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Gini Technologies is an MSC Status IT company incubated by The Hangout Malaysia (a Khazanah Funded Lab).  The company has been reported in various press releases, namely for SmartCity - Virtual Iskandar, a project with Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA). It was officially unveiled at the World Urban Forum 2018, a United Nation Forum held in Malaysia. Our IT arm (https://immersive-vr.com/) also worked together with various corporations such as UEM Sunrise, Sunway, Forest City Country Garden, and more.

Our latest vertical is in Edtech with an emphasis on O2O (online to offline) model, featuring Edugini (E-Tuition • Home-schooling), an online learning website for primary and secondary school students and Kiduation (Smart Daycare • Tuition Centre). We established our educational system and learning content together with senior educators with more than 40 years of combined teaching experience.

Our online learning portal offers a wide variety of courses and classes as listed below:

  • Mass learning online class (Local/International Syllabus)
  • Pre-recorded and live interactive class at Smart Centre
  • 1-to-1 homework guidance
  • Online Hobby Classes (music, vocal/singing, create arts, dance, languages)
  • Specialty Class (entrance exam preparation and Crash Course)
  • Knowledge Hub with FAQ & past year questions and answers

Knowledge is limitless, learn wherever and whenever with Gini!



We sought to find the main education problems faced by modern parents. The common concerns raised by parents are that they do not have enough time to guide their children with studies, especially if they have full-time jobs. For non-working parents, they are worried that they are not qualified enough to provide proper guidance for their children. Moreover, plenty of parents complain that it is hard to get their children to complete their homework, study for their exams and concentrate during online classes. Parents also do not know where to send their children after school to get professional guidance, as it is hard to get a good student daycare and tuition centre that provides these services.



When there are problems and worries, there are business opportunities. With our latest vertical, we are launching an O2O model, directly addressing parent’s worries.


Kiduation (Daycare • Tuition Centre)

Kiduation is a student daycare and tuition centre designed for student’s learning comfort while addressing the educational concerns of modern parents. We are ready to provide a technology-enhanced learning platform and a conducive learning environment to maximize children’s learning efficiency with optimum results.

Edugini (E-Tuition • Home-schooling)

Edugini is a smart learning platform (LMS) that has comprehensive coverage on the latest local education syllabus, international education syllabus and non-academic hobby class.



The upcoming projects are Kiduation Daycare and Tuition Centre as well as Edugini Online Learning Platform with academic and hobby classes.

Our physical Kiduation Daycare • Tuition Centre will be providing a series of educational related services under the guidance of a group of experienced senior educators and leverage their network of ≥ 600 qualified teachers. Our Team have the experience and expertise to customise learning material (adhering to the latest syllabus) and design appropriate education strategies to ensure our students can learn in a conducive environment.

What to Expect in the Age of COVID-19

Kiduation formed a Cleanliness Council for all COVID-19 response & policies to help alleviate the risk of COVID-19 transmission through person-to-person contact. Students and our teachers’ safety and health is our main concern.



Future Activities

Other than opening more Kiduation Daycare • Tuition Centre in different neighbourhoods and townships by 2023. We will also be expanding our courses to secondary school syllabus (after our initial batch of students have graduated) to ensure a seamless transition for students upon entering their secondary education stage. This will further increase the customer lifetime value to the company.

Other than live tuition and interactive learning classes, Edugini (E-Tuition • Home-schooling) is also planning to have various educational content like local and international syllabus, entrance exam preparation classes, crash courses and boot camps, hobby classes and more. Moving on, as the COVID-19 had greatly exposed the students and parents to Digital Learning and achieved sufficient market awareness, we will be launching our pilot home school program by the end of 2022.



Our initial target for our first branch is to have: -

  • 150 students for students daycare;
  • 300 students for tuition classes; and
  • 100 students for holiday interest class.

Currently, we have 116 Zoom tuition students (from surrounding schools). Most of our exiting students will convert into offline class students after MCO, which means we have achieved nearly 40% of our initial target. We will only need to recruit 30 students from each Year (1-6) to hit our initial target of 300 students.

We are surrounded by THREE (3) primary schools with more than 6,000 students. For student care, to achieve 150 students, we are only looking for 25 students from each Year (1-6).

And for our holiday classes, we are only targeting 20% of existing students to attend the Holiday Hobby Class.

Our target by the end of 2022, is to expand our business to 4 different neighbourhoods. By achieving that (every branch achieved target amount of students), our estimated revenue will be 7 digits.

We projected our annual recurring revenue (Kiduation + Edugini) to hit 8 figures by 2023 with more than 50% of gross profit margin.



In our previous project, we have worked with various corporations such as UEM Sunrise, Sunway, Forest City Country Garden, and more.

Our target customer for the Edtech projects are parents with children who are currently attending primary and secondary school (age 7-18).



We are working on an O2O Education model which includes an offline daycare and tuition centre and an online learning platform with live tuition classes and online homeschooling. For more details about the services we are providing, please refer to the product and services tab.

Our main revenue stream for the upcoming projects is from Kiduation (Daycare • Tuition Centre) and Edugini (E-Tuition • Home-schooling)

Our Secret Sauce

We are differentiating ourselves from conventional student daycare and tuition centre. We are ready to provide premium quality service at affordable prices.



While we discover the problem faced by modern parents, we found great market opportunity around.

By looking at the current market, we found that it has been a norm for parents in Malaysia to send their children to go for extra learning after their school or during the weekend. Hence, the market size for our target audience is wide.

Digital learning has been in the market for quite a while. Especially during Movement Control Order (MCO) due to Covid-19 in 2020, the school are forced to digitalise and provide online class and e-learning and even online examination. Students nowadays are more familiarise with digital learning in which this is also a great opportunity for e-schooling and digital learning.

In term of overall market growth, it has been a positive outlook since years ago. Therefore, we are confident that our chosen market and business will achieve substantial growth in coming years.



Kiduation (Daycare • Tuition Centre) and Edugini (E-Tuition • Home-schooling) will be covering a wide range of subjects from educational to hobby classes. In both Kiduation and Edugini, we will leverage our teaching strategies with the latest technology. Both online and offline platform will constantly collaborate and support each other to produce the best result.



Our target amount is raising RM3,200,000 in exchange for  14.75% of ordinary share to fund the growth of the company.

We will allocate our fund accordingly to drive our growth in the next 12 months.



We aim to

  • Address and assist in solving current education problems and issues
  • Digitalise and provide comprehensive educational coverage to every student, both online and offline at an affordable price


  • Graduate of The Hangout Malaysia Incubator funded by Khazanah 2017 (Equity Free Incubator)
  • Mr Charles Thomas (Angel Investor, Equity Free Grant)



Lim Wei Jie (Founder)




Charles Thomas

  • Emeritus CEO of The Hangout Malaysia, a start-up incubator funded by Khazanah National Berhad.
  • An innovations builder, angel investor and mentor for the global startup ecosystem.
  • With 30 years of experience in skunkworks divisions and inner sanctum think-tanks for a various technology project.


Loo Chee Ching

A senior educator with 13 years of teaching experience in a local primary school. Part-time tuition teacher specializes in Malay Language and Mathematics with roughly 80 students.


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