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Milano Jewellery Sdn Bhd is a growing Jewelry craftsmen company. The Company was founded by Mr. Rae Yong in year 2017.  Although the company is just 3 years old it has been achieving stable growth and profit. 

The vision of the company is to expand its business across Asia as there is a high demand and great opportunities within this region. 

Milano Jewellery is looking for funding between RM3,000,000 to RM9,000,000 for its business expansion.  


The problem in the Jewelry industry in Malaysia is that there is a short supply of raw materials and it requires heavy capital outlay.  There is also a limited production line coupled with the surge in gold price during any crisis. These issues require big capital from the Jewelerry Craftsman to further business expansion.



Setting up a sizeable factory to cater for the high demand of gold crafting. With the new production line, Milano will be able to take in more orders.


Besides being a Jewelry Craftsman, Milano will expand to retail and online, this enables Milano to offer more competitive pricing and provide customers with better value for their money.


Purchasing gold raw materials when the price is low, maintaining optimum stock levels to maximize the profits from the fluctuation of gold price.



Milano have been supplying to many established Jewelers with exquisite and excellent design 


Hand-stamping is the process of marking a piece of metal with an metal stamp by simply striking the top of the stamp with a hammer to impress a mark into the metal. The metal stamp will have a raised letter or symbol on the end.


The liquid gold can be poured directly into the mold, but various techniques can be used to ensure a higher-quality casting. Centrifugal casting, vacuum-assisted casting or pressure casting can be used to ensure the gold flows into every area of the mold evenly.


Milano has generated RM2.7m revenue in 2019 with a net profit of RM394k in 2019.

Milano is targeting to achieve profit of RM1,000,000 in year 2020.


All retail jewellery outlets are our potential customers and by increasing our supply we will be able to penetrate different segments of customers.


Milano is selling our expertise in crafting beautiful Jewelry, our Craftsman have on average 10 years of experience in the industry.





Milano has 3 main competitors who are STM, OE Gold and Sky Gold (these are older industry players). Milano's key differentiator is our craftsman skillset and business innovation

Jewellers are not just craftsmen they are artists too. People are often amazed at how these artificers of metal, are able to manipulate gold and gemstones into the beautiful finished creations, that are adored for generations. We know that it takes more than dinner and drinks to impress your clients, they want a learning experience that they can take with them. The Diamond Master Class is an event outside the box, offering your clients a unique one of a kind experience that they will remember forever. The event takes the participant on a journey which upon completion,


Milano is looking for an investment of RM3,000,000 to RM9,000,000 in order for further the growth of the company. The funds will be used to focus on 3 key areas which are purchase of raw material (gold), assets and machinery & operations. 

Milano’s goal is to expand our production line and expansion of customers base locally and across Asia.


To be the No.1 Asia Jewelry Craftsman


Milano are blessed with good customers who trust them with their experience, they started off with customers handing over raw materials (gold) to craft. And the founder funded his own operations to kick off Milano’s operations.


Rae Yong started working when he was 19 years old, he has started working for a Craftmen Jewellery Factory from being a helper. he was promoted to be the Manager in a short span of 5 years. Throughout his time in the company, he has mastered several skills which actually contributed to his success today. With his 12 years experience and limited capital, he started Milano Jewellery Sdn Bhd. Within the first year he realise profit and triple the profit in the second year. 


Milano's team consists of 60 members with experience in craftsmanship, finance and jewelry industry. We strive to make an impact on the Jewelry industry.


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