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Our goal will be developing a “UNIFIED BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & ASSESSMENT” model which will be deployed as a platform solution. The objective of the solution will allow for the accurate assessment of existing companies for internal investment or to identify potential future external investment opportunities. The platform is underpinned by our model which factors into the evaluation algorithm the following source datasets, namely the “Business Condition”, “Human Condition” and “Market Condition”. This holistic approach allows for a very precise assessment as it forecast value and opportunity both regressively as well as progressively over a configurable time period.


Most businesses start from humble beginnings and as they grow, their biggest challenge is managing their expansion whilst also ensuring how best to navigate the problems associated with the growth. With so many factors that can affect the business at any given time, being able to assess and predict how the business is doing and can do is crucial. Most current business thinking focuses on specific aspects while expounding on a holistic approach. We believe a holistic approach needs to focus on all critical aspects as a whole.


The proposed solution we are developing based on our model has tremendous business benefits for Small to Medium size businesses or business groups to develop a more efficient operational and investment strategy. This will allow them to better navigate the “new normal” for both business sustainability and even expansion. Being a holistic based approach, it is applicable within varied geographical locales and economic landscapes. The AI metholody applied to the process allows for ease of rapid deployment across the organization and gives key stakeholders the ability to develop better business decisions faster and with a higher degree of accuracy.


Platform based solution that allows for the mining of synergistic data from the 3 main focal points, the “Business Condition”, “Human Condition” and “Market Condition” to map and extrapolate a viable scoring matrix which shows how well a company is doing and how well is should be doing whilst also let us decide if a company needs further investment or is a viable investment.


Based on our initial testing of the underlying model, we have acquired a solid traction among small and medium size companies which need to have such a solution to keep them competitive and maintain their sustainability under the new economic conditions. This is due to a more tech data approach that makes the adoption much easier with ease of configurability.


Small to Medium Companies with a staff size between 10-500 persons.


The solution has the ability to be monetized at various levels and differing revenue models, from a simple online SaaS offering to an on-site internalized deployment based on a licensing model.


Based on statistics from SME Corp, we are looking to capitalize on the existing market size of over 907,065 companies. We believe a good 70% of that market will find our product very useful.


There are various business analysis and competency tools available in the market but the learning curve to understanding its use and also to deploy it are rather steep. Furthermore, it requires a subject matter expert in most instances to execute them competently. A solution that is more automated and easier to use and understand but covers more within a single solution implementation is currently not available in the market.


Currently we have started our model development based on a self funding basis and are looking for a larger seed funding to develop the initial version of the platform. We are planning to raise 5 million via ECF. 


To redefine the corporate landscape in Malaysia and Globally to make it more data driven and improve its business resiliency.


Founders and Founder’s friend & family.


1. Dato Sharon Bin Prof Tan Sri Datuk Dr Haji Mohamed Haniffa

Son of the chairman and founder of Mahsa University, Dato’ Sharon is a graduate of Monash University, where he completed his studies in chemical engineering and has since gone on to assist in the publishing of multiple research papers. He is currently an Executive Director of the MAHSA Group and leads the Finance and Tech Departments, spearheading innovative projects such as KEDAI, MAHSA Nexgen, and Urban Living. He also currently chairs several boards of prominent organizations in the country. Dato’ Sharon co-founded Brick House alongside his wife Datin Christine Bong. Together they continue to strategize and lead the growth and development of  Brick House, ensuring its continued success.


2. Dato Dr. Shahril Bin Prof Tan Sri Dr Haji Mohamed Haniffa

Son of the chairman and founder of Mahsa University, Dato’ Shahril is a medical doctor by background. He graduated with a Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery from Melaka Manipal Medical College and a Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management. He is now MAHSA Group Managing Director.


1. Thomas Michael Hussey (Managing Director)

Tom Hussey is a proactive team leader with over 15 years working as a Business Analyst and Business Consultant. His key skills are business analysis, coaching and financial modelling. He co-founded an IT visualization startup in New Zealand in 2012 called Hubscope.

2. Mohamed Reezan Bin Mohd Fadzil

Reezan graduated from London School of Economic with a Bachelors in Economics and a Masters in Economics. Reezan spends the bulk of his career in Private Banking in the UK with RBS and working to manage HNW clients with Coutts.
He has always been active in the startup field, either as a mentor, investor and serial entrepreneur.
Apart from working with his investment group today, Reezan is keen to disrupt and innovate the startup ecosystem here in Southeast Asia. He believes that through an ecosystem curation model, the innovation synergy between startups and corporates can be elevated to the next level. 
He is also keen to see PPP being redefined as Private-Public Partnerships, having industry lead and government supporting the ecosystem thus allowing Malaysia to shine ever brighter on the world stage. 

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