Everyone Deserves A Better Cup Of Coffee



  • Ghostbird believes in the principles of "Everyone deserves a better cup of coffee" and is now one of the leading one-stop roastery providers in Malaysia. Our capabilities range from wholesale, Roastery, and training & education.   
  • We have access to more green beans and equipment from manufacturers around the world. And as for Roastery, we utilize the concept of a shared kitchen facility and co-working space for cafe owner or home roaster to access to roast from small to large batches easily.  
  • Through years of operation and serving the coffee community, we have successfully built our reputation and trust. We understand the importance of the supply chain, and as such, we are one of the leading players in Malaysia's coffee supply chain.
  • We have a consistent order of 2,000 kg beans every month with sales surpassing RM1mil in the first 3 quarter of 2020. Our business grew despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Ghostbird Coffee 2020Q3 sales (July – September 2020) have increased by 39% compared to 2020Q2, when most Malaysia business activities were adversely impacted by the movement control order.     
  • We currently have 86 wholesale clients that regularly purchase from us, mainly across Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, and Penang. Besides, our web store is intensely engaged with the B2C segment, generating approximately 150 pack beans orders in a month.
  • In Southeast Asia, revenue in the Roast Coffee segment amounts to US$12,112.8m in 2020. The market has expected to grow annually by 12.0% (CAGR 2020-2025) in the next five years. Where else in Asia as a whole, we are looking at revenue amounts to US$39,479.5m in 2020 and expected to grow annually by 10.5% (CAGR 2020-2025).
  • The demand for our roastery service is definitely to grow. We can see the new brewing and buying trends have emerged in recent pandemic months from the web store B2C traffic. Customers are willing to pay a roaster and receive freshly roasted coffee, and the information and the narrative we provide.
  • Our highly scalable business models supported the business growth, diversified service offerings that serve to broaden our appeal, and an accomplished management team of business led by Thomas Ooi, Founder & Managing Director of Ghostbird Coffee Roastery. He has a professional qualification in barista skills and roasting, six years of experience in the Food & Beverage Industry, and managing 6 Cafes in Kuala Lumpur.



What keeps businesses from expanding?

Difficulties with Sourcing. Today's coffee connoisseurs face several challenges, including limited access to quality green beans, dissatisfaction with mainstream products in the market, and taste inconsistency from being at the supplier's mercy. Even if they wish to import, hassles that one might face could reduce the quantity to bear, the affordable price to pay, and many more. Many existing café operators are still struggling to find partners that can craft their ideal coffee profiles and create an exclusive blend for their customers.

Difficulties with Private Labeling. Coffee operators should not underestimate the power of options and additions. Coffee consumers are starting to be more mature, and their demand for specialty coffee has increased over the year. Private Label allows the café and brand to be different; it is a point of distinction and a statement about the operator's coffee and integrity. A properly executed private label program can dominate the market. But sadly, most green bean traders focus heavily on bringing in commercial-grade instead of specialty. If the operator wants to import their preference, they might not be able to buy in bulk due to both storage and cash flow. Thus, it will be difficult for medium small-scale operators to obtain the right beans to work on the specific roast. The project identity and characteristics speak about brand and quality.

Baristas’ Consistency. There are various factors for making coffee as a barista that needs to be accountable for, such as grinder adjustment, grind weighing, distribution, tamping, extraction, frothing of the milk, and pouring/ serving coffee. No one barista is the same in any of these aspects, but training baristas together allows all of them to come and collaborate, share, and learn. Training is an essential tool to maintain consistency between baristas. They are one of the keys to the café business's success as they produce coffee for customers. Although there are various types of baristas within the industry, training needs to focus on developing consistency amongst baristas to ensure that no matter who makes the coffee, customers are satisfied with their coffee made by any barista on shift.

Beans’ Freshness. Coffee does not have an infinite shelf life, no matter how good the beans look or how faintly they still smell. The second those little pockets of deliciousness leave the roaster; they begin to lose flavor. It is vital to have consistency. Remember, coffee is all about personal taste. Roasting is a demanding process that requires consistent heat applied throughout the roast time. But sometimes, the quality of your roast is out of your control. And if you are getting coffee from the grocery store, there is a good chance that you are not always getting the same quality of beans. Do not be surprised that certain brands found their protein and sugar content wildly inconsistent across brands and roasts.


Everyone Deserve A Cup of Good Coffee

Ghostbird Coffee strives to make good coffee accessible to everyone. In 2015, our founder decided to bring our passion and share our love for coffee to fellow Malaysian. We are currently operating in house roasting machine and packaging line with an annual capacity of 26 tons to meet our local clients' demands. At Ghostbird, we are fanatical when it comes to quality and traceability.

Our services include:

Wholesale and Training Academy. When you buy bulk coffee beans, make sure that you choose a supplier with plenty of industry experience. It means that you'll get access to the best coffee beans possible, as you'll be able to benefit from the relationships the supplier has formed with farmers over the years. You’ll also enjoy a higher level of customer service. At Ghostbird, we have access to more green beans from around the world. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the absolute freshest and highest quality beans you can buy. We do not roast to stock as we want our customers to receive fresh coffee and local roasting guarantee freshness. Currently, we are supplying a variety of blend and single origins to 86 wholesale clients nationwide. As a matter of value-added service, we provide training and education to baristas from our existing clients. Our wholesale director Michael Tan led the program, an award-winning people’s barista in the coffee community. Barista is one of the keys to the café business's success as they produce coffee for customers. Right after the barista trained with serving skills and professionalism, their performance behind the bar is different. They will be much more confident to share the coffee knowledge with customers. They will be much more willing to educate your customers as well. It elevates the customer's experience.

Private Label for Brands. According to firm Nielsen, personalize coffee products, including many specialty coffee businesses, continued to gain market share according to data information and measurement. Helping clients stand out in the market by offering a comprehensive product range is essential and can help attract more clients and a more significant customer pool. It could mean offering specialty roast and ground beans. At Ghostbird, we help craft your ideal balanced coffee profiles and create an exclusive blend for the out-of-home market. You get to choose your beans with a customized combination, taste the coffee through cupping and observing the flavor, assign a personal name, pack in bags with your design, and we deliver to your doorstep. Café and operators pursue this option benefit from scaling their businesses up and offering new products to customers. It is as simple as they buy it, make it their own, sell or distribute the beans under the Label they have created, and take ownership of that product with their branding.   

Webstore. Ghostbird Coffee web store is directly targeting consumers with freshly roasted coffee beans. We categorized coffee into organically grown coffees, blends, single origins, and seasonal coffees and packed them into different sizes and weights to order them easily online. We also offer many different grind styles for its coffee beans and spelled on its ordering page. The fact is that the online store allows us to put our products for sale anywhere in the country. Having an eCommerce store can broaden the range of products for marketing and branding, expand our business, bring more custom, and diversify sales. It's the ideal way to take the Ghostbird brand from a traditional brick & mortar store to an innovative well-loved one.

Vending Machine Providing Convenience and Access. The vending machine business is a new business expansion under our existing products’ pipeline. The ultimate intention is to increase the accessibility to coffee lovers who would like to restock their preferred beans at high traffic areas. Apart from the web store, we can extend our business beyond geographic boundaries and capture the best business opportunities available. The best part is regardless of time or distance, our beans supply never concludes. We believe that more people can purchase their favorite beans at more convenient places by setting up vending machines. The vending machine will provide an in-depth understanding of the market and its demands by capturing every customer's buying pattern that comes in contact. This information will benefit our team as an implication and cross-reference to the wholesale and web store.


Steady Customer Retention

Customer acquisition is costly. It can cost up to 5 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing customer. Our retention strategy is how we maximize the profitability of each customer. It enables us to both provide and extract more value from our existing customer base. Throughout our 5 years in business, our wholesale client base has increased by multiple folds, with just four as a start and currently 86 nationwide, namely Bean Shipper, Bookmark Coffee, Coffee Ritual, GoodBlue Man, The Coffee Holic, and more. Simultaneously, we actively generate more brand exposure and marketing traffic through the Ghostbird web store, producing approximately 150 B2C coffee beans order every month.

Resilience in the Face of Crises

Sustainable growth is among the most significant challenges any business leader faces, but it is not a new problem. Our strong fundamentals enabled us to survive the ongoing pandemic unscathed. To achieve sustainable success, we repeatedly reexamine the sense of purpose and make sure the team serves it well. We managed to redirect our focus and choose our target audience for online platform traffic to maximize exposure and sales. We stay connected with the public, making our audience feel an emotional attachment to our brand grounded in confidence in our products.

Consistent Growth

Our revenue has very consistent growing since 2018 and shows no sign of slowing down even in the middle of the pandemic. We expect to keep growing in the next 5 years, boosted by prior investments in equipment and human resources that will enable us to offer more high-value products and services.


Wholesale Roastery is the way.

Quality Control. The coffee bean's quality is the most important of all factors if you buy "good" coffee. We fresh roast wholesale coffee order then package it with your chosen custom private label packaging. Your gourmet specialty coffee has customized to your business!  The best part is quality under control. It is as simple as they buy it, make it their own, sell or distribute the product under the Label they have created, and take ownership of that product with their branding. Wholesales service also offers customers the flexibility to expand or otherwise change the beans selections of their preference at any time without significant consequences.

Strengthen Your Base. It's a lesson we learn repeatedly. Those that invest in protect and strengthen their base, core business, and functions thrive over time. With the significant factor taken care of, café owners and teams can focus on the core business and individual goal, growing their business by improving their core services to meet customer expectations. Freed from having to worry whether the coffee beans are fresh and good day-to-day, they can devote all their time and intellectual resources to success.

New Market with Less Risk. Expanding your business to a new territory comes with a series of associated costs like warehousing and logistics or starting from scratch marketing to a population that has not heard of you. Finding another experienced partner with an existing presence and supply chain in a new market can reduce the risk of expansion by lowering costs. Besides, with wholesale, you can create only products you have orders for, eliminating the need to carry lots of inventory.  Ultimately, a wholesale business model benefits both the retailer and the wholesaler by creating efficiencies.

Improve Opportunity. Plain and simple, more capital means more opportunities for your company to do business with other resellers who need your products and services. So not only will you be able to attend to your current clients more efficiently, but you'll also be able to attain more prominent and more profitable projects wholeheartedly.  With Ghostbird wholesale behind your back, you can take your chances when they come along like any other business.


Diversified Clients with Low-Risk Exposure

The obvious benefits of diversification include increased sales and revenue. As one of Malaysia's top roastery providers, we have mapped out our business model to serve a diverse client base. Diversification is a growth strategy that involves adding products, services, and markets to our core business. In other words, putting our business eggs in many baskets is one way to minimize risk. We have wholesale, Private Label, and grinder machine leasing that focuses on the B2B segment, web store, and vending machine that prioritize B2C end-users' market.  The profound business arrangement will give us a good view of acquiring a new business, adding a new market segment, or even selling new products or services.


Disintermediation is changing business models. The opportunity is to deliver a product or service to a consumer with higher perceived value than an incumbent’s by changing the fundamental way it is delivered. We genuinely understand the hassle of getting to source the right beans, roast the ideal characteristic, and more.  With the broad access to green beans worldwide, we come to stand in the gap to ease all our clients. We import the popular premium beans and customize in the roast, with private label facilities that give their branding great push. We cut the intermediation culture apart, which will add a margin to the product or service. Hence, the final cost can have several layers of profits and costs associated with the value chain. We perceived this act as a value-added to the market to reduce costs and often get everything started.

Product Personalization 

Among the latest trends is a growing interest in customization, a response to customers increasingly wanting new ways to feel special. Private Labelling allows the operators to control many factors such as sales, marketing, and even pricing. They can personalize the coffee by lending it some unique characteristics to their brand; they can do it in a lot less time than would have developed the coffee from scratch. Ghostbird can adapt to the modern marketplace, which has become optimized to the point where cafes and operators are continually seeking out new ways to stand out from the crowd, and offering custom products is an easy, profitable way to do that. Having personalized coffee beans allows you to add significant value to the product and the customer's preferences. It has an enormous psychological effect in that it creates a personal connection between the customer and the coffee, and, by extension, between the customer and your business.


One of the trends making a wave in the coffee world today is specialty coffee. To thrive in this wave, an understanding of the dynamics of coffee and the distinct characteristics of coffee beans from different parts of the world is crucial. Having a profound experience and knowledge of coffee helps a coffee outlet create unique blends and signature drinks.

Coffee Demand is Rising. According to a new report published by Million Insights, the global Coffee Beans Market size has projected to reach USD 42.5 billion by 2025. The market has swelled to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% over the forecast duration. The increasing consumption of coffee due to its health benefits and the rise in these cafes and coffee outlets in emerging countries in Asia drives the market growth. The demand for coffee is rising among consumers of different age groups, especially youngsters, which, in turn, supplementing the coffee bean market growth.

The Growth of Coffee Industry in Malaysia. The number of cafés and specialty coffee outlets has been growing in the country. The average Malaysian is said to consume 2.5 cups of coffee per day. The coffee trend is an ever-changing space that allows passionate specialty coffee industry professionals to keep innovating new coffee experiences for the consumer market. Besides, drinking coffee is no longer just for a caffeine hit; it has become a lifestyle. More than ever, consumers in Malaysia enjoy drinking coffee. There is also a growing trend towards the consumption of artisanal and premium coffee products. We see the foodservice industry shifts from fresh ground coffee to beans.


Nationwide Coffee scene is adversely affected by below,

Covid-19 Pandemic. We see a once-in-a-century behavioral shift as people self-quarantine, work from home, and look after children who are now home-schooled. More people cook at home, and we have become paranoid about where and how we get our food. One thing is for sure, food trends and eating habits will never be the same again. If cafes were to stick to their usual operational system, chances of survival would be low. For Ghostbird, we mobilize our customer retention strategy by focusing primarily on web stores and wholesale businesses. On top of sales, both marketing and branding exposure is precisely covered, and that would be one way to amid the pandemic, one of the best ways to stay still engaged, drive business, and remain viable. Even our customers are well cared for by still having regular roast beans supply to serve their customers.

Rampant Wholesale Supply. Whether you are an established café operator looking to expand your business or an entrepreneur just starting, using a wholesale with a private Label to create your brand is an effective way to increase revenue and build a customer base. And, we have witnessed the increase in the roastery supply scene in Malaysia. One of the essential elements that make Ghostbird stand tall among others is that we are an ordinary Roastery, but we sell solutions. We supply everything you need about coffee and roasted beans. We cover from wholesale service, roast of premium beans with private branding, barista education and training, grinder machine leasing, and the vending machine promotes coffee beans' accessibility to coffee lovers. We got your back!



We seek RM 2.5 million in funding used for:

Business Development (50%). We want to invest a portion of business development funding to increase revenues, business expansion, profitability by building strategic partnerships, and making strategic business decisions. Selling your existing products or services to a new market will require time and investment, but you will see a significant increase in profit in return. The expansion will ease our business to handle supply and demand; it will also allow us to expand the customer base in certain cities that we are yet prominent.

Facility expansion (30%). Facility expansion is essential for Ghostbird. It will allow us to increase your resources and stock, generate more sales and profits, reach new customers or markets, and put more money back into our core business. When production output increased, we can bring down costs per unit and achieve savings across "purchasing" by getting discounts for buying in bulk, "marketing" by spreading the cost of promotion over more extensive sales, and overheads by spreading the staff or administrative costs across a greater output.

Co – Roasting Platform (20%). In co – roasting platform, our focus will be on training and development for baristas. It is important to train as a group to ensure that all baristas know the coffee parameters and keep up the required standards; the quality or condition will be consistent. Ideal class sizes and the equipment to student ratio are critical. A training facility offering each student an individual workstation will offer more practical training than a facility with one espresso machine and two grinders between 10 students. Thus, we would like to allocate a portion of funding to create a better roasting platform to serve our clients as a value-added advantage.  



Everyone deserves a better cup of coffee.

  • Ghostbird aims to provide a welcoming and authentic coffee experience through the process, which involves five senses.
  • From taste buds with elegance fragrance, aroma, and mouthfeel of the coffee, to the silky visual latte art seen pouring down the cuppa, the beautiful sound of milk steaming & coffee brewing, a coffee experience at its finest that we redefined of it.
  • Perform assigned business functions using skilled, professionally trained staff.



Mr. Thomas Ooi, Founder and Managing Director. Thomas is the Founder & Managing Director of Owls Group & Ghostbird Coffee Roastery with professional barista skills and roasting skills. He has six years of experience in the Food and Beverage industry and currently managing seven cafes (Owl Café) and one Roastery in Kuala Lumpur.

Led by Accomplished Business Veterans 

Mr. Michael Tan, Wholesale Director. Michael is an award-winning people's barista in the coffee community. He has professional qualifications in barista skills. As a regular coach in the Barista Competition, he has twelve years of Food and Beverage industry experience.

Ms. Jamie Chin, Head Roaster. Jamie is the head roaster with Ghostbird; she has six years of experience in coffee roasting.  On top of professional qualification in barista skills and roasting, she has an established background in management and business acquiring expertise.

Mr. Raikk Chan, Business Expansion Strategist. Last but not least, Raikk Chan, who grew multiple businesses internationally, is assisting Ghostbird on the business strategy and market expansion. Raikk Chan is a serial entrepreneur who exited his jewelry platform startup. He is also a partner at ZB Capital (HK), a regional private equity firm.

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