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LinkUp Smart Solutions – Simplifying Home Automation And Levelling Up The Smart Home Game

LinkUp Smart Solutions is an award-winning tech business specializing in smart home integration and solutions. LinkUp provides packaged and customised end-to-end solutions in various areas including home automation, home security, remote surveillance, entertainment and assistive technology.

The LinkUp App – Home Security And Convenience At Your Fingertips

The LinkUp Smart Hub is designed to integrate multiple smart home devices into a single platform, enabling them to integrate and work together seamlessly. Customers have full control over all their smart devices through the LinkUp App which functions as an all-in-one security, safety and smart home solution.

The state-of-the-art smart home solution supports over 1,000 products from various leading smart home vendors and brands in the market. It allows homeowners to make good use of a wide range of products without vendor lock-ins and customize a solution that meets their requirements and budget.

Fundraising Goals

LinkUp seeks to raise RM 1 million, offering a maximum of 10% equity in the form of ordinary shares. Join us on our growth journey with a minimum investment amount of RM9,000 for 100 shares.


Home Security And Safety – Always At the Back Of The Homeowners’ Minds

In current times, locks and keys may not be enough for homeowners to safeguard their homes and keep their family and belongings safe.

Furthermore, people tend to be forgetful at times. Homeowners are often worried and anxious about home security when they are away from home – whether the doors are locked, the gates are closed, and alarm is activated.

More often than not, by the time they realize that something was wrong, they may already be out of town and are no longer able to attend to the matters.

Besides, operating a home security/alarm system can be complicated at times, as any simple mismanagement could trigger a false alarm.

A First World Problem – Too Many Smart Devices, Too Many Apps To Run

One way or another, many consumers may already have an element of smart home at home, whether it’s a lighting system, security system, remote gate control, etc.

However, unless consumers engage a company to personalize a smart home solution, chances are that many of the smart home devices are from various brands and run on different software.

That would mean consumers would have multiple apps to use different devices – often, too many, causing inconvenience to the consumers. It defeats the purpose of a ‘smart’ device, which aims to offer convenience in the first place.


Intelligent Home Security Measure – Monitoring And Surveilling Your Home 24/7

A crime deterrent system that goes beyond locks and keys is paramount for homeowners to keep their home protected from intruders. LinkUp implements state-of-the-art A.I. technology to protect homeowners, which includes the use of smart alarm features coupled with human sensing capabilities to enhance security perimeter protection.  

With the LinkUp App, homeowners will be able to monitor their homes anytime, anywhere with full control over their security system and receive real-time security alerts through a single console.

Multi-Vendor Support – Creating An ‘Ecosystem’ Of Your Own

LinkUp aims to tackle the inconvenience faced by many consumers by offering the LinkUp Smart Hub – a platform that is able to integrate multiple smart devices from various vendors and brands into a single platform.

With the LinkUp Smart Hub, consumers may easily control all their different smart devices concurrently through the LinkUp App, eliminating the hassle of running multiple apps. It also allows these devices to work together seamlessly in one single ecosystem despite being from different brands, offering a unique user experience.

LinkUp Integrated Living – Build-As-You-Go, It’s Easy, Seamless And Affordable

LinkUp’s ready-to-deploy modular system and framework give consumers the option to build-as-you-go. With LinkUp’s integrated living solutions, consumers may customize a solution that meets their requirements and budget.

Consumers are free to purchase any device that suits their requirement and budget from the multiple brands available in the market, and get the most out of LinkUp’s integrated living solutions without breaking the bank.

Elderly and Disability Care Via Assistive Technology – Improving The Quality Of Lives

The loss of independence can be deeply frustrating, as disabilities make performing regular tasks around the home difficult or impossible.

LinkUp’s smart home solutions provide an opportunity to empower the elderly and disabled person to regain control and independence. This not only makes elderly care and disability care easier and more convenient through advanced assistive technology, but it also gives family members and caretakers a peace of mind.


The LinkUp App is an all-in-one security, safety and smart home solution that simplifies home automation through a single app.

The LinkUp App works with the LinkUp Smart Hub to provide intuitive and user-friendly control of various smart devices.

Home Automation

LinkUp provides end-to-end customization of smart home solutions which gives consumers the flexibility to design the automation according to their preferences.

On top of that, our solution is compatible with Alexa, Google Home Assistant and Siri, which further enhances the user experience and provides ultimate convenience by controlling devices with just a voice command.


LinkUp Going Strong – Confident Of Sustaining Strong Growth

Despite being a young company which started operations in 2020, LinkUp continues to record strong momentum as we expand our strategic partnerships with property developers, home appliances manufacturers and distributors, and living and wellness operators.

Key Milestones

LinkUp is proud to receive recognition and awards at a national level to highlight our impactful, innovative, high-tech home automation solutions. LinkUp hopes that our solutions will continue to empower and enrich lives and contribute to the betterment of society.

Recent achievements include:

  • Winner for the Selangor Accelerator Programme (SAP) 2020
  • 1st Runner-Up for the Maxis IoT Challenge 2020
  • One of the selected 5 for the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) Programme 2021
  • One of the selected start-ups for IOI Kickstart Programme 2021

A Key Partner Of IOI Properties Group

LinkUp has received immense support and collaboration opportunities from IOI Properties Group, one of which being their newly launched initiative – the IOISmartHome – which  LinkUp plays a vital role.

The IOISmartHome is a complimentary smart home automation solution that comes bundled with the purchase of an IOI property from one of their 5 housing development projects. The IOISmartHome aims to offer security, convenience, and reduce home energy usage for IOI residents.

Besides that, LinkUp is also working with IOI Properties Group on various other projects to enhance the security and surveillance of their townships.


Target Market

LinkUp focuses on establishing long-term B2B partnerships with business clients, including property developers, home appliances manufacturers and distributors, and living and wellness operators.

LinkUp also extends packaged and customised smart home integration and solutions to end-users i.e. existing homeowners and prospective homebuyers.

Business Model

As a start-up amidst a global pandemic, the past year was a time of strategic planning for LinkUp’s business.

LinkUp has diversified our customer base from focussing on end-users to establishing strategic partnerships with leading businesses. A proven success story would be our collaboration with IOI Properties Group on IOISmartHome. LinkUp continues to seek out similar partnership models, with recent tie-ups with Signature Kitchen, H-Trends and Komune Care Living & Wellness.

To Launch The LinkUp Care Plan, A Subscription-Based Smart Home Integration Solutions Plan In 2022 Q3 – Gaining A Foothold In The Local Smart Home Integration Market

The LinkUp Care Plan is a subscription-based smart home integration solutions plan that offers smart security and convenience to end-users. It targets existing homeowners and prospective homebuyers at a reasonable price, making smart home integration solutions more accessible.

The LinkUp Care Plan brings a host of advantages for our business. The affordable pricing allows us to attract and expand our customer base, while the subscription model helps us retain the existing customers in the long run.

Overall, the subscription model allows us to streamline our business model, while increasing our recurring revenue and profit, creating consistent and predictable economies for our business.

We target to launch the LinkUp Care Plan in 2022 Q3, which we foresee will significantly help us reach out to a larger market and secure a larger share in the local smart home integration market.

Asset-Light Model – Free Office Space Minimises LinkUp’s Overhead Costs

As a key partner of IOI Properties, LinkUp is glad to be offered 2 years of free office space. It significantly helps us lower our operating costs, allowing us to own relatively leaner capital assets.

The asset-light model also helps minimize risks and offers greater flexibility, enabling LinkUp to achieve a better return on investments, lower profit volatility and higher scale-driven cost savings.


The Malaysian Smart Home Market Is Expected To Exceed USD 235 Million By 2025

There is a growing demand for smart home solutions in the Malaysian market, driven by increasing awareness of how IoT devices can increase the quality of living experience.

The Global Smart Home Market Is Expected to Reach USD 151.4 Billion by 2024 And Exceed USD 400 Billion In 2030

A report by ResearchAndMarkets.com issued in January 2019 predicted significant growth in the global smart home market, expecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.02% from USD 76.6 billion in 2018 to USD 151.4 billion by 2024.

The global smart home market is also expected to exceed USD 400 billion by 2030, contributing to more than 40 percent of the total home appliance market across the globe.

Source: Kearney


Smart Home Players – Not LinkUp Competitors

Many home and living and electronic appliances players have forayed across the global smart home technology market and offer various smart devices in dissimilar applications, ranging from home security systems, smart TVs, smart curtains, smart switches and lightings, kitchenware appliances, etc.

These smart home vendors and brands are technically not LinkUp competitors as they only function autonomously and do not offer seamless integration across different brands.

The presence of more smart devices available in the market gives LinkUp more opportunities to extend our smart home integrations solutions, ultimately creating and delivering value to smart home users.

LinkUp is considered a pioneer in the smart home integration market as our offerings and solutions are unique and differentiable from other players.


Investment Offer

For larger investments, LinkUp is offering the following incentives:

1. For investments of RM90,000 and above, a basic smart home system will be provided including installation

2. For investments of RM180,000 and above, a standard smart home system will be provided including installation

  • To be the top smart home integration and solutions provider in Malaysia, with a focus on security, smart living and technologies.
  • To be the household brand for intelligent and secure smart home solutions in Malaysia and abroad.
  • To leverage smart technology and offer eco-friendly solutions to improve the home's environmental impact.
  • To enrich and empower lives, make lives smarter, more connected and safer through affordable automation technologies.

Gary Low – Founder and CEO

Gary has 13 years of industry experience working for IBM in technologies relating to IoT and Cloud Computing solutions. As a tech enthusiast, Gary started investing in smart home devices and found it frustrating having to use a gazillion apps to control different devices, which led to the start of LinkUp. Gary is the driving force behind LinkUp and focusses on the company’s business direction, strategic planning, and growth strategy.

Ang Woo Hsian – CTO

Woo Hsian is a tech lead based in Australia. Woo Hsian possesses over 9 years of development experience and over 11 years of Australian commercial project work experience, specializing in web technologies, IoT and networking. Woo Hsian is responsible for LinkUp’s research and development (R&D) as well as technological needs.

Gerard Ng – Business Director

Gerard has over 12 years of experience working for various multinational FMCG groups, including Unilever and Coca-Cola, specializing in supply chain management and leading the business development and customer management team. Gerard’s extensive experience in the has exposed him to latest technologies, consumer behavior and recent market trends to create long-term value for the company.

Winnie Low – Operations Manager

Winnie is a Project Manager with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. She has previously served as the Corporate Account Manager in CSC and thereafter, moved to project management for two major insurance companies. Winnie is tasked to oversee and strategise LinkUp's organizational processes and further streamline our operations.

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