HR System starts from Leave Application - As long as you use paper to apply or approve leave in the company, you can use Kakitangan.com today! Problems of using paper leave application system: 1. Employees: Hates data filling again and again. It took some time to realize manager approved or not. Application lost in someone’s drawer? 2. Managers: Should I approve or not – How many days of balance this person still has? Who else are applying leave at the same period? Can’t make an informed decision. 3. HR: Have a stacks of papers for filling and worst, data enter these information manually into computer again. Using Kakitangan.com: 1. Employees: Mobile supported. Click, click, type reason, apply. Immediate notification after manager approve or reject. Application is recorded in system. 2. Managers: Full set of needed information inclusive of balance of leave, and who else is taking leave too 3. HR: Have a set of softcopy (can opened by Excel to do all sorts of magic) of records ready anytime. Oh, did we mention it is FREE?
  • Ken Wang
    Dream Developer
  • Nizam Shari
    HR Expert
  • Effon Khoo
    Customer Success

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Kakitangan.com Shareholders Update - 20161220

over 5 years ago by Effon Khoo

• Growth (1/11 – 19/12) o Registered Company – 15.5% o Employees – 13.5% o Payroll registered company – 11% o Employee in Payroll system – 31.5% The other details are sent to shareholders in email.

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