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Meneki Wellness Centre is pioneering integrative health treatment in Malaysia, as one of the leaders in the fast-developing field of providing various medical treatments to treat hypertension, diabetes, and stroke patients. Our services include Colon Cleansing, Intravenous Photodynamic Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. We are on a mission to assist and control patients labelled with ‘Urban Illness’, especially with Heart Disease, Metabolic Disorder and Stroke illnesses, without the use of common medication.


Our Co-founder and CEO, Dr Nomas is an established and highly skilled professional doctor with over 12 years of experience in the medical field.Throughout these years, he found out that most people do not cultivate a healthy lifestyle and ‘Urban illness’ has been slowly sweeping the world. He felt frustrated and helpless at not being able to treat the patient with an incurable disease and most people still did not realise the seriousness of the problem.  With his belief that prevention is better than cure,he decided to start Meneki Wellness to spread his ideas and provide treatment to the people in every corner of Malaysia.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

The uncoordinated laws of modern life and bad living habits lead to inevitable diseases. People in this urbanisation era are filled with hassles, anxiety and frustrations. This creates chronic stress which starts causing damage to your body mentally as well as physically. It can suppress your body's immune system, increase the risk of stroke and any other irreversible disease.

Difficult to Discover

Most serious illnesses are completely asymptomatic in their early stages. It's hard to cure when it's discovered. For example, many people with (Type 2) diabetes without symptoms will not discover their illness until they have diabetes-related health problems, such as blurred vision, and it will be too late to cure.

Limited Treatment

Most of the treatments on the market are for milder illnesses or mentally focused therapy. Although medical treatment has made enormous advances in our country, the delivery of health care treatment is often ineffective, inefficient and unfriendly.


In recent years, we have discovered that the most common "Urban Illness" are high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.However, the health care treatment for this kind of disease is very limited, which causes the public not initiate to take care of their health, and delays the best time for the treatment. Thus, we took up this responsibility to penetrate this market pain point:

At Meneki Wellness, we emphasise efficiency, effectiveness, precise treatment:

By keeping treatments within a narrow range of practice, we ensure service consistency and the health care treatment becomes more efficient. Introduction of world’s leading technology to increase patient engagement, providing insight to help create hyper-targeted, personalised health and wellness plans to  ‘Hard to Cure Diseases’ patients (Hypertension, Stroke and Diabetes). As such, technological machinery ensures our patients enjoy the best healthcare experience after all.


We will provide a one-stop service by introducing the most advanced health care equipment from Germany and the United States to ensure our clients enjoy high-quality services.

1. COLON HYDROTHERAPY - Colon Cleansing/ Body Detox

Also known as Colonics, Colonic Irrigation, Colon Cleansing or Colon Lavage. Colon hydrotherapy is the infusion of clean, warm and oxygenated water into the rectum to cleanse and flush out the toxins from the colon.

2. PHOTODYNAMIC - Treatment for Heart Disease, Metabolic Disorder and Stroke

Photodynamic therapy is a low-level laser treatment for your cells. It is an advanced German technology that has been certified internationally. It is a form of laser therapy where the laser light is placed directly in the bloodstream. It helps to make people feel good and look younger, normalise vital sign readings, improve sleep quality, pain relief, improve performance, create stronger immunity, change to a better and brighter mood and reduce risks of diseases.

3. HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY - Enhance Immunity & Body Oxygenation

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurised environment. It is a chamber that provides a higher level of oxygen pressure, below 1.5 ATA. It increases oxygen transport capacity in the blood as your lungs can gather much more oxygen than normal by breathing pure oxygen.

4. MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE THERAPY - Stimulate lymphatic & Immune System

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a gentle technique – which is used to stimulate the lymphatic system to promote the flow of lymph fluid around the body. The massage encourages the natural drainage of the lymph out of the affected area, helping to eliminate your body’s waste, reducing swelling  as well as boosting the body’s immune system.


Below is Meneki Wellness revenue projection from the year 2022 to year 2027.

We will reinvest the profit to centre expansion in 2022 and 2023. Thus, there is no profit reflected at the beginning stage of the expansion. However, we projected at least 15 centres will be operating in 2025. By 2026, we strive to achieve duplication of at least 20 wellness centres with expected revenue of RM 17,579,100 with 33% net profit margin.


Meneki wellness is the ultimate advocacy in the field of Science and Medicine in today’s modern world. We aim to assist patients who are facing urban illnesses, especially hypertension, diabetes, and stroke patients in the Klang Valley area. In addition, individuals who wish to receive consistent health care treatment and maintain a good lifestyle will be our potential customers as well.


Our main revenue stream is the therapy treatment service and is followed by sales of health supplements in phase 2 and referral revenue in phase 3. We will source our own machinery from Germany as our asset to generate consistent income through therapy services and sales of supplements from existing OEM manufacturers. With this scalable business model, we aim to duplicate Meneki Wellness Centre across Malaysia.


We are currently expanding our operation in the Selangor area which underlies more than 75 million stroke patients market potential. With the similar business model, we plan to reach out to patients with urban illnesses and duplicate our business model state by state throughout Malaysia. Eventually, we are confident of opening at least 20 wellness centres by the year 2026.


We aim to deliver the highest quality health treatment and optimise our user experience. Unlike other clinics and traditional healthcare centres dull and boring design, we will include more technological and modern elements into our design concept. We want our customers to feel relaxed, satisfied and at ease when they come to our wellness centre.


For our first public participation offer, we seek to raise RM1.5 million offering an equity of 10% in the form of ordinary shares to kickstart this missionary program. With this financing amount, we will spend

  • 42.8% on purchasing healthcare machinery and equipment

  • 27.1% for operation activities

  • 22.6% setting up wellness centres

  • 7.3% conducting branding and marketing.

Our estimated total cost to set up an outlet is around RM600,000 to RM700,000. Besides, with a minimum funding target at RM800,000 we can set up and operate at least one outlet; with maximum funding at RM 2,500,000 we can run 4 outlets in the first phase.


Vision: To be the benchmark of Malaysian and Asian wellness that provides personalised solutions in preventive and controlling Heart Disease, Metabolic Disorder and Stroke illnesses without common medication.

Mission: In pursuit of controlling Heart Disease, Metabolic Disorder and Stroke illnesses Without Common Medication

Meneki Wellness makes accessibility to all individuals to treat urban illness easy. We are passionate in providing a top notch medical analysis and integrative management for individual health conditions.Our first step is to bring our impact to the entire Malaysia. 


Dr Nomas @ Alvin Yeow Co-founder & CEO of Meneki

He has more than 12 years of experience in the medical field. He had focused on alternative treatments to help his patients during his tenure as he felt frustrated about the limitations of conventional Western medicine in the treatment of a broad number of diseases. He realised there are many non-conventional treatments which are beneficial in treating patients with chronic illnesses. Hence, Dr Nomas combined both conventional and non-conventional methods in his practice. He always treats his patients based on the latest guidelines and proven publications which have managed to create a number of success stories. He is also a Malaysia registered hypnotherapist and certified nutritionist.

To achieve his goal of- "Serving the best for all his patients" he continues to keep his knowledge proficient and up to date by involving himself in multiple conferences in the international stage.

  • MBBS (Manipal)

  • Registered Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist (P.CH)

  • Master in PRP and Stem Cells Therapy (USA)

  • Professional Member in IASCT (USA & EU)

  • International Industry Expert Award Winner (IEQBA)

  • Diploma In Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics (USA/UK)

  • Professional Certificate in Nutritional Medicine (EU)

  • Certificate in BHRT and Nutrition (India)

  • Certificate in IV Therapy and Chelation (India)

  • Certificate in IV Therapy and Chelation (India)

  • Basic Science in Orthopaedic (UKM)

  • Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine (USA)

  • Certificate in Practical Andrology


Dato Jonathan Lim : Chief Marketing Officer

  • He has involved himself across sectors which resulted in his businesses' ability to cover wide ranges. Amongst those businesses are IT, industrial investment and trading, property construction and development, media advertising and production, and last but not least, education and training.

  • Asean Top 50 Social Media Influencers Award 2019

  • 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Award 2016

Alvin Tan : Chief Financial Officer

  • He has experience of consulting more than 235 companies on financial planning. From 2016, he has helped hundreds of companies to successfully raise funds, which amount to over 10 million in total.

  • Dr Nomas

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