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Kratos Motorsports was founded in 2015 by 3 motorcycle enthusiasts with a dream of creating a regional platform for all things motorcycle.

Our mission is to deliver a superior experience to motorcyclists around the world starting with Southeast Asia from impression to sale.

This year, we will be implementing phase 2 of our plan and we hope that you can be part of our journey as we build a name within the global motorcycle industry.

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Final Day! This is it!

almost 3 years ago by Joachim Sebastian


In the last 2 years, I brought in 5 new partners.

Partner A and B - got 10x returns on his investment today (valuation)
Partner C - got 20x returns on his investment today (valuation)
Partner D and E - got 5X returns on his investment today (valuation)

Last year we grew our revenue with lean resources at a 75% rate. Next year, with our new projects, we target a 300% growth in revenue.

I invite you to join our journey today. The least your investment will earn you is 1.4X. The most? Well the sky is the limit. 

Our offer : 

40% ROI in 5 years ( minimum )
15% lifetime discount for bikers
MYR 1939 investment ( minimum )

Invest now : https://equity.pitchin.my/businesses/kratos-motorsports-sdn-bhd


Joachim Sebastian
Founder - Kratos Motorsports


Kratos Motorsports Annual Audit Results 2018/2019 Announcement

almost 3 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

It is now 3 years since I took over Kratos Motorsports Sdn Bhd. We have just concluded our FY18/19 results and completed the audit. I am very proud of the team where we achieved the following :

1: 75% growth in revenue ( MYR180K ) from FY17/18 from MYR239K to MYR419K

2: We have exceeded our set target goal within our budget and within previous pitch decks ( including pitchIN ) by almost 100K

3: Increase in Gross Profit Margin from 28.5 percent to 33.12 percent from FY17/18 to FY18/19

4: Maintaining company profitability with this growth rate.

5: For the second time we also reduced cumulative loss from the first 2 years in operations before I took over the company.

6: We have achieved the minimum target for our pitchIN investment round ( 8 more days to go )

We are consistently looking to improve on our fundamentals, moving to a higher GP margin position while exploring unconventional business models for rapid growth at controlled costs. The activation of our funding process and the private investments secured during the coming week will be a significant resource in hitting our 3x growth targets set for the post funding period.

We look to generate significant value for our investors with the highest returns occurring next year. Our team has 2 years of audited results to validate our expertise and claims on this. We hope that our news today excites you about the future.

Kratos Motorsports pitchIN fundraising process is live for another 8 days.


Our Crowdfunding Journey until we went live!

almost 3 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

I have been asked quite a few times this week regarding how we successfully achieved our minimum funding target for Kratos Motorsports Sdn Bhd on pitchIN.  I decided to map out the whole process for anyone who is exploring this journey and thinking about it for your business.

Please do share it with anyone who is looking into this.

#crowdfunding #pitchIN #kratosmotorsports #ecf #fundrasing 



Kratos Motorsports X pitchIN Crowdfunding Investment Brief on 19th October

almost 3 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

I would personally like to invite you to the Kratos Motorsports X pitchIN investor pitch happening this Saturday 19th October at WORQ, Subang, UOA Business Park from 11am to 1pm. We have undergone due diligence and are raising funds via pitchIN, a regulated equity crowdfunding platform in the country.


We now represent 4 exciting brands from around the world - K-Tech Suspension, Rizoma, CNC Racing and also Toby.This year, we are planning for regional growth to bring in more brands and to build a better platform for all things motorcycle.

For our supporters, there will bonus investment offer for those who attend this event on Saturday ( Exclusive to the signed attendees only ). We have a vision for our brand to be a player in the global motorcycle industry. I invite you to join us on our journey. Investment starts at MYR 1929.00 only.

Please RSVP at this link and see you there on Saturday!



Joachim Sebastian

Founder - Kratos Motorsports


Kratos pitch in Sarawak!

almost 3 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

We just came back from our pitch in Sawarak! What an amazing crowd. Looking forward to sharing our pitch with more investors.


Kratos Pitch in JOHOR!

about 3 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

It was a pretty awesome pitch event where we managed to secure investment immediately!

After our pitch, almost immediately we had 2 more investments! 

As you know our pitchIN offer is a no-brainer especially for those who are new to Crowd Funding. Why?

1)The founding shareholders are offering a buyback at 140% after 5 years. That is a guaranteed 8% per anum.

2)Every investor gets a lifetime discount of 15% for all parts that we distribute.

Not to mention the awesome free gifts! 

Check out our pitch deck now to find out more.




New Brand Secured : CNC Racing ( Italy )

about 3 years ago by Joachim Sebastian

Last week, we have negotiatied exclusive distributorship for an Italian performance aftermarket parts brand.

CNC Racing is a brand that represents the same spirit of performance that we uphold. We are truly proud of this partnership and look forward to creating awareness and brand growth within this region.

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Equity Crowdfunding is risky. You are investing in early stage companies which may not do well and could even fail. You could lose part or all of your investment. You may not be able to sell your shares easily.

Investments are speculative and carry high risks. To decrease exposure, these types of investments should only be made as part of a diversified portfolio. Spread your risks and only invest money that you can afford to lose. pitchIN wants all investors to understand these risks and make careful investment decisions. You are also encouraged to seek independent advice.