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  • KLOP is Malaysia’s 1st Hourly, Daily, Monthly hotel booking platform.

  • KLOP is supported by a hotel group – Mei J Albergo, who has 6 years of experience in managing hotels.

  • KLOP aims to shift typical overnight hotel stays to a wide variety of stay period selection including hourly & monthly hotel stays

  • KLOP will be the 1st accommodation/hospitality platform that combines both hotel and residential rental with hourly booking

  • KLOP has increased affiliate hotel monthly sales by additional 30% to 50%

  • KLOP is a one-stop solution for accommodation providers from management & marketing to renovation & rebranding

  • The vision of KLOP is to be the largest hotel booking application in South East Asia and serve more than 3 billion people.


Since the outbreak of Covid-19, travel and hospitality businesses have suffered as an effect. The hospitality industry has more than 400 years of history and the pandemic has shown that it is time to introduce innovative changes that will help revive these businesses and provide comprehensive features that fill the needs of both hotel owners and travelers alike.  At KLOP, we aim to transform typical hotels into  a travelers’ home by introducing hourly, daily and monthly hotel stays. Just like being at home, hotels should be flexible for everybody to utilize. With the combination of KLOP’s unique hotel booking system and its highly experienced management team, KLOP will broaden the perception of hotel stays.


KLOP is the most convenient hotel/ accommodation booking platform available in the market that provides hourly, daily and monthly room bookings.

KLOP aims to normalize hourly bookings in Malaysia to ensure convenience for all professionals, freelancers, travelers and more.

Providing a one-stop solution for hoteliers and accommodation providers, KLOP offers to manage every aspect from interior design to internal management.

  • Hotel industry affected by pandemic, income has dropped dramatically

  • Hospitality downfall, limitation of scaling & sustaining the hospitality business

  • Travellers facing flexibility issues on hotel booking and quality of stay-cations

  1. KLOP provides a one stop solution to refine the hotel industry and to create more income opportunities for hoteliers.

  2. KLOP uses technology that helps hoteliers maximize their hotel room occupancy rates and provides top-standard management.

  3. KLOP offers flexibility with hourly/daily/monthly bookings that serves a purpose and saves a traveler’s spending pocket



KLOP Backend System Interface


In 10 months, KLOP has successfully sold a total of 14000+ rooms accumulated from 3 hotels (Bunk & Bilik Jalan Ipoh & Sri Petaling and Bello & Bella Boutique Hotel) even in the midst of the pandemic.

The data below displays the total rooms from both daily & monthly booking sales.

The 3 hotels are governed by our parent company – Mei J Albergo, and records are retrieved from Mei J Albergo.


3 Key Target Users

  1. Business Travellers such as corporate staff who travel often

  2. Leisure Travellers who look for good quality staycations

  3. College/University Students from outstation looking for monthly stays


4 Main Business Models

  1. Hotel Management subscription fees

  2. Apps deal transaction commission charge

  3. Interior project refurbishment fees

  4. Hotel/ Property maintenance fees


As an Online Travel Agency (OTA) in the market, we have direct competitors such as

  1. Agoda

  2. Booking.com

  3. Expedia

  4. Traveloka

However, we differentiate ourselves  with our unique business model that offers Hourly and Monthly hotel booking. As a local online travel agency and hotel booking platform, we can customize our app interaction and offer new packages and deals with a more local approach.

KLOP will be able to assist and highlight local small medium hotels instead of having more competition on  other international OTA platforms.



The vision for KLOP is to be the largest hotel booking application in South East Asia and to serve more than 3 billion people. Hotels have been unchanged for 400 years, KLOP is here to make a change and lead the innovation in the hospitality service industry


In early 2020, we have successfully gathered 2 private individual investors and 5 company investors to a total of RM730,000

The expansion of KLOP is never ending! Take this opportunity to be part of a great revolutionary hospitality innovation in Malaysia and soon South East Asia.


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