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We now present the opportunity to join the expansion of eShoplive.asia, the No.1 profound social live streaming business platform in Malaysia. eShoplive.asia was established in August 2019. They have accumulated up to 5 million views with over 75,000 followers and surpass RM1 million sales within their first four months back in 2019.

Since then, eShoplive.asia has worked with over 200 SMEs and first-tier brands, setting the bar high to achieve 150,000 followers within 1 year. Even during the COVID–19 pandemic and MCO from March to June, eShoplive.asia managed to turn crisis into opportunity and recorded an outstanding 187% sales growth at RM 515,000 in June 2020 (Pre–Covid-19 Sales in February recorded at RM 275,000).

Over the past 15 months, they had developed 20,000 unique customers base and made over 30,000 transactions with an accumulation of 10 million views and market reach over Facebook live stream sessions.

The overwhelming results have given them great confidence to transform and expand eShoplive.asia to accommodate the great need soon. eShoplive.asia’s decision to venture into this business is underpinned by strong market demand, meaningful market size, and significant market gap.

The potential success of eShoplive.asia is due to the following merits:

Right People

The founder and CEO of eShoplive.asia, Jorvy Tan has 13 years’ experience in high-level business development, sales planning, corporate strategy, product marketing across Social Media, TV Home Shopping, E-Commerce & offline retailing. He is also the founding member of Malaysia TV Home Shopping Industry, both GO SHOP & CJ WOWSHOP. He has been exposed to the basics of operational techniques of TV shopping and strategic business management, which allowed him to broaden his horizon to create a better social live commerce platform. Jorvy then convened a competent operation team with 2 General Managers, 1 in-house corporate management trainer and investor cum mentor with vital track records in digital marketing and high familiarity with the Malaysia digital system to execute the game plan and deliver the desired results.

Right Thing

The COVID–19 pandemic has catalyzed new shopping trends. With physical store closures and online platforms being the key sales avenue, retailers are seeing digitalization as the way forward to achieve growth in a post-COVID-19 era. Social live commerce is about making it easy for companies to expose their brands as well as consumers to complete their purchases.

Right Time

According to RGM, the Malaysian retail industry recorded a negative growth rate of 11.4% in retail sales. It led to zero revenue for non-essential retailers in the country for the first quarter of 2020. In fact, the call for digital transformation has been clear for some time before COVID-19.

Right Strategy

Investing in unique digital capabilities — including live stream product selling, product management and talent management can create completely new and different shopping experiences.

With a startup capital of RM 310,000 initially, eShoplive.asia has generated over RM5.25 million revenue from August 2019 until October 2020.

eShoplive.asia is confident that financial position will continue to be healthy due to the asset-light business model.

With this crowdfunding campaign with the leading ECF platform, eShoplive.asia hopes to scale their business across Southeast Asia.

We sincerely look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you.



Shoppers prefer staying indoor due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has spread worldwide, and millions of people are to change their lifestyle habits until things get better. In Malaysia, over 4,000 companies are forced to shut down since April this year. Retailers are experiencing drastic sales decline at their physical stores due to the lockdown and concerns over the pandemic outbreak. The threat of contagion is changing our psychology; the way we live our lives. Even after the lockdown has been lifted, consumers would still prefer not to stay outdoors as much as they used to be. Most of us are to be alert for a potential new wave of infection that is happening now in several countries. The reality is that people do not feel comfortable to resume their “normal” out-of-home activities extensively yet.


Merchants are forced to reduce business hours and number of customers in stores due to social distancing and CMCO measures

The COVID-19 pandemic has made consumers extremely aware of what they come in contact with. Now, masks are mandatory everywhere, and people try their best to stay feet apart from one another while making their way. All experts agree that to lower the risk of virus transmission, retailers must reduce people’s density within the store. The easiest way to do that is to limit the time and number of customers in the store. And due to safety concerns, many are reluctant to re-engage in activities, which were previously enjoyed in a carefree manner. The fact is that consumers no longer stroll into stores and take their time to interact with products and people. Brands in different industries, especially those in fashion, food and beverage, adapt the shopping experience to consumers’ health and safety concerns. As a result, more brands are going online and introduce contactless sampling products or trying on clothes. With this condition, consumers are happy to tap into social commerce, pay to have the exact product delivered to their home in a day or two, with a delivery cost.


Limited personal touch in the selling and buying process

Interaction is vital to consumers’ decision-making processes. To have limited physical contact as much as possible and ensure business continuity at this point is even harder. Even if the lockdown is lifted, consumers would have to walk into the store now with limited time given, sourcing in a rush. The personal touch has long gone, and shopping experience is totally different from the pre-pandemic era. Still, consumers would rather have more interactions with the store personnel or product consultant, find in-depth information about products and compare prior to purchase. The in-store interaction between consumers and storekeepers are still the key to any buying and selling process.



Live streaming is the solution

eShoplive.asia focuses on strong viewing attention with cost-savvy performances to connect Supplier to Business to Customers (S2B2C) and provide a personal connection to form a level of loyalty and retention.

  • They deliver high-value necessities products to customers’ doorsteps
  • They help merchants build strong social media presence and relationships with followers
  • They increase followers’ loyalty and engagement with quality content and exciting offers



eShoplive.asia provides live streaming service through the main live streaming page “EShoplive” and four other extension pages (in total 5 pages) namely:

  • eShoplive – Health & Wellness
  • LaBéau – Beauty & Fashion
  • Gan Jiong Snacks - Food and Snacks
  • Boss Crazy Live – Living & Cookware
  • PWSJ – Cookshow & F&B

The pages are supported by prominent hosts and hostess with massive on-job experiences.



Our traction to date as follows:



eShoplive.asia is the First S2B2C platform in Malaysia. They focus on strong viewing attention with cost-savvy performances to connect Supplier to Business to Customers (S2B2C) and provide a personal connection to form a level of loyalty and retention.

Merchants can engage eShoplive’s live streaming service through the main live streaming page “Eshoplive” and four other extension pages (in total 5 pages) namely:

  • eShoplive – Health & Wellness
  • LaBéau – Beauty & Fashion
  • Gan Jiong Snacks - Food and Snacks
  • Boss Crazy Live – Living & Cookware
  • PWSJ – Cookshow & F&B

eShoplive.asia will then provide a profound real-time live stream platform to showcase brands and products.

eShoplive.asia collaborates with 3rd party on centralized warehousing based on a 100% consignment basis. Thus, no inventory cost & additional burden incurred.

Moreover, eShoplive.asia offers full array of professional courses in relation to the live commerce industry, from live streaming to hosting training, product sourcing,  content creation, video production, social media and digital marketing.



Consumers are likely to keep the behaviors they have adopted amid stay-at-home orders, such as more online shopping and fewer mall visits.

Despite the COVID–19 pandemic lockdowns during March to June 2020, eShoplive.asia has recorded remarkable sales growth of 187% and achieved 150,000 followers on Facebook. eShoplive.asia focuses on high-value necessities products that every customer will need with definite repeat consumable patterns such as health and wellness, Food and Snacks, Beauty and Cosmetics and more. Wvery change represents a new beginning, which translates into the opportunity to start a new cycle. While this unusual situation has a substantial impact on the world economy, it is essential to reflect on the opportunities to improve economic stability.

Businesses with a strong social media presence can build strong relationships with their followers. They do so by establishing themselves as experts and educators on a specific topic and actively share that expertise with their followers and readers via social media. Businesses can increase their perceived trustworthiness by using live streaming, which leads to greater influence across the social sphere and better conversions when promoting a product.

According to Cisco, 80% of people worldwide would rather watch live-streamed content than read a blog post. The content created during a live stream can be fascinating because viewers do not always know what will happen. A business can take their audience on an exciting journey eg. attend an event, showcase a new product, or do a tour around the office. Viewers enjoy the sense of unpredictability, drama, and anticipation they feel when watching a live stream where anything can happen. Businesses can use live streaming to reach an audience that does not enjoy watching scripted videos or reading blog posts — creating a new revenue-building opportunity.

Social Commerce is the future of eCommerce, and eShoplive.asia is already standing between the gap to nurture the community alongside retailers, brands’ owners and suppliers. A significant portion of consumers is likely to continue to want a contactless curbside experience even after the current crisis subsides.



eShoplive.asia is seeking to raise RM4,000,000. The funds will be used for:



We aim to become a regional leading social commerce live platform. We strive to contribute to the evolution from live commerce to VR Live Commerce industry.


Add value to shopping and create the significant value for end users.



Vince Tan

Investor & Mentor

Vince Tan is the investor and mentor of eShoplive.asia. He is known to be the leading authority in Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship. On top of eShoplive.asia, he is also the founder of Shock Media Studio, one of Malaysia’s fastest growing digital agencies. While scaling Shock Media Studio up, Vince also launched other notable start-ups, such as eduPOW to help people to pursue their dreams by learning what they love. He believes entrepreneurship is the best way to make a sustainable, massive, positive impact. With his great 18 years digital marketing experience, he will be an influential figure to Jorvy and the management team as eShoplive.asia continues to embark expansion journey.



Jorvy Tan

Founder & CEO

eShoplive.asia is Jorvy’s brainchild. He has 13 years’ experience in high-level business development, sales planning, corporate strategy, product marketing across Social Media, TV Home Shopping, E-Commerce & offline retailing. He is also the founding member of Malaysia TV Home Shopping Industry, both GO SHOP & CJ WOWSHOP.

To date, Jorvy has developed over 100 vendors and brands that generated over RM1 billion revenue in the TV Home Shopping industry. He believes that knowledge and eyesight are keys to success of every business.


Eric Thong

Co–Founder, Sales Trainer & Sales Advisor

Eric is the Co–Founder, Sales Trainer and Sales Advisory of eShoplive.asia. As a Professional Trainer of ShangDao Academy, he has 27 years’ experience in sales & retail, which include door-to-door retail, roadshow and sales training. He is one of the prominent “Top Sales Skills” trainers in Malaysia who has worked with Top Retailers such as Poh Kong Jewelly, HLK Electrical Chian Store (20 branches), Kasut You (100 branches) and trained over 10,000 students.

On top of eShoplive.asia, Eric is the founder and managing director of Vee Worldwide Sdn Bhd. He launched Vees kitchen appliances brand in 2005 and developed the first “Delicooker” in Malaysia back in 2008. Since then, he holds 80% market share of steamboat equipment in Malaysia with over 100 distribution centers nationwide.




Sales & Business Development Manager

Kitt possesses 8 years experience in sales & marketing and a real knack for building rapport with clients. She was responsible for our sales growth over the past 1 year due to her ability to convince partners and customers of the quality of our services. She is also one of our most dedicated and loyal team members, having served eShoplive.asia since it began operations. Kitt is also the creative talent who oversees our website and social media channels as well as producing our content and marketing gimmicks. Under her skillful management, she increased our social media follower count significantly.


Siow Li

Operation & Planning Manager

Siow Li implements SOPs and figures out effective methods to accomplish eShoplive.asia’s objectives. She is a diligent and dependable pioneer team member who is instrumental in facilitating our expansion across Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The set-up of our new office went smoothly and as planned due to her skill in planning. Siow Li was the pioneer and senior management member for 12 years in Gintell Malaysia. During her tenure in Gintell, she developed Gintell’s e-Commerce segment.



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