery services within the area and the frustrating wait for the deliveries only worsen the situation.

Customers have no choice but to go personally to the nearest convenience store or kedai runcit to buy and transport the LPG cooking gas tanks home.

Complex, Multi-tier Supply Chain Resulting In Higher Mark-Ups – No Fixed, Transparent Pricing for LPG Cooking Gas

The supply chain logistics in the back-end remains complex in getting the LPG cooking gas tanks from the distributor to the end-users.

A standard LPG cooking gas tank at the convenience store usually goes through multiple layers of middle persons before reaching the hands of the end customers, resulting in high mark-ups.

The supply chain starts with the LPG supplier or manufacturer. Next, it goes to a premium stockist before reaching a stockist, thereafter be transferred to a dealer, sub-dealer, runner, and finally, to the convenience store where customers make the purchase.

Expensive, Non-Standardised And Crazy Fluctuation Of Prices For No Reason

Some customers may not be aware that the LPG cooking gas tanks delivery price in the market is at least RM 10 more than the government-mandated ceiling price (for self pickups).  Furthermore, customers may be paying anything ranging from RM28 to RM35, even between 2 neighbouring houses, for no reason.

The ceiling price of LPG mandated by The Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK) to wholesalers gains weight due to the multi-layer supply chain system before reaching the end consumer.

Mismanagement Of 80% Of The Used Cooking Oil – Hazard For Health And Environment

Every year, over 75 million metric tons of cooking oil are consumed globally. However, the mishandling and mismanagement of 80% of the used cooking oil results in environmental destructions that contributes to the global climate crisis.

In Malaysia, the lack of recycling habits, facilities and community action has led to used cooking oil regularly dumped in kitchens sinks and drains, causing sewage blocks before finally ending up polluting our rivers & waterways.

Taking Reign And Streamlining The Supply Chain – BeliGas Offers A Cheaper Solution To Households and Businesses

BeliGas can streamline the multi-layer supply chain system and simplify the gas delivery and UCO pickup process, by digitalizing and taking reign in the entire supply chain.

Predictive stock analysis and efficient routing helps to reduce cost and cut off the middle persons, allowing BeliGas to offer the best-in-market pricing to the customers.

Working Directly With LPG Cooking Gas Suppliers & Bulk UCO Buyers – Minimising Supply Chain Costs To Offer Competitive Prices For LPG Cooking Gas Tanks & UCO

BeliGas sell 14KG LPG cooking gas tanks starting from RM25.60 to RM 38.60, inclusive of delivery for all the local areas BeliGas serves, with pricing based on the delivery time selected by the customers in BELIGAS app. 

BeliGas obtains LPG cooking gas tanks directly from the LPG gas suppliers, without any middle persons. By working directly with LPG gas suppliers, BeliGas can cut off logistics inefficiencies, minimize supply chain costs, and offer consistently low prices to customers.

Similarly, as BeliGas works directly with Bulk UCO Buyers, we provide the best in market price for UCO pickup done regularly at the premise of both home and business users in all our service areas.

In-house Delivery Fleet - BeliGas Takes Matters Into Our Own Hands

BeliGas started by relying on third-party logistic providers to handle the last-mile delivery process. However, the bad logistics and delivery experience created many chain problems in fulfilment and service deliveries.

After thorough consideration, BeliGas decided to build our in-house delivery & pickup fleet, hiring riders, drivers, and purchasing transport vehicles to overcome that problem.

Today, LPG cooking gas & UCO pickup can be delivered and picked up effectively from any point. Not only did this solve the underlying service problems, it now reduces BeliGas’ operating expenses on a day-to-day basis.

Use Technology To Increase Logistics Efficiency And Optimise The Cost Of Deliveries – Where Savings Are Then Passed To Customers

BeliGas maximizes its innovative and disruptive app platform technology to increase logistics efficiency and ultimately optimize the cost of deliveries and pickups.

The cost saved on our operating expenses will be passed on to the customers, giving customers more discounts and rewards in their monthly household cost.

Putting Food On The Table Of The Badly Hit – The B40s

Helping Malaysians suffering from job and income losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been the primary objective of BeliGas.

BeliGas strives to help those who fell on hard times, especially those in the bottom 40% household bracket, by offering immediate work and entrepreneurship opportunities (agents & dealers) within BeliGas.

Besides, high LPG cooking gas prices might not be a concern for some Malaysians, but by removing hierarchies and using UCO recycling to bring the price of 14KG LPG to as low as just RM 0.60, a controlled and lower LPG cooking gas price can extensively benefit the underprivileged communities in Malaysia.

Providing Reformed Ex-Convicts Jobs – A Stepping Stone To Help Them Re-Connect With The Society

BeliGas has formed a collaboration with the Malaysian Prison Department, in particular with the Kajang Prison.

BeliGas provides the prisoners with shelter and training, preparing them for employment with BeliGas once released from prison.

The reformed convicts will be trained to offer gas delivery services, and pickup and handling of UCO.

Products & Services
BeliGas Mobile App – On-Demand LPG Cooking Gas Delivery And Used Cooking Oil Recycling Service Is Merely One Tap Away

BELIGAS is an online App platform and app that allows customers to order LPG cooking gas tanks and deliver them directly to the consumers’ doorstep effortlessly.

BELIGAS App incentivizes customers to recycle used cooking oil to reduce the price of LPG gas they select in the app.

With each LPG or UCO order in BELIGAS App, customer can redeem rewards that will contribute meaningfully for their life!

Customers can order LPG cooking gas deliveries or recycle used cooking oil via the BELIGAS mobile app or website, all at the comfort of their homes and restaurants.

BELIGAS – An App That Delivers Cheaper LPG Cooking Gas Tanks To Your Doorstep Conveniently, Seamlessly, Hassle-Free.

BeliGas helps homemakers to buy cooking gas without the hassle of running to the nearest shop. BeliGas also helps F&B owners to secure sufficient cooking gas and ensure that their business can operate with peace of mind.

Download the BELIGAS mobile app from Google Play store and IOS App store, and customers can choose their location and preferred delivery schedule.

Whether customers want to order LPG cooking gas tanks or recycle used cooking oil, it can never be more accessible.

With 4 simple steps, all it takes is only a couple of minutes to place orders, and customers can expect a BeliGas delivery rider to be on their way to their designated address.

LPG Cooking Gas Delivery & Recycling Of Used Cooking Oil

  1. Log in with FB And Google

  2. One time setup of delivery addresses

  3. Simple 1 step to confirm your LPG purchase & used cooking oil for recycling

  4. Track and review your cooking gas deliveries

Orders are then delivered real time to respective Outlets through BeliGas Riders App, with backend tracking and monitoring done in BeliGas HQ platform for intelligent stock and logistics planning, service and deliverability between Terminal to Outlets on a daily basis.

312 BeliGas Localities in KL and Selangor (and more soon nationwide!)

BeliGas currently covers across 312+ major localities in Selangor & Kuala Lumpur including:

Subang, Petaling Jaya, Bandar Sunway, USJ, Damansara, Kelana Jaya, Old Klang Road, Bangsar, Kajang, Semenyih, Cheras, Ampang, Shah Alam, Seri Kembangan, Puchong, Balakong, Bukit Jalil, Rawang, Serendah, Batang Kali, and many more!

We are also scaling nationwide:

BELIGAS has just opened in Negeri Sembilan: Seremban 2, and currently preparing its first outlet in Penang Island: Jelutong. By June 2022, BeliGas hopes to be serving Perak, Melaka & Johor too.

LPG Cooking Gas Delivery Starts From RM25.60 !

Customers can now enjoy lower LPG cooking gas prices and guaranteed service by BeliGas outlets.

BeliGas’ standardized prices for a 14kg LPG cooking gas tanks delivery across 312 service areas within the Klang Valley are as follow:

- Pre-order 1 day before with standard delivery: RM25.60

- Same-day order, standard delivery between 9AM-6PM: RM26.60

- Same-day order, but urgent delivery in 1 hour: RM29.60

- Same-day order, but delivery after 8PM: RM38.60

Recycle Used Cooking Oil At RM2.50/KG

BeliGas also helps Malaysians save up on their monthly household and business cost by incentivizing customers for recycling household or business used cooking oil.

Monthly Cooking Oil Becomes FREE, And The LPG Cooking Gas Becomes Much Cheaper

BeliGas incentivizes customers who recycle household and business used cooking oil to offset and reduce their monthly cost spent on LPG cooking gas.

Customers purchase NEW cooking oil sold at RM2.50/KG at retail stores. Now, customers can recycle USED cooking oil also at RM2.50/KG at BeliGas.

BeliGas will offset the RM2.50/KG cost from the customer’s LPG cooking gas purchase from BeliGas, which will be delivered straight to their doorsteps.

In other words, customers can purchase and use as much new cooking oil as they want at ZERO COST if they actively recycle their used cooking oil with BeliGas every month.

Customers can redeem 14KG LPG gas as cheap as RM 0.60 when they recycle UCO in BELIGAS app.

Redeem BeliGas Rewards With Your Order

BeliGas believes in conscious gifts for the people, community and our planet.

Customers can now redeem and enjoy the following rewards from BeliGas for FREE, and make their purchases with BELIGAS meaningful.

1 Year TAKAFUL For Eligible B40s (partnership with FWD)

Redeem up to RM 40,000* life and accidental death protection when customers purchase with BeliGas

Planting Seeds Program

Redeem various planting seeds for FREE, which will be delivered with the customers' purchase

Cash Rebates

Redeem and enjoy cash rebates which customers can use on their purchase with BeliGas

BeliGas Going Strong – Confident Of Sustaining Strong Growth

For a less than 2-years old company that started its first delivery in July 2020, BeliGas continues to record strong momentum as the company observed a substantial increase in monthly sales and customer base.

In a quick snapshot:

- RM 2,734,525 revenue in audited Year 1 (June 2020-June 2021)

- RM 2,801,000 revenue in Management Report Y2 (July 2021 to January 2022)

- RM400,000 average monthly sales 
- RM458,591.92 booked in December 2021 sales

- RM50,000 average monthly profit from sales

- 30% annual profit in Y1

- 18% average month-on-month growth in recurring customers (Year 1)

- 158,234+ LPG gas tanks refills delivered to date:  15 December 2021

- 17.977 recurring monthly customers: December 2021

- 78 B40s hired

- 36 B40s insured

- 60% of BeliGas workforce from the B40s


BeliGas Got Into Malaysia Book Of Records, Golden Heart Award, And Also The Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Award !

UPDATE: BELIGAS won MOST INNOVATIVE GROWTH COMPANY, in TOP IN INNOVATION Award 2022, by Malaysiakini, DNA and Kementerian Sains, Teknologi & Inovasi (MOSTI)  in January 2022. 

BeliGas is proud to receive recognition and awards at a national level to highlight our impactful community programs. BeliGas hopes that we inspire other social impact businesses to embark on doing good for the community and contributing to the betterment of society.

Malaysia Book Of Records

BeliGas is inducted on September 2021 as a national record holder being the FIRST company that allows recycling of used cooking oil to purchase LPG Gas in Malaysia.

TheStar Golden Heart 2021 Winner

BELIGAS was honored as TheStar Golden Hearts winner for 2021 for its outstanding environment, social and community impact. 

Winner of Most Innovative - Growth Company, Top In Innovation 2022 Award

BeliGas emerged as winner of the prestigious Top In Innovation Award 2022, for our impactful and unique ESG solution for the betterment of the community, awarded by Malaysiakini, DNA and Kementerian Sains, Teknologi & Inovasi (MOSTI). 

Winner of Top 100 Malaysia's Influential Young Entrepreneur 2020

Managing Director of BeliGas, Suthan Mookaiah won the MIYE 2020 Award for his contribution and community impact in BeliGas for society's betterment. 

Accredited as Shared Prosperity Organization

BeliGas is registered by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) as a Shared Prosperity Organization from 18 February 2021 to17 February 2023

Endeavor ScaleUp 2021 & Petronas Futuretech 2021 Cohort Member

BeliGas is part of two prestigious mentoring program in Malaysia to develop its business case and expansion program further with experienced industry mentors and partners.

Business Model
Cheap, Easy, Hassle-free

These 3 words define the business model of BeliGas, a social enterprise born out of the mission to help and serve the underprivileged community in Malaysia, by streamlining the segmented LPG industry that has seen no significant innovation over the last decade.

Gaining A Foothold Out Of Used Cooking Oil

Besides earning revenue on LPG cooking gas sales, BeliGas also generates profit from the sale of bulk used cooking oil.

Malaysians purchase new cooking oil at retail stores at RM2.50/KG. BeliGas purchased the used cooking oil from households and businesses at the same rate of RM2.50/KG

The used cooking oil is then processed into biodiesels, which can then be sold at premium CPO rate to EU buyers, where biodiesel is more widely used.

Growth Strategies
When Many Businesses Was Scaling Down On Marketing, Beligas Decided To Scale Up

BeliGas believes in brand building, even in trying times. As a company that strives to serve more households of Malaysia, branding is crucial as it is the visual voice of BeliGas.

BeliGas’ strategy combines different forms of over-the-top advertising approaches, including offline media,such as billboards and jingles to reach consumers and businesses at large.

Organic word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers has been the most impactful in building customer awareness on top of digital campaigns that is done locally.

Solid Business Expansion Strategy – Setting Its Sights To Expand Across Malaysia

To cater to the growing demand of BeliGas’ business in the local and global market, BeliGas has established a concrete expansion blueprint for the long-term development of our business.

A POC is also set to be signed with a significant Malaysian energy player by Q1 2022 to expand on the growth potential of the business.

As such, BeliGas’s LPG cooking gas delivery and used cooking oil recycling business is experiencing significant growth & traction. As a result, we are reaching the point for expansion to venture and cover more areas in the local market, and also overseas in the near future.

The previous national lockdowns have put a bit of a delay in BeliGas' expansion plans in Year 1. With lockdown easing, BeliGas is eyeing expansions to Penang and Negeri Sembilan, and setting its sights to expand across other Malaysia states within the next 2 years.

By establishing a base across all major cities in Malaysia, BeliGas could reach out to a larger market synergistically and grab more market share.

BeliGas looks forward to reaching out to more residential areas so that more households, business owners and job seekers, especially the B40s and marginalized communities, can benefit from our LPG cooking gas delivery and used cooking oil recycling services, and enjoy smooth and hassle-free deliveries for customers.

Moving Upstream As UCO Buyers & Biodiesel Processors

In the near future, BeliGas will also look at bulk UCO trading regionally, by working with trading partners or by creating presence in other countries.

Biodiesel is a renewable, biodegradable fuel manufactured domestically from the processing and upcycling of used cooking oil. Renewable biodiesels, clean-burning diesel replacement can be used in existing diesel engines without modification.

More Value-Added Services

BeliGas is also looking to offer a wide range of value-added services for our customers, including:

- Sale of gas rollers & fire extinguishers

- Micro-insurance for households

- Gas maintenance check services

- Household maid cleaning services (coming soon)

- Sponsored seed packs (coming soon)

LIMITED TIME: Get up to 20% Extra Shares when you reserve and commit your investment TODAY !

More Jobs Opportunities For The B40s

Regarding BeliGas’ mission to help the underserved and underprivileged community in Malaysia, BeliGas intends to create micro-entrepreneur programs through partnerships with GLCs or NGOs to provide more job opportunities for the B40 community. 

We look to subsidize training and onboarding of more B40s as UCO agents or dealers in BeliGas app

Bringing BeliGas’ Business Model To Southeast Asia

The segmented LPG market in many SEA countries remains untapped, will little to no significant innovation.

Leveraging BeliGas’ expertise, experience, and connection across SEA, BeliGas set its sight to execute its proof of concept at Myanmar, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines and Indonesia, and unlock the potential of SEA, one of the world’s fastest-growing markets—and one of the least well known.

With a rapidly growing market cap of more than USD 42 billion per year and access to 300 million households in SEA alone, there’s no saying what good BeliGas can do next for the people, community, and the environment.


Valued at RM 38 million by Equidam in July 2021, BeliGas has just received a RM500,000 CIP Ignite-II grant from Cradle Fund.

For its first public participation offer, BeliGas is looking to raise RM 2.5M million, offering a maximum of 10% equity in the form of ordinary shares in return. 

The use of the crowdfunding proceeds will be used to kickstart and fuel BELIGAS expansion nationwide:

- Marketing (30%)

- Business developments (20%)

- Working capital and operational capacity (25%)

- Technological support, upgrades, and R&D (25%)

LIMITED TIME: Get up to 20% Extra Shares when you reserve and commit your investment today!

For BIG TICKET investors:

- Of or Above RM 32,400 Investments (from 12 lots onwards) : 10% extra share

- Of or Above RM 64,800 Investments (from 24 lots onwards) : 15% extra share

- Of or Above RM 97,200 Investments (from 36 lots onwards) : 20% extra share

QUESTIONS? Talk To Suthan!
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp (Reference pitchin) : 019 399 5717


- To help and support Malaysians by offering an avenue to recycle used cooking oil to offset for cheaper LPG cooking gas

- To provide employment to the B40s and marginalized communities

- To leverage digital transformation to support the green environment and save the Earth

BELIGAS is keen to aggressively grow its presence and assets to package for an IPO or strategic TRADE SALE when the circumstances is right. For now, scaling nationwide and bringing our impact to entire Malaysia is the short term goal. 

Suthan Mookaiah – Managing Director of BeliGas

- Founder and Managing Director of BeliGas Malaysia

- Adjunct Associate Professor of Taylor’s University Malaysia, Lakeside Campus

- Winner of Top 100 Malaysia's Influential Young Entrepreneur Award 2020

With over 17 years in Regional Digital Content, Digital Services, and e-Commerce, Suthan is passionate about technology for good, social innovation, and community building.

Entrepreneurship is not something new for Suthan. At the age of 18, the Winner of Top 100 Malaysia's Influential Young Entrepreneur Award 2020 used his self-taught coding skills and started providing website building services to both local and foreign clients, on top of selling ebooks and audiobooks.

By the time he turned 21, Suthan had made his first million and was later headhunted by a Spain-based global integrated digital services company to lead and develop the content market in SEA as the Regional Business Development Manager, before promoted to Country Manager and Managing Director.

Being also a F&B owner, Suthan saw a gap in the local LPG gas delivery market when he was trying to order gas for his food donation program at his kopitiam. The hassle, inconvenience, and high pricing have sparked the business to disrupt the local LPG gas delivery market via digital transformation.

QUESTIONS? Talk To Suthan!
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp (Reference Pitchin) : 019 399 5717


BeliGas Key Management Team Members:

Vikneswaran Kuppan: Technology

Angela Goo: Finance Manager

Janaki Cheliah: Revenue Lead

Norsita Abdullah: Administration & Licensing

Sebastian Ravi: Logistics & Warehousing Manager

Jeshurun Vincent: Operation Executive

We invite interested public who believe in impact investing for the good of the people, community and environment to be part of BELIGAS today!



















  • No shares will be allotted or issued based on this document after six months from the closing of the offer period.
  • This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorisation of the Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007.
  • This document has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. The Securities Commission does not recommend nor assumes responsibility for any information including any statement, opinion or report disclosed in relation to this fund raising exercise and makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. The Securities Commission expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the information disclosed.

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BELIGAS: Crowdfund Conclusion This Friday, 3rd June 2022 !

4 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

BeliGas is finally closing its crowdfunding round in PitchIN this Friday, 3rd June 2022!

To date, 99 investors have invested through the campaign, and we have seen tremendous interest and support from the public so far for our mission. 

For those who are sitting on the fence, get in soon !

Thank you !


BELIGAS: Surpassed 10 Tonnes of Used Cooking Oil Collection Monthly !

5 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

We have recently surpassed 10 Tonnes of monthly Used Cooking Oil collection for the month of April 2022 !

We would like to thank all our customers, colleagues, and partners who made this milestone possible!

BeliGas allows customers to redeem cheaper LPG gas by recycling used cooking oil, which is then upcycled for biodiesel; a sustainable low carbon biofuel thats currently gaining traction globally. 

Download BeliGas app: http://onelink.to/beligas



8 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

We are proud to welcome Adjunct Professor Faroze Nadar, Executive Director of UN Global Compact, Malaysia & Brunei who joins as our Advisor of Sustainability !

With his credentials, expertise and advisory, BELIGAS will further refine and innovate our programs to meet global standards as we scale our PRESENCE and IMPACT on national, regional and soon global standards ! 



BELIGAS: Achieved RM 2.8M Revenue Milestone & Surpassed Y1 RM2.7M Audited Revenue

8 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

Last week, we mark the milestone of surpassing RM 2.8 Million in revenue booked in Year 2.

This is major accomplishment as we have surpassed our first year audited report of RM 2.73M revenue in just half the time in our second year.

We are ambitious of our goal to achieve our projected RM 4,500,000 revenue in Year 2 comfortably and deliver above target ; especially with added capital boost from our fundraising being done in PITCHIN!

BeliGas is now fundraising in PITCHIN to raise up to RM 3,000,000 by selling our shares to the public to strengthen core business and scale the presence nationwide.




8 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah


To date, BELIGAS has received nearly RM 400,000 pledges in PITCHIN. This amounts to 134% above our min funding requirement of RM 300,000 raised in PRE-LIVE alone!

We thank all our investors for this warm reception towards IMPACT INVESTING in BELIGAS. 
We are honored by your trust in us. 



We are excited to announce that BELIGAS will be going LIVE on PITCHIN this 4th February 2022, coming right after CNY holiday !! 

a) IF YOU HAVE PLEDGED but have YET to complete the transfer, you have until 3 FEB 2022 to bank in to secure your PRE-LIVE 8% bonus share ! 
We will be sending a reminder communication soon to all prospect investors on this. 

b) If you would like to secure EXTRA shareholding in BELIGAS, you are still eligible to get 8% extra shares until 3 FEB 2022 from as low as RM 2700. 



Do you need more information on this funding round? 

Feel free to contact: 
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: 019 399 5717 




9 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

BeliGas is announced as the winner of Most Innovative Growth Company in Top In Innovation Award 2021, organized by Malaysiakini, DNA and Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi (MOSTI) ! 

This award is a testament to the unique yet powerful innovation behind BELIGAS, and also motivation for us to strive to scale our impact further across Malaysia, and one day towards SEA. 

This is the first award we won for year 2022. 

BELIGAS is also certified in Malaysia Book Of Records and honored as the winner of Golden Hearts Award last year. 

If you believe in IMPACT INVESTING, BELIGAS is a no brainer choice!
Join us as our esteemed shareholders!  



9 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah


We have surpassed RM 220,000 in pledges in our first PITCHIN crowdfunding offer in the last 20 days ! 

Thank you to nearly 50+ people who have pledged towards BELIGAS so far. 

Very soon, our PRE-LIVE offer of 8% extra share will be closed once we surpassed RM 240,000 mark. If you have pledged, but have yet to bank in to PITCHIN, please do so soon to commit and reserve your bonus share allocation! 


TODAY, we are happy to announce our BONUS SHARE OFFER FOR VALUED BIG TICKET INVESTORS in Pitchin! 

10% extra shares allocation for RM 30,000 investment and more!
15% extra shares allocation for RM 60,000 investment and more!
20% extra shares allocation for RM 90,000 investment and more!


Your potential profit-orientated exit strategies:
-Dividends at Year End when company declares profit
-Exit in next Future Funding rounds : Series A and more. 
-Trade Sale or IPO in the future 

We thank you for IMPACT INVESTING in BELIGAS ! 



BELIGAS: Crossed RM 100,000 Pledges in PRE-LIVE !

9 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

We crossed RM 100,000 pledges in 10 days of going PRE-LIVE in our first public crowdfunding campaign in PITCHIN: https://equity.pitchin.my/businesses/gasstn-sdn-bhd

We are *NOT* just a regular gas dealer. Far from it.

We are the ONLY company that have provided a working and proven solution to REDUCE & ELIMINATE essential goods price of both cooking oil & gas for households & business, while collecting waste used cooking oil from being a eco pollutant, to being recycled and upcycled into sustainable low carbon biofuel, while employing and empowering Malaysian B40s in a promising & innovative pandemic-proof career & business.

We have done it in KL & Selangor, and now ready to bring this impact NATIONALLY. We are raising money to fund our ambitious project across Semenanjung !

It is our pleasure to invite YOU to be a shareholder of BELIGAS for as low as RM 2700 during this PRE-LIVE: https://equity.pitchin.my/businesses/gasstn-sdn-bhd

As a bonus, if you pledge & pay in this PRE-LIVE which will be ENDING SOON, you will get FREE 8% extra shareholding. 

Details here:


BELIGAS: Surpassed RM450,000 Monthly Revenue In December 2021

9 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

December was a memorable month for BELIGAS.

We had to deal with the onslought of monsoon season; which brought heavy rains all day that disrupted logistics and delivery and even unexpected flooding (that impacted 2 of our key outlets leading to temp closure) and 2 of our BeliGas HQ lorries being submerged in Taman Sri Muda. 

Nevertheless, we continue to hit new numbers for month of December: 

Monthly Sales:
Dec 21: RM 458,591.92
Nov 21: RM 403,743.60

LPG Refill: 
Dec 21: 17,977
Nov 21: 17,481

Performance & Revenue comparison: 
In Management Report ( July 21- December 21: 6 months), we recorded RM 2,422,857.42

In Audited Year 1 (June 2020-June 2021: 1 year), we recorded RM 2,734,525.30.

We are on track to surpass our first year revenue sometime in January 2021, and expect to record Y2 revenue upwards of RM5,000,000 (projection) as we set to scale nationwide soon. 



Did you know: Investors in PRE-LIVE who pledges and pays get additional 8% more shares?

Our current funding pledges have surpassed RM 100,000 in 1 week of BELIGAS going PRE-LIVE! The window to invest in PRE-LIVE is going to close very soon. 



BELIGAS: Focus On Used Cooking Oil For Additional Profit !

9 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

There is a lot of prospective investor queries on why BELIGAS focuses on pickup & collection Used Cooking Oil when we deliver LPG gas to home & business! 

Not only its a great green initiative that our CUSTOMERS love, but it is also a profitable venture for BELIGAS as we are able to increase our profit as we are upcycling the used cooking oil to be converted into biodiesels. 

Some facts and figures: 

1. We buy from homes at RM 2.50/KG, and we resell to MPOB certified buyers at RM 4.XX/KG (price changes as it follows CPO price of palm oil) 

2. We hope to start bulk trading of used cooking oil locally and internationally by 2022. 

3. BELIGAS is currently in final talks with a significant energy player to sign off a POC that will faciliate collection and conversion facilities and resources that will help us enter the sustainable energy industry in 2022.  

BELIGAS is certified in Malaysia Book Of Records as the First LPG company that allows people to pay for their LPG gas by recycling used cooking oil. 


If you believe in IMPACT INVESTING, then its time to invest in BELIGAS !


BELIGAS: From Prison Gates To Being Best Performing Staffs Q4 2021

9 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

BELIGAS  practices preferential hiring of Malaysians, especially from B40s and from marginalized communities such as reformed prisoners & people of disability. 

We partner with Jabatan Penjara Malaysia to hire directly from Penjara Malaysia to get reformed ex-prisoners and also parole prisoners to be placed in employment, accomodation and mentoring to be productive members of society. 

BELIGAS has hired more than 30 staffs directly from Penjara Kajang, many who are now playing key roles in logistical and warehousing vacancy in BELIGAS. 

We also provide career pathway for promising talents, to grow with BELIGAS as we scale nationwide. 

BELIGAS partnershop with PENJARA to provide second chance for B40s and ex-convicts is well documented and we were honored as WINNER of TheStar Golden Hearts Award 2021. 

We hope to hire and provide equal opportunity for those Malaysians who need help, as we scale nationwide. 



BELIGAS: Deployed Immediate & Post Flood Aids To 350+ Flood Stricken Households

9 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

We have delivered to more than 350 households with free gas stoves sets, LPG gas, regulators, rice cookers and frying pan to ease their losses from the recent floods in Hulu Langat, Puchong and Ampang for the past 1 week. 

Our gratitude goes to all fellow contributors, partners, coordinators, staffs and amazing new friends who made this happen!

Fresh from this flood relief program, we will in the future develop new functions to faciliate public to purchase and donate LPG Gas by cash or UCO in BELIGAS App to be distributed much quickly to disaster areas. 




BELIGAS: Achieved RM 5,000,000 Revenue Milestone!

9 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

We are proud to annouce that BELIGAS has hit it RM 5,000,000 Revenue milestones this December 2021. 

Since our formation and subsequent first outlet opening in July 2021, we have grown by leaps and bounds in Klang Valley. 

We are confident that we will 2X our first year revenue, and even scale to higher revenue markers with our strategy to go national in 2022. 


Keen to invest in BELIGAS? Now is the RIGHT time to do so ! 


BELIGAS: RM 500,000 Grant under CRADLE IGNITE CIP-II Program

10 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

On 23 December 2021, BELIGAS completed the agreement signing with CRADLE for RM 500,000 grant under CIP IGNITE-II to help us scale our presence nationwide !



BELIGAS: This Customer Just Paid RM 0.60 For LPG Gas!

10 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

How cheap can a LPG gas be with Used Cooking Oil (UCO) recycling in BELIGAS? 

How about just paying RM 0.60 when you recycle 10KG of UCO in BELIGAS App!
This is the same 14KG gas that people will pay RM 29-RM38 at kedai runcit ! 

En Khairul, our BELIGAS customer; enjoys cheaper LPG while recycling UCO and saving the Earth. He too gets to redeem FREE insurance and planting seeds in ONE simple transaction in BELIGAS. 

18,000 people buy from BELIGAS every month! And the number is growing ! 

That is testament to the fact that a service like BELIGAS is essential and much needed everywhere!

Every single basic essential goods went up in pricing in 2021, but only BELIGAS has brought it down! In fact, we are even going to make LPG free with recycling in 2022 !

For now, BeliGas is now in 312 localities in Klang Valley. (KL & Selangor)

We have just opened our first outlet in Seremban 2 (Negeri Sembilan) and by January 2022, see us in Jelutong (Penang)! 




BELIGAS: We hit 150,000 LPG Refills Delivered !

10 months ago by Suthan A/L Mookaiah

Actually, its 155, 792  LPG refills delivered to many homes, warungs, restaurants, hotels and more since we started on 1st July 2020 to date: 11 December 2021. 

To 300,000 refills by June 2022, and 500,000 refills by December 2022. 

We will make it as we scale across NATIONWIDE ! 

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