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Masta Analytics Sdn Bhd is a technology company specialises in researching, developing, maintaining and enhancing software and application called MASTA.

MASTA application assists entrepreneurs to incorporate, manage company’s secretarial and corporate activities, manage statutory and regulatory compliances, oversee financial and business performance, through easy to use Masta mobile and desktop application.


The information on company incorporation and its legal requirements can be confusing and hard to understand, which is one reason why a lot of entrepreneurs avoid forming a company, or  prevent them from managing their companies well, especially on statutory compliances and financial management records.

It practices a lot of manual processes and workflows so the turnaround time to complete statutory documents is longer. The information is scattered everywhere, making it hard for entrepreneurs to grasp the knowledge on how to actually run a company. This leads to lesser companies being incorporated by entrepreneurs and lesser companies that have good statutory and financial management.


By providing a clearly defined and transparent process and workflow through mobile applications that can be viewed and used anywhere and anytime, MASTA can help educate entrepreneurs on managing their companies well so that they comply with all statutory compliances. And, at the same time, MASTA assists entrepreneurs in staying on top of their finances by putting all information and documentation available at their fingertips.

MASTA helps more entrepreneurs to easily incorporate businesses and manage their businesses with proper statutory and regulatory compliances. MASTA is educating entrepreneurs with adequate knowledge on how a business should be run so Masta is not only helping entrepreneurs, Masta is also playing a part in changing the SME industry.


  1. MASTA app features;

    Multi type company incorporation - sole-proprietorship, limited liability partnership, private limited

    Secretarial service such as opening company bank accounts, changes and updates of directors/shareholders, changes in company particulars, and many more.

    Accounting service - monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statement

    Audit service

    Taxation service

    Financing application

    License application

    Legal service

  2. MASTA solves the hassle of incorporating a company and managing statutory documents by replacing forms and communication between company and service provider. The process to request a certain service from company to service provider becomes much more transparent and seamless, cutting time short for completion of any service’s request. All company’s documents are stored in a single and easily accessible interface. This helps entrepreneurs to understand more and be aware about their own company, especially on the financials.

  3. Example app images

  1. Our current customers are local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with company size ranging from 2 to 30 employees and revenue range between MYR50 thousands to MYR3 millions annually.

  2. MASTA is a software-as-a-service (Saas) which can be used in various industries, so our focus and target audience is more towards entrepreneurs that are starting a company or just started their business in less than 5 years. Lack of knowledge and resources to afford a good company’s statutory compliances and regulatory management makes MASTA a reliable and affordable solution to these companies.

  3. In the ever changing digital world, most SMEs rely on digital channels to market their business. And most entrepreneurs and business owners utilise personal social media to market their product and service. So our main customer acquisition plan is through pay per click ads. Other than PPC, we will organise business webinars for entrepreneurs, strategic collaboration with key opinion leaders and government agencies.






MASTA aims to be the super app for entrepreneurs and businesses, where businesses can manage secretarial, administration, financial compliances and licenses management all in single source which is MASTA app.


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