Next generation Mobile Phone POS system with All-In- One solution, auto sync to E-store with AI enhancement. Creating Technology for Tommorow IOT




As the economy is facing a downturn due to pandemics and uncertainty on post covid, many business owners have taken a crucial need to transform or digitalize their business in adopting technology. This has further been an increasingly demanding platform ever since and open up an opportunity for SMEGO and business owner can take advantage of Digital Technology to manage their business retail and sell on multiply online shopping platforms at the same time on a mobile device more effectively than before, and start generating revenue immediately. Introducing SMEGO, a Powerful Business Solution.

  • Over a recent year with the pandemic, many business owners are seeking technology solutions for the transformation.

  • Ever Since we started we have received numerous inquiries from different partners to integrate as their backend system.

  • SMEGO with fully backed by a dedicated team with more than 20 years of experience in Brand strategy, advertising, Salesforce, FMCG industry, mobile technology, and business analysis has made SMEGO a solid foundation for a higher success rate. 

  • We are in line to hit our 2022 revenue with the main reseller onboard and incoming supporting partner.

  • For our international expansion, we are aiming at the Indonesia market with comprises 64mill micro and SMEs, and with a plan to enter the Indonesia market by 2024.

  • We aim to change the landscape of POS systems & business solutions. 

SMEGO An easy-to-use Intelligent POS system on Mobile phone  with fully integrated functions that give business owner all its needs to start your business. A completely dedicated built-in e-commerce platform with product inventory and with a POS system for Retail business to online selling simultaneously. 

Easy mode accounting that’s available for users to manage their business and payments without hassle. SMEGO lets users upload products in just less than 1 minutes and start selling anywhere, anytime on the mobile phone.

Smego can be easily promoted to all social marketing channels  to all Market place such as Shoppe and Lazada and offers a better overall marketing strategy with SMEGO AI marketing & E-learning capabilities. 

SMEGO is Integrated with the latest payment solution to create a cashless society that is fast and effective for businesses. Access to multiple payment options that are available for customers.

  • The ability to leverage digital tools has become a must for entrepreneurs, to survive the ongoing crisis.

  • The pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation across almost all sectors.

  • Greater social mobility and shared value creation are among those factors that entrepreneurs can leverage using digital tools on the recovery path

SMEGO ( Gemilang Media Utama Sdn bhd) Ownership of SMEGO, including all IP rights vests in Golden Pencil Sdn Bhd. Gemilang Media Utama works closely with Golden Pencil Sdn Bhd as the dedicated brand and marketing arm to promote the entire branding and the ECF campaign establishment


According to World statistics, the number of failing businesses is rising not only due to Covid 19 hit as it has been the struggle for a conventional business owner to digitalize their business fast enough. Worst as pandemic indeed hit hard on most business owners with low demand, rising cost, and crucial to moving to digital to survive. Although there are many solutions out there but is unable to fulfill the ever-changing digital landscape, need, and growing demand.  Many new businesses fail within 1-3 years of operating due to a lack of business knowledge and support required. Systems in the market are rather expensive versus user function capabilities which there is a need for know-how in using it. This has created a huge problem for smaller business in trying hard to survive rather than taking time to study to operate the confusing system. Mostly rather stick back to conventional on manual and paper recording rather than spend much money with less effectiveness and also unable for them to scale their business.  Nevertheless, with the growing numbers of social marketing or marketplace are there for the business owner to do business, but rather difficult as competition is high and many has suffered huge losses when spending on ineffective marketing out there.


To address the problem of business owners, SMEGO is build and ready to join an effort to help revitalize business owners to sustain and digitalize their businesses thru our SMEGO solution.


Smego enables retail to operate from Retail and online in a single entry on a mobile phone simultaneously, and this has generated a pandemic solution for many small business owners out there.  With a single-entry business owner can manage both Offline business and online business easily. 

Smego is built on mobile operate with an All-in-One full business ecosystem solution for a business owner from Uploading product to selling to managing the account to managing staff usage to delivery in a single entry.  SMEGO opens up many possibilities to as many industries as possible such as simple and fast product upload to selling in just less than 1 minute. This solution is suitable to most B40, Micro, and SME business owners who in seeking for transforming their business and managing their business easily on a mobile phone anywhere anytime. SMEGO is built on a function to connect and able to share product to all social media and open up endless possibilities with upcoming A.I enhancement function such as AI branding and AI Inventory system build for SMEGO on your mobile phone.  A whole world on your hand with SMEGO .

SMEGO able to help businesses such as Florist, Aircon maintenance, Kids Educational, Music Academy, Hawkers stall, Stationery, bakery and cater for them Mobile POS System link to a build-in E-Catalogue enables to promote and sell thru SMEGO digital function sharing and increase potential sale generating online.


The demand for the business system has rapidly increased due to pandemic and post-pandemic, the pandemic has given a push to this technology enhancement further. The need to use this technology platform for business is crucial to survive and stay in the race. 

  • From 2020 to quater 2021, the increase of technology usage for business has rapidly increse to 65% above. 

  • Bursa Malaysia indicated by sector index close June 2021, has seen 17.9 % investment in technology, the highest among other industries in Malaysia Market. 

  • Companies in Digital commerce & e-commerce in the world have grown to a listed company in NYSE, as it can see that the market for SMEGO to excel is promising.

There is a huge market opportunity for SMEGO to tap as with the rise of the demand to the need of using technology platforms for business usage.




- Concept Initiated by Deputy of Minister of Entrepreneur, Datuk Wira Mohd Hatta bin Md. Ramli 

-Incorporated Company in Hongkong for Apps Development


- Initiate Prototype for comment thru target group and market analysis testing

- Sign Collaboration test with Alibaba Hong Kong

-  Sign Tech partnership with HK tech developer 


-Establish Tech team in Malaysia to continue development and rename to SMEGO

- Participate in Alibaba Create and listed at Top 30  of 2019 Companies


- Development and testing continue

- Made available on IOS, Google Play & Huawei

- Release certain crucial function for a business owner due to pandemic usage 


- Partner with Gkash & Hascott Group

- Proceed to ECF pitchin to raise fund      

- Sign MOA & Collaborate with SBH Financing Consultancy group

- Received Support from Genyouth Sdn Bhd

- Released SMEGO to the Market with 4 basic most required function  

- Initiate A.I market analysis and development planning

- Open up State Agency dealer to develop a central and southern sale channel marketing team

- Further Negotiating with Telco Partner, New Payment Gateway Partner, Market place, Delivery Partner to Integrate and data collaboration

- Offering SMEGO to Association member & Proposing to Government Agency to gain support and offer SMEGO solution.


From All type of Trader, Stall business, Retail business, F & B business, services industry and up to any programs selling can use SMEGO as their business solution. SMEGO has developed base on a variety industry from all types of businesses.


The evolution transition of E-Commerce today has drastically changed the landscapes of doing business, this has increased sly demanded as a Digital commerce where businesses no longer just require E-commerce to sustained and do business, what there require is much more than just E-Commerce, they are in much require of Solution to help them to compete in the market, manage this business effectively, endless possible function to reduce work lost at low cost. The pandemic even drives this Digital Commerce to speed up tremendously and according to Statista, the Digital Commerce Market will be Value more than RM 80bill or more than RM 100bill ever the pandemic continues. The huge market is waiting for technology-driven company like SMEGO to be part to share a pie in this Digital Commence market   

Target for 1st Model in ALL-IN-ONE  Business solution, with revenue stream from Monthly Subscription, Add on function and transaction fees.


Customer experience is one of the main aspects in online shopping that have trigger numerous of interest.  Voice commerce is the hottest trend in e-commerce nowadays and many call it as the evolution of e-commerce as we know it. As customers flock to the web to purchase everything, from clothes to groceries brick-and-mortar stores face stiff even stiffer competition from online commerce. In fact, eCommerce sales is growing at about 15% year over year while brick-and-mortar is at less than 2% growth rate, COVID-19 has exacerbated this already well documented trend. If brick-and-mortar went from almost stand still to actual stand still than digital commerce grew exponentially. Take Target, for example, their brick-and-mortar sales were almost non-existent because of COVID-19 but their online sales grew by 275% during the pandemic.   Services like same-day delivery are making the shift to e-commerce a no brainer for the masses.

AI Brand & marketing is a method of leveraging technology to improve the customer journey. It can also be used to boost the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns. This is accomplished by using big data analytics, machine learning, and other processes to gain insight into your target audience. With these insights, you can create more effective customer touch points. Whether you're engaging in email marketing or providing customer support, AI eliminates much of the guesswork involved in customer interactions.


According to ResearhAndmarkets.com - Global $8.01 Billion Digital Business

The growth of Southeast Asia’s digital economy has already surpassed figures initially forecasted to be reached in 2025 – with 69% of Southeast Asian consumers expected to go digital by the end of the year. With millions more expected to join in the coming years. The report also found that the new forecasts for the average spend per consumer in 2025 will more than triple (3.5x) that of 2018’s figure, also exceeding the previous 2025 forecast 


The industry has been running on conventional System years before and since the introduction of digital and pandemic this has driven business owner to struggle in surviving, and many system in the market that’s cater for selected industry. SMEGO stands out from competitor in few aspect of

  • Help to digitalize the business  to stay afloat

  • Reduce the failure rate and increase the capacities 

  • Its build on Full mobile and easy to scale and operate anywhere

  • Is all you need SMEGO business  solution for all variety of industry 

  • Easy to use compare  and fast uploading to selling procees 

  • Always low price with Ai enhancement function compares to others

  • Single entry and manage offline, online, payment, inventory, account and others



We seek RM 3,000,000 in funding to:

1.    SMEGO tech  development 40%. To enhance current function with multi languages for large scale usage, integration to enhance product competency and multiple function for user, increase of Server and development  in deploy of advanced Ai technology.

2. Develop team of talent 32%  to generate revenue and increase data base for the company . At the same time to acquire potential partner & network to supplement SMEGO  to create more engagement opportunities in the future  

3.Expand our outreach thru branding and marketing  20%. Brand awareness and market penetration is crucial for the start, therefore to build trust among customer and merchant thru this exercise to attract international attention for future market development

3.   While keeping the business going 8% for others on licensing and others which require during SMEGO take off .


To transform and revolutionize customer experience to another level thru technology and artificial intelligence to continue to innovate in technology activation to better achievement.

Aspire to be An Unicorn Company


The best time to start investing in Technology is always now.

Technology Benefited the Most from the Pandemic

The pandemic accelerated existing trends. People shopped from home, sought entertainment at home, and have thrived digital commerce surged.

Technology was both a haven and a growth area for investors, says director of technology equity research Brian Colello.

The tech companies that rose the most in 2020 rode trends that were counter-cyclical to the pandemic and will persist after it and the continued rise of cloud computing and e-commerce  is propelling companies

Chief Executive Officer – CEO

Dato’ Westin Chew,. DIMP., AMK., PJK., MBA 

Dato Westin Chew graduated with MBA from Anglia Ruskin. Dato has more than 20 years of vast experience in strategic planning and market establishment. Dato embarked on his entrepreneurship journey with the establishment of GOLDEN PENCIL at young age. Dato has successfully developed his CBAS and DEA strategies, which is proven effective, massively adopted and overwhelmed by his clients.  Dato has been collaborating with MNC and international brands such as McDonald, Ministry of Agriculture, Samsung, Nokia, Singapore Tourism, Setia, Pavilion Damansara, Hermes, Breitling, Genting Malaysia, and many more in brand advertising. In 2017, Dato has initiated the SMEGO plan with the commitment to provide sustainable business ecosystem for business owner. Dato is fully committed to the core business of SMEGO, and will lead the company to success.  

He is also awarded Young CEO in 2017, SME Platinum Award, SinChew Award, Asia Most Impactful rising star award, The Bizz Award, APAC Award, brand Digitalize Award, and others. 

Chief Development Officer

Dato’ Ethan Chew , DIMP., DSM., PHD Scholar.,
Dato Ethan acquires strong business acumen and commercial edge in driving corporate goals and objectives both long term and short term.  Dato has proven record in driving international sales for Global listed companies such as Navitas, SCAD, Raffles and many more via usage of SALESFORCE CRM & LMA operation management. With his international exposure, he has established strong networks within North Asia & Greater Asia. Dato will be overseeing SMEGO business revenue and sales operation both domestic and Asia markets, to drive and achieve the 5 years projected revenue and exponential growth..   CEO of Golden Pencil Limited (HK) Life Member of Branding Association Malaysia

Selected as Jury for Hongkong Court - Hong Kong’s judicial system

CEO of Golden Pencil Limited HK

Life Member of Branding Association Malaysia

Member of JCI Lantau Island Hong Kong

Member of Association of Malaysia Hong Kong

Member of federation of HK business Association Worldwide

Chief Technology Officer

Nicholas Tay

Nicholas is the expert in apps technology development, he owned Artisan IT Solution, an Apps technology company and digital solution provider. He has been working with renowned company such as Axiata Celcom, Enjoytv and had successfully deploying multiple customized Apps into the market inclusive of  We4share, Delivery Apps &  Vzoid Apps  Nicholas is the SMEGO Apps developer who overseas entire apps development and shall continuously enhance and advance the SMEGO 2.0 & 3.0.  

Chief Marketing officer

Alice Lau., MBA

Alice is a private beauty brand maverick, leveraging her unprecedented breadth of industry experience to transform unknown and burgeoning brands into market leaders. After a successful career working in-house for global powerhouses like Watson, Aeon, Sasa, Giant and Guardian Pharmaceuticals and indie brands alike, eager to share her talents for Digital technology industry


Jackson Lim. Bachelor Degree Jackson

has more than 13 years of experience in the field of accounting, auditing, taxation and corporate advisory. His services involved with various industries in Malaysia, Singapore and People Republic of China. He  worked in large cooperation KPMG, VKA Group, L & L & GOL . He is also a member of Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia. Jackson currently is assiting in the major SMEGO Financial roadmap.













Ownership of SMEGO, including all IP rights vests in Golden Pencil Sdn Bhd. Gemilang Media Utama works closely with Golden Pencil Sdn Bhd as the dedicated brand and marketing arm to promote the entire branding and the ECF campaign establishment

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We made it to 20 top Alibaba Create Global Start Up contest

about 16 hours ago by Dato' Westin Chew



2 days ago by Dato' Westin Chew


SMESGO has been selected as top 50 finalist in Alibaba Create 2021

7 days ago by Dato' Westin Chew


MOA with Pingo collaboration

10 days ago by Dato' Westin Chew

SMEGO had sign a MOA on 14th September with Pingo Shopping to collaborate that enable all SMEGO merchant to sell product to China and SMEGO as PINGO backend system provider for PINGO merchant.


SMEGo at Minitry of communication

16 days ago by Dato' Westin Chew


We are on Tiger's lair

30 days ago by Dato' Westin Chew

SMEGO  has been selected to be on Tiger's Lair  for August Month 


Thank you to our early investor for trusting us, Looking forward on the great development ahead

about 2 months ago by Dato' Westin Chew


1st Sharing in Pitchin thursday

about 2 months ago by Dato' Westin Chew

It's pitchIN Thursday and this time around, you will get to hear the Founders from SMEGO to share their Investment Offer. This is SMEGO's first public sharing of their Investment Offer. They are currently Pre-Live. Catch the session via Zoom at https://swiy.io/pithurs5aug or via pitchIN's Facebook Page at 8.30 PM on August 5

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Welcoming our New Southern Reseller and Marketing partner

about 2 months ago by Dato' Westin Chew

We are honored to welcome  SMEGO new onboarding southern Reseller and marketing partner.  Sinhome Sdn Bhd from Hascott group has been a strong marketing company in Johor with numerous clients and vast knowledgeable talent, Sinhome will take on the task to market, promote, and as a reseller partner for SMEGO. This has been a great milestone to partner with the Hascott Group of companies in embarking on our journey to IPO.


Let's hear directly from our CEO, Dato' Westin Chew in Facebook

about 2 months ago by Dato' Westin Chew

SMEGO now in Equity Crowd Funding, lets Find out more about SMEGO.

Let's hear directly from our CEO, Dato' Westin Chew,  



Notification: Early bird phase

Enjoy EXTRA SHARES when you invest during the early bird phase.

Jom Invest in SMEGO now: https://equity.pitchin.my/.../gemilang-media-utama-sdn-bhd

For more information please contact us at [email protected] / www.smego.my or call us at 010-363 1133

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Technology, the most invested in 1st quarter of 2021, by Bursa Malaysia

about 2 months ago by Dato' Westin Chew

A published by TheStar, Bursa Malaysia has announced the first half 2021 most invested industry which is Technology.

Invest in SMEGO a Mobile technology AI enhance apps


GKASH is officially with SMEGO

about 2 months ago by Dato' Westin Chew

Recently we are proud to introduce our new payment gateway partner and Reseller for SMEGO. 


Pre- live Start now

about 2 months ago by Dato' Westin Chew

We are extremely proud to officiate the kick-off on our ECF funding and bring this to all business owners.  SMEGO is a Mobile phone POS system, ALL-in-one business solution which allows the business owner to run offline and online simultaneously. SMEGO POS system is Auto-Sync to E-store ( E-Commerce Catalogue) that allow business owner manage single entry under POS system. SMEGO is suitable for traders, hawkers, buy and sell, home business, services industry, f & b, and many more. SMEGO is powered by AI enhancement. SMEGO is inspired to be the next UNICORN company from Malaysia. 

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