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KASTURI is passionate about food, beverage and hospitality (FBH) and desires to bring the joy and love of exceptional FBH experience to others.

We strive to build a FBH Franchise Ecosystem and to be the Authority of Food, Beverage & Hospitality service standards.


What’s lacking in today’s Food, Beverage and Hospitality (FBH):

Hygiene & Safety

In general, low hygiene & safety awareness and expectation have been a long-standing pain point. Both the business operators and consumers at large have long been compromising with hygiene & safety. Convenience seems to take precedent over hygiene and safety.

Kitchen Design & Workflow

Many FBH operators pay little/no attention to the kitchen design. Most of them, either still deploying or inherited an outdated process & workflow without any upgrading or enhancement. In addition, poor execution and non-compliance of SOP by businesses are other common pain points which remain unaddressed.

Lack of Malaysian brand abroad

A large number of Malaysian brands ventured overseas have failed miserably while a limited few barely survived the test of time. As a result, only a handful of recognised Malaysian F&B brands abroad that keep our “Jalur Gemilang” flying high.

International Brands bypassing Malaysia

Many well-known international brands are reluctant to enter Malaysia. A high number of international brands operating in Malaysia in the past have also exited Malaysia. It is hurtful to observe that these international brands prefer to or able to set foot in other neighboring countries but not in Malaysia.


What KASTURI aspires to do:

Operation Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Operation SOP will be developed, implemented and enforced to ensure high standard, quality & consistency in handling food hygiene & safety. Every effort will be taken to maintain, uphold and adhere to the requirements of occupational health, safety and hygiene standards.

SMART Concept

The SMART Concept encompasses the design & build of commercial kitchen and also by introducing digital transformation to operation process and workflow. Lessons from the pandemic/lockdowns are testament to the importance of digitalization to ensure businesses are ever ready to face such circumstances. Being a total solution, the SMART Concept will transform both the Back-of House (BOH) and Front-of House (FOH) to a new landscape.

Create & Build Malaysian Brand

Being a multicultural and multiracial country with wide range of food diversity, it presents enormous opportunity to unleash the various hugely popular Malaysia cuisines in a unique under-one-roof concept. We also aim to develop Malaysian Brands that are high in competitiveness, quality and innovation with the ultimate objective of showcasing and expanding them overseas.

Bring in International Brands

Many well-known and established international brands are bypassing Malaysia or exited the local scene for various reasons. For many years, Malaysians and even foreigners residing in Malaysia, have been deprived of the opportunity to savoring some of the most sought-after food & beverages. That’s about to change as Kasturi will gradually bring in some of these international brands to Malaysia, either through franchise arrangements or business collaborations.


KASTURI has lined up some business concepts and brands (a mixture of own & international) and will introduce them in phases.

The year 2022 will mark our official foray into FBH franchise ecosystem by launching two (2) products/brands:

  1. NY Pizza Delivery (“NYPD”), which specialises in pizza

  2. Meet Fresh, an authentic Taiwanese desserts


NYPD is operated by KASTURI. Its origin can be traced back to a passionate Asian pizza chef, Thompson Ly, who left his home in San Francisco and made Shenzhen, China his base since 2007. Chef Thompson’s original recipe of his ultimate pizza crust, coupled with secret sauces and toppings, have taken the pizza world by storm. NYPD outshined many contestants in numerous pizza competitions. Amongst others, NYPD emerged as Champion in China Pizza Championship and nabbed the 1st Place in Hong Kong Perfect Pizza Challenge. NYPD had also been chosen to represent China to participate in the New York Pizza Showcase, a prestigious annual event held in New York. These days, Chef Thompson is a judge in numerous pizza competitions. Malaysians can now get a taste of New York-styled pizza, created by an award-winning Asian chef!


Meet Fresh is an international brand that requires no further introduction to dessert lovers. Established in 2007 and guided by home-made secret recipes and the finest natural ingredients of Fu family from Taichung, Taiwan, it has grown to be a global brand.

Today, Meet Fresh has presence across the globe which include China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States.

Meet Fresh prioritizes serving healthy desserts without preservatives made fresh; daily. It strives to give customers delicious treats filled with traditional and authentic tastes. Its global headquarter and central kitchen have achieved international accreditation and certification, including but not limited to HACCP, FSSC and ISO, ensuring food hygiene and safety with stringent requirements.

KASTURI is honoured and proud to bring Meet Fresh, the authentic Taiwanese desserts to Malaysia!

Future Expansion


Generally, we are targeting customers who are craving for good quality products and high service standards.

In 2022, our target customer segments are:

  1. Central region (Selangor/W.P. Kuala Lumpur) - high population and spending power

  2. Age group between 15 to 64 years old


We believe in developing a sustainable and scalable business model by adopting the franchise system. Our business verticals are two-folds; being the Brand Owner (Franchisor) as well as Master Franchisee (Local or Regional Franchisee).

The business verticals are further supported by our strategy to have multiple brands/concepts, hence widening and diversifying the revenue streams. In the long run, we strive to build a FBH Franchise Ecosystem.

In general, the revenue streams of our initial two (2) products/brands will include retail sales (dine-in, takeaway, delivery), merchandise sales, rental of Research & Development facilities & training, licensing/franchising fee, royalty fee, stock sales to licensee/franchisee.

As KASTURI continues to launch new concepts/products/brands, the revenue streams would be further broadened.


Based on the statistics from the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the total F&B market in Malaysia is valued at approximately RM87 billion. Out of that total value, the central region (Selangor and W.P. Kuala Lumpur) itself accounted for about RM28 billion.

It is a relatively huge market to venture into, taking into consideration the market remained resilient during the pandemic period in 2020 and 2021.



Market size is big enough to accommodate new players. Our product offerings and propositions will also enable us to secure additional niche market which is different from/not offered by other existing players.


We plan to raise a minimum of RM800,000 and a maximum of RM2,500,000 at a pre-money valuation of RM6,000,000.

We offer five (5) investment packages through the issuance of Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares (RCPS).


Become Asia Top #50 Food Beverage Hospitality in Retails Chain, Design & Build Concept.







Meet Fresh:






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