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A company with a deep understanding of healthcare future change, providing expert opinions from Malaysia’s largest medical specialist team, blending innovations with economic need, and at all times assisting and enhancing the quality and safety of healthcare delivery.

Medical Opinion Asia aims to elevate the quality of healthcare in Malaysia to new heights by bringing medical specialists and digital technologies closer to patients and businesses. Founded in 2016 by Mr. Stuart J. Venner Pack (Former CEO of Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur & Prince Court Medical Centre) and Dato' Wei Chuan Beng (Founder and former Managing Director of REDtone International Bhd), Medical Opinion Asia is backed by a major resource of more than 80 senior medical specialists, all of whom are in active practice.

Medical Opinion Asia is in the business of providing Expert Medical Opinions, Managed Medtech & Telemedicine Services and Solutions,  a Nutrigenomic Programme, and Medical Tourism and Concierge services delivered with quality medical care being provided by its large team of senior medical specialists.

With more than 40 B2B clients which include 11 significant insurance companies and 20 legal firms, Medical Opinion Asia is also now working closely with the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Medical Research for a major rural care medtech initiative. The company has already achieved notable traction and now needs to move forward to commercialise and grow.


There is an alarming rise in the number of exaggerated and fraudulent insurance claims involving health care institutions, healthcare providers, and policy holders, resulting in a increased insurance premiums, high hospitalisation cost, and slow settlements.

Currently there are problems faced by the insurance industry in finding good medical specialists to provide strong expert opinions, leaving the insurance companies exposed to poor reports and difficulties in fighting hard cases. Turn around needs to be fast and efficient, which another problem facing the insurance claims departments. Often expert opinions are required from subspecialty doctors, again these doctors are difficult to find.

Urban-rural disparities in quality of healthcare delivery occur in many areas of Malaysia, both East and Peninsular. Outlying clinics are often far away from the hospital, leaving the teams, often with poor back up and little or no modern technology. This gap between city and rural healthcare leaves the rural communities with a less than optimum level of care. With the harnessing of current digital technologies much can be done to bridge this gap.

The continuing escalation in health problems because of poor lifestyle habits is alarming. Obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and diabetes. The burden put on healthcare facilities, doctors’ clinics, and family members is costly. Awareness, concern, and interest, are all void, leading to this escalating health problem

When individuals do need to see a doctor, there is difficulty in finding reliable specialists, often leaving patients and families relying on poor recommendations from uninformed sources. There is a Severe Lack of medical second opinion services to the local communities to ensure correct and appropriate treatments are delivered, with help and assistance being provided to patients to understand their medical management needs and make approriate decisions on their medical management welfare.

Malaysia has built a good reputation for medical tourism, mainly because of good service and competitive pricing. But the international market is wide open for tapping, and Malaysia has a great opportunity to take advantage of this situation but seems to be missing the opportunity by not being focussed. Difficulty to pre-arrange for appointment, uncertainty of providers reputation, poor coordination of medical treatment, transportation, and accommodation for foreign patients are some of the symptoms. With an organised structure, targeted treatments from reliable providers, a great opportunity awaits, and a huge revenue source to be tapped.


Medical Opinion Asia with its four pillars of service, Expert Medical Opinions, MedTech solutions, Genetic Profiling and Medical Tourism Concierge Services, each of the problems are being addressed gradually but surely, but the company now needs to grow these services to take advantage of the scale that each provides.

Expert opinions assist in Questionable and Fraudulent claims being fairly handled, saving money for the insurance companies, and a fair pay-out to policy holders. A particular focus is being placed on the growing number of personal accident claims, as well as hospitalisation claims, which continue to grow at a significant rate.

Working with the Ministry of Health, the potential to deliver a scalable solution for the rural care disparity is being studied, with a proof of concept opportunity to commence imminently. Delivery of fast and high-quality networked healthcare services to rural communities has been proposed to the MOH, and this is being accelerated to a POC in East Malaysia.

To assist in overcoming some of the lifestyle illnesses, Medica Opinion Asia has introduced a nutrigenomic programme to provide health optimisation and wellness management. Personal genetic profiles along with professional guidance and monitoring are offered to help patients understand the importance of focused nutrition for better health outcomes, reducing some of the known risks of poor diet habits and realighning  lifestyle culture.

The medical concierge service takes advantage of the large medical specialist resource of Medical Opinion Asia, identifying specific treatments to be placed on the International market, arranging door to door services including pre-travel medical opinions, doctors’ appointments, and choice of hospital as well as hospitality services for accompanying relatives.


Expert Medical Opinion, Second Opinion, and Medico Legal Court Attendances, Managed MedTech & Telemedicine Services, Nutrigenomics Programmes with Genetic Profiling, and Medical Tourism Concierge services with Managed Medical Tourist Packaging


Since the journey started to build a presence in the market, and establish good clients, most of the major insurance companies are now leaning towards and using the services of Medical Opinion Asia, particularly for the complex cases requiring expert opinions. A growing number of law firms are sending their cases to MOA for expert opinions and medical examinations of their clients, and when needed requesting court appearances for our doctors to present their expert opinions.

MedTech has gained visibility both to the private sector and public health sector. Some devices have been sold to clinicians, but the major rural programme is getting the appropriate recognition from the MOH. The Malaysian Armed Forces have now also approached MOA for a similar networked solution within  the military clinics and hospitals.

The Nutrigenomic programme was newly launched earlier in the year, and the medical concierge services of MOA has already seen several overseas patients being assisted successfully through the medical services here in Malaysia.

Between July 2019 to February 2020, Expert Medical Opinions contributed 61% of our revenue, Managed Medtech & Telemedicine Services 15% and Nutrigenomics Programmes 21%.


Medical Opinion Asia was initally set up to provide second medical opinion to the members of the public. After a presentation on The Economic Importance of an Independent Medical Opinion for Medical Insurance Industry by our CEO, Mr. Stuart Pack at the 6th Malaysian Insurance Summit (2016), we were approached by several insurance companies, asking whether our medical opinion service can be extended to insurance claims. In 2017, we had our first B2B clients (5 major insurance companies) and from there onwards, making inroads and growing presence into the insurance industry, securing more clients along the way. As the one-stop centre for expert medical opinion services, we are also receiving cases from legal firms representing insurance companies, TPA (Third Party Administrators) and loss adjuster across Malaysia.

In 2018, we had sucessfully introduced our expert medical opinion service to corporates, particularly HR departments, providing medical opinion for employees for various problems, e.g. employees returning to work after medical leaves, employees who need to undergo surgery etc.

Expert Medical Opinion

Direct approach to decision makers in the Insurance Companies i.e. C-level executives, Head of Claims, direct communication with law forms, and follow up with interested parties who have approached MOA for our services. A fee is charged for expert opinion, as well as a fee for independent medical examination. Additionally, we charge an administrative fee on each expert opinion and IME report. The medical specialists are paid on a fee for service basis, thereby keeping overheads low.

For members of the community we charge a fee for a second opinion. This can be done all on-line.

Managed Medtech & Telemedicine Services

Partnerships with quasi-government body - PPP model. Individual technology sale commission, lease model to government institutions, and partnerships with medical centres, screening centres and clinics - We charge a monthly retainer and service fee on each teleradiology report provided through our platform. 

Xgene.Asia Nutrigenomics Programmes

The programmes are sold through agents, partnerships with hospitals, clinics, and wellness centres. Revenue is generated for each package sold; packages vary depending on complexity. Direct B2C sales and B2B2C via agents and partners with attractive commission scheme. 

Medical Tourism

Working with groups like MHTC and agents, services offered and taken up by clients are charged on specific needs of the individual. Administrative fees are charged, along with the cost of the services needed in the hospitals, clinics, and care providing areas. The hospitals pay a commission for the patients stay, and we charge a service fee for medical concierge services. Revenue therefore arises from administrative fees, commission from the hospitals, hospitality management fees.


The focus of Customers and Market segments, both current and projected,  can be split into four groups, and are not limited to Malaysia alone.

For Second Opinion services, the customers are from the Malaysian community, and although primarily focused on a service for Malaysia, because it is web based, is also available for anyone with access to the internet, so International customers are also appearing. For Expert Medical Opinion, the service is used by Malaysian Insurance Companies and Law Firms in several different areas of Malaysia. The future however will be to take this service to neighbouring Asia Pacific countries.

Medtech developments, always with our specialists as a backbone for advice, trials, and testing, have been positioned for both the private sector of healthcare as well as the public sector. Whilst the positioning for MOA has been to utilise knowledge in healthcare industry, combined with telecommunication, and software development, IOT in Health Care is the primary direction. Currently several mobile Ultrasound devices have been introduced and sold to private healthcare providers, but the major focus now is a networked Ultrasound service for the Rural communities of Malaysia. MOA has now been officially invited to setup as a POC comprising a network for the MOH linking several rural clinics to a general hospital. This will be available for demonstration in November 2020. The Malaysian Armed Forces have also requested for a similar solution to be considered for their health clinics and hospitals.

Nutrigenomics setup has been aimed at the health-conscious individuals in the Malaysia community. Marketing has been aimed at the general community, Gyms, Wellness centres, Aesthetic centres, General Practitioners, Schools, Colleges, Educational Establishments. The market is wide and large, but penetration will depend on education and understanding of the need for genetic knowledge and how the individual benefits from such knowledge with better health prospects as the outcome.


Medical Tourism remains a golden opportunity for tapping. Malaysia, with international standards of care and technologies, international trained medical specialists, and a cost base lower than most countries making this an attractive service, the market is truly international, and very penetrable. MOA with its large team of medical specialists and an infrastructure able to arrange door to door services for clients, the prime focus is Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Singapore. Although Malaysia appears to be doing well, the potential is huge and mainly untapped currently. MOA has the means to be focussed and well set up to reach out to this market.

Although the local region is readily available to reach out to, Europe, Australia and US will be included in the medium to long term strategies of growth.


First organised mover for Expert Medical Opinions and Independent Medical Examinations in Malaysia, currently without a notable competitor. MOA has the largest independent group of medical specialists covering all subspecialties. The compny founders have considerable experience and knowledge in the industry, both medical and telecommunications, as well as having strong corporate links. The key team members have individual strengths which combined make for a team difficult to copy so quickly. Relationship the Ministry of Health makes for respect in the market and a good foundation for development and growth.

The close relationship and work ethic between management and the specialists, enables the flexibility and speed to facilitate fast and appropriate response to requests. To build such an infrastructure of trust and allegiance takes time and knowledge, something a potential competitor at this time does not have.


We are looking to raise RM 5m at RM30m pre-money valuation. 

45% of the raised funds will be allocated for sales and marketing, 35% for research and development and 20% for business operations.


As the company has already found traction, reputation has been created and maintained, visibility increasing, it is time to commercialise and grow and take advantage of scale and continuous need. Health care will never disappear, and the four pillars of the company are well positioned for future directions of the healthcare industry. With little or no competition in sight we must move forward quickly with a proven service and product, and take advantage of what has been started, with the traction gaining more strength. The market is there and ready, healthcare interestes are growing, and despite economic instability, healthcare delivery and services will remain a strong and resilient buisness. The timing is therefore right to grow and maximise penetration into the local and international markets.

We therefore hope to expand current reach to Insurance Providers and Law Firms for Expert Opinion in major cities across Malaysia and East Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

Be a major contributor for Medical Tourism in Malaysia with a wide international focus on targeted treatments, and be the company of choice for patients wanting to come to Malaysia for treatments with confidence and assurances of high quality care and notable outcomes.

Be a credible voice in the Med Tech environment, digital medical technology opinions and utilisation methodology

Together with the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Institute of Medical Research Malaysia, introduce a country wide uplifting of rural healthcare standards through digital and network solutions. Position the company to introduce a similar model to neighbouring countries for rural care improvements and strengthening.



Stuart J. Venner Pack - Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Lifetime career in healthcare management, built on experiences from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • CEO of Gleneagles Medical Centre
  • CEO of Gleneagles Nursing College
  • CEO of Prince Court Medical Centre
  • COO of Subang Jaya Medical Centre
  • 8 years in Singapore as a member of the management team of Mount Elizabeth Hospital
  • Member of the Board of Advisors for the new St Luke’s Hospital, Manila, Philippines
  • Speaker on Healthcare topics including Quality, Safety, Medico Legal, Insurance, and Risk

Dato' Wei Chuan Beng - Co-founder & Director

  • IT and ICT industry veteran of 28 years.
  • Driving force behind the REDtone Group where he was one of the founding members.
  • Was the Group Managing Director of REDtone International Berhad and REDtone Asia Inc., where both are listed on Bursa Malaysia and the US OTC Bulletin Board respectively.
  • Jointly spearheaded the REDtone MEX Teleradiology service and REDtone IOT business initiatives.
  • Adjunct professor at University Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia.
  • Played leadership and advisory roles within influencer and strategic thought organizations such as PIKOM and the National IT Council.
  • Was conferred DSPN with the title Dato’ as a recognition of his contributions to the industry in 2011.

Medical Opinion Asia's strength and firm foundation comes not only from an experienced and focused management team with a perfect balance of knowledge and expertise, but also from the company's firm foundation of the support it receives from the hand picked panel of more than 80 senior medical specialists covering no less than 50 medical subspecialties.

Prof. Dr. David Cumberland - Director & Clinical Advisor

  • Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at renowned hospitals in Malaysia.
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh), Royal College of Radiologists (UK), Royal College of Surgeons of England, European Society of Cardiology and the American College of Cardiology.
  • Appointed Professor in Interventional Cardiology at the University of Sheffield in 1994
  • Awarded the Rohan Williams gold medal for the top candidate in the UK radiology fellowship examination, and the Professor James Scott Medal for excellence in the promotion of healthcare.
  • Author or co-author of over 200 papers, mainly on research in angioplasty, stenting and other techniques in cardiovascular intervention.

Chong Sze Siang - Chief Technology Officer

  • 11 years of experience in medical imaging, teleradiology and telecommunications.
  • Held engineering and consultancy positions in Alcatel-Lucent, Diversified Gateway Berhad, REDtone and REDtone MEX.
  • Authored and co-authored international journals and conference papers.
  • Winner of numerous prestigious research and innovation awards.
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