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Developed by the same team that founded Score Sports Management Sdn Bhd, Heyjom was established in 2016, initially, as an online registration platform to support Score’s stable of events. It would evolve into a mass-participation registration portal catering the sports & fitness event industry. HeyJom v1.0 allowed organizers and event owners to list events, and participants to register and participate.

In the coming months, HeyJom will be expanded into a comprehensive health & fitness lifestyle platform where fitness enthusiasts can have access to events, products and services by event owners, brands and businesses. With HeyJom, users can track their participation and their performance, and get rewarded along the way.


The sports and fitness event industry is supported by event registration platforms. While these platforms can competently offer fitness enthusiasts the service of registering for events, most don’t serve the user beyond that.

A typical participant in sports and fitness events desires to look better, feel better, and get better at their chosen sport. This is a need that isn’t currently being fulfilled by most event registration platforms. HeyJom aspires to be a part of the fitness enthusiast’s fitness journey, and provide them the events, products, services, tools and data to help support that journey.


An ecosystem that connects Fitness Enthusiasts, Event Organisers and Brand Owners, HeyJom delivers sports and fitness events, products and services via a mobile app. With HeyJom, fitness enthusiasts can:

  • Register and join events
  • Earn NFT medals for selected events
  • Buy, trade and sell event tickets, products and services
  • Track participation and progress
  • Earn rewards


HeyJom is built to offer a holistic health & fitness lifestyle experience, not just for fitness enthusiasts but also for sports & fitness event owners, and fitness brands & businesses. The product is a comprehensive fitness lifestyle app that allows users to join events, buy sports and fitness-related products and services, track their participation and performance, and earn rewards.

This is supported by a host of solutions that cater to the entire ecosystem of Fitness Enthusiasts, Event Organisers and Brands.



HeyJom was launched in 2016, primarily as a sports and fitness event registration platform. To date, it has accumulated a database of 110,000 users, with the last one year enjoying its most aggressive growth of over 30,000 new users. HeyJom’s users are predominantly fitness enthusiasts between the ages of 26 – 45, with only a slight skew towards males.



HeyJom has hosted the registrations of some of the most popular fitness event in Malaysia including Score Marathon, Reebok One Live, Fit Malaysia, Sun Life Resolution Run, Sunway the Good Run, Skechers Friendship Walk and more. Additionally, it has had many successful collaborations with brands like Union Pay, Gatorade, Red Bull, New Balance, Brooks, Garmin, etc.


HeyJom introduced Malaysians to virtual races in 2017 having organized over 20 such races. With its experience in this space, HeyJom pivoted into Virtual Events in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Kicking off with the Score Stay Home & Run 5K Challenge in May 2020, it would be the first virtual event in Malaysia during the lockdowns. HeyJom has since organised and hosted many other virtual events including runs, rides and its latest virtual event, the Jump For Malaysia jump rope challenge.


HeyJom has enjoyed a steady growth since its inception. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, virtual events and sales of apparels has allowed HeyJom to bounce back. As it stands, HeyJom is on track to meet its 2021 forecast.


HeyJom’s primary customers are its users, the Fitness Enthusiasts who sign up to join events and buy apparels and merchandise. HeyJom also serves Event Organisers who are on the platform to list their events, and Brand Owners who want to tap on the HeyJom community to sell products and services.


HeyJom’s business comprises of 4 revenue streams. These include:

  1. Transaction Fees from users for event registrations
  2. Advertising & Promo from event owners and brands for setup, listing support, designs, ad buys and commissions
  3. Apparel & Merchandise from sales to users, and supply to event owners and brands.
  4. Marketplace Commissions from sales transacted on HeyJom


HeyJom has an addressable and rapidly growing market of fitness enthusiasts in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia.  The Global Wellness Institute valued the Southeast Asia Physical Activity Economy at USD 12.9 billion, while Malaysia stands at USD 2.04 billion in 2018.

HeyJom anticipates a steady growth of event participation, both virtual and on-ground when lockdowns ease and vaccinations increase. This will also see a corresponding growth in the consumption of sports and fitness products and services.


Being primarily a platform for sports and fitness event registration, HeyJom stacks itself against competitors who are predominantly other platforms for event registrations. These come in 3 main categories:

  1. General Event Registration Platforms
  2. Sports & Fitness Event Registration Platforms
  3. Virtual Fitness Event Platforms

HeyJom operates in the niche of sports & fitness, delivering both physical and virtual events. HeyJom’s competitive edge is the holistic offering that lets it deliver a fitness lifestyle beyond merely event participation.


HeyJom seeks to raise up to RM2,000,000 offering equity of 17.39% in Irredeemable Convertible Preferential Shares. Funds will be used in the development of the mobile app, marketing, working capital and strategic acquisitions.


HeyJom’s vision is One Person, One Sport. An ideal world in its vision is a better and fitter world, where every person is engaged in at least one sporting activity. HeyJom’s mission is to inspire an active and healthy lifestyle by making fitness-related events, products and services easily accessible to all.


HeyJom has secured an anchor investor from Fidelity Funding to lead this equity crowdfunding round. Fidelity Funding (a subsidiary of Eatcosys, an integrated retail and financial technology group) is led by Tham Lih Chung, a renowned serial entrepreneur. Fidelity is unique in that it is a fund that looks out for high potential startups, technology platforms & early-stage businesses.


HeyJom is founded by a team of fitness enthusiasts who are also the founders of Score Sports Management, a sports and fitness event specialist who own and manage the Score Marathon, and are the organizers for some of Malaysia’s leading fitness events including the Fit Malaysia Program.

Patricia Tan | Chief Executive Officer & Founder

A seasoned entrepreneur and an accomplished marketer, Patricia started her entrepreneurship journey when she founded Azalea, an ad agency, in 2000. In 2013, she established Score Sports Management, an award winning sports and fitness event management company that organized Malaysia’s first sports & fitness expo. Pat is an avid runner and a fitness freak. With her affinity for fitness and business, Pat is the driving force behind HeyJom.

James Tan | Chief Strategy Officer & Founder

Hailing from a creative background, James founded Mantra Communications in 1998, an award winning integrated brand communication agency. Together with Patricia, he founded Score Sports Management and conceptualized events such as the Score Marathon, Score FitMob, Cupid Run, Amazonian Race, Score Warzone, and Score Virtual Race. James’ brings his experience with consumer behaviour and digital technology towards the development of HeyJom.

Lok Foong Peng | Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder

Part of the management team in Score, Foong Peng undertakes the Score’s apparel and merchandise business developing the product line and managing the online retail. She manages the procurement, and production of merchandise and entitlements for client events. At HeyJom she brings her online retail experience to add value to users.


HeyJom’s advisory board comprises of prominent players in the tech sector.

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