Iconix Skills Academy Sdn Bhd (ICSA) is an industry leader in the training and education sector for the corporate. ICSA was started in 2016, and from there the industry stalwart has grown from its humble beginnings of a small company to donning multiple feathers on its hat as it is now.

Iconix Skills Academy Sdn Bhd provides training and education on skill-based training programmes to education consultancy. Apart from that, the company also provides human capital development training for companies to help them grow, employ and maximize skills of their employees.

ICSA also works with institutions of higher learning (IHL), private companies and government agencies to help cultivate young talents and prepare them for the competitive industry. Apart from that, ICSA also specialize in the provision of professionals and training services focusing on human capital development, particularly in the highly-specialized field of  Fiber Optic Installation and Maintenance, Wireless Broadband Installation, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Whole Process, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in Machine Operation and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in Pilot Bore Operation.


Despite being an industry pioneer in many areas, ICSA faces a number of issues.

One of them is lack of demand and supply information on the labor market. This is an issue because without such information, it is not easy to research and discover new solutions for existing problems.

Second problem is the lack of focused facilities and equipment for such training and education to occur. Despite ICSA housing various cutting-edge technologies for training purposes, the industry has a void when it comes to training. This is the space ICSA is trying to fill.


  1. Creating a smart platform for demand and supply
    • ICSA is going to create a smart platform for gathering the information on demand of skilled workers from the industry and also promote the availability of our apprentices in real time. This will serve as a bridge to strengthen the employability of new and our existing apprentices nationwide.
  2. Implementation of new cutting-edge technologies and blended learning
    • ICSA is working closely with industry partners to acquire new cutting-edge technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) for HDD & 5G training, Smart Internet of Things (IoT) for connectivity training, latest equipment and facilities extension for our existing and new programmes. This will ensure that our apprentices are well prepared for the existing and new skills demand from the industry.

ICSA provides training and education consultancy to skill-based workers, particularly to those in the telecommunication and civil engineering industry.

We specialize in the provision of professionals and training services focusing on human capital development. Our highly qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) offer their expertise in the areas of:

  1. Fiber Optic Installation and Maintenance
  2. Wireless Broadband Installation
  3. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Whole Process
  4. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in Machine Operation
  5. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in Pilot Bore Operation

Apart from that, we also provide, venue, facilities, as well as technologies for company training. We also work with institutions of higher learning (IHL), private companies and government agencies to provide a safe passage for workers to step confidently into the industry via comprehensive training.


As an industry leader, we at ICSA constantly and dedicatedly push toward bettering ourselves to meet the constantly changing industry standards, not only in Malaysia also to meet the international standards.

Focusing on skills training related to the telecommunication and trenchless technology sector, we provide an all-in-one inclusive platform including recruitment, training, and on-job-training to trainees. Our training has been proven to transform our trainees’ technical knowledge, practical skills and their ability to adapt to the industry’s evolution.   

To date, we have engaged more than 60 contractor companies to join our on-job-training program. Our current projects include obtaining Huawei 5G Mobile Broadband Training via our strategic partnership with Iconix Consulting Sdn Bhd; and developing Underground Utilities Detection and Mapping Operation (UUDM) training program via a collaboration with industry experts.

We have also joined hands with SR Training & Consultancy Centre Sdn Bhd to focus on the development and implementation of Program GIG Smart Technologies Automation Building, among others.


ICSA caters to skill-based workers in the telecommunication and civil engineering industry and helps them grow via training and education consultancy.

Apart from that, our customer line-up includes companies that look to improve and enhance their employees’ talents and skills so they can level up their deliverables to their clients as well as their employees’ quality.


We aim to help the skilled enhance their skills, and the unskilled expand their horizon. We target to provide many of the most important values in the industry, including competencies, ability to adapt, development of talent and efficiency.

Apart from that, we also provide an avenue to companies and businesses to develop their educational strengths by allowing them to use our infrastructure and facilities.

Our partnerships and collaborations are also expected to provide us with the platform to conduct innovative and advanced research and enhance our offerings.



The market is a growing one, just like the majority of other markets. The global horizontal directional drilling market size reached USD 7.37 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow 13.2% from 2019 to 2025.

Due to an increasing demand in reducing damage to the environment and nuisance to the public to as little as possible, HDD services are at high demand as never before especially in urban areas.

For telecommunication infrastructure, the implementation of the national digital infrastructure plan (JENDELA) is estimated to cost RM 21 billion between 2021 to 2025 under the 12th Malaysia Plan. This will boost up the demand of skills workers for the telecommunication industry to build connectivity on fixed and wireless broadband including 5G infrastructure for getting 5G-ready in 2023.

As the utilities and telecommunications market grows, it is inevitable that the HDD and broadband demand will also grow alongside. With the need for infrastructure development and utility installations, urbanization increasing, the need for HDD and broadband services around the world as well as in Malaysia is expected to grow as well.


The market may be almost saturated with many skill-based academies. But we believe that ICSA has the benefit many steps ahead of our competitors.

We possess the complete Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure for practical training and mainly classroom based only, possibly the first and only in Malaysia. Adding on to this, ICSA is also the first training provider to provide Virtual Reality (VR) in our training programs to allow our students to know first-hand the situation in the industry.

Under VR, we cater to students of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to allow them to use industry-grade simulator for machine operator and pilot bore operator.

Apart from that, ICSA also differs from its competitors as it is seen as a one-stop-centre for recruitment, training, and on-job-training to train trainees for ensuring their technical knowledge, practical skills and certification to work.

With all these advantages, we believe we are leading the industry, and will continue to do so via our constant push toward greater efforts.


Throughout the raised fund invest to ICSA, we are using for:

  1. 50% on Business Expansion:
    • Development on new Programme and build up relevant Equipment
    • Update or Build up Centre Facilities and Hostel Expansion to full filled industries needed.
  2. 20% on Marketing Expansion
    • Market Awareness and Brand Positioning Exercises for new and existing Programmes
  3. 10% on Apprentices Promoting.
    • Promotion for Apprentices and Unemployed Graduate about Programmes offered
  4. 20 % Operation and Marketing
    • Programmes collaboration with government agencies.


Via this funding, we are looking to enhance our technology line-up used for training to prep talents with knowledge and skills for the workforce. It is also expected that we will be able to enhance our research and development to provide better methods, outcomes and methods for training. We are also hoping to be the catalyst on which our talents realize development excellence and therefore work toward their success in the competitive and challenging industry

  1. Dr. Lee Sheng Chyan
    • RM 19,539.00 capital at 26/09/2016
    • Based on multiple years’ experience in Skills Training Development, he helps on Programme Development.
  2. Mohd Affendy bin Masran
    • RM 7,515 capital at 06/05/2020
    • Referring to his experience in Underground Utilities Planning & Mapping, he acts as Industry Advisor.
  3. Khairul Akmal bin Mohd Sanusi
    • RM 13,026 capital at 26/03/2021
    • Act as Technical Advisor based on his expertise in trenchless industries.
  1. Dr. Lee Sheng Chyan
    • 17 years of fiber optic experience
    • 15 years of conducting training programme.
    • 11 years of skills training development
    • Former Senior Lecturer at UTP
    • Huawei Outsource Consultant (Fiber Optic)
    • HRDF certified trainer
    • Chartered Engineering (CEng) IET, UK
    • PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Optical Communication Systems and Networks
  2. Mohd Affendy bin Masran
    • Expertise in permitting for utility services for more than 5 years.
    • Managing director in Oasis Inspire Sdn Bhd
    • Certified Traffic Management Officer
  3. Khairul Akmal bin Mohd Sanusi
    • Expertise in trenchless industry for more than 9 years.
    • Project Manager in Komasi Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
    • HRDF certified trainer


  • Jane Choo (General Manager)
    • 5 years of accounting experience
    • 9 years of training centre management experience
    • Chartered Accountant
  • Dr. Daniel Yong (Programme Manager)
    • 17 years of fiber optic experience
    • 10 years of conducting training programme.
    • Former Lecturer at UTAR
    • Huawei Outsource Consultant (Fiber Optic)
    • HRDF certified trainer
    • Member of IET, UK
    • PhD (Engineering) in Fiber Sensor
  • Lee Mei Xiang (Programme Coordinator)
    • 2 years of conducting training programme.
    • 3 years of electronic engineering experience
    • Master of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering (Pursuing)
    • Degree in Electronic Engineering 
  • Abdul Barry bin Rohaizat (Business Development)
    • 5 years of marketing experience.
    • 4 years of managing and training for new team member.
  • Muhammad Imran bin Zulkarnain (Trainer)
    • 1 years of conducting training programme.
    • HRDF certified trainer
    • Ditch Witch Certified Training
    • Ditch Witch VR Simulator Training
    • DCI VR Simulator Training


www.iconixskills.com (Our website Link)

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