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StudentQR (Myfuturity Global Sdn Bhd) was founded by Syed Huzaifah Syed Omar who has been appointed as IT Specialist by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2017. Syed Huzaifah provides training to teachers and schools but realized that there is a big gap in communication between students, parents, and teachers. All of these issues have been raised by teachers that he trained. In late 2018, he then believe that to solve these issues is by providing a complete customizable QR code system for schools. 


The StudentQR is a behaviour assessment and attendance system for students using a QR code. It is an award-winning system that seeks to encourage students’ positive behaviour and motivation while decreasing negative behaviour by giving points for good behaviour and performance both in school and at home. 

The StudentQR points system is the student’s version of a reward system for positive behaviour as a way of helping to produce well-trained and motivated students. The system comes with a real-time leaderboard that displays the student’s performance which can boost their (student’s) motivation to do better and compete healthily in the school.

The overall process will take around 10 seconds to reach parents and project real-time reporting to schools compared to 4-6 months of the manual process. 

StudentQR can increase students’ good discipline and motivation while decreasing negative behaviour and discipline issues by giving points when the students submit their works early, volunteer in class, speak good English, come to class early, or any good behaviour that is decided by the school.

Besides behaviour assessment and attendance, the StudentQR can also be used by teachers and the school authorities for the digital keeping of academic records, as student/staff ID cards, and for QR payments to enable students to make payments on campuses, for transportation, and for purchases in the shops throughout the country.


1. Discipline issues
Based on the interview and feedback by teachers, the most highlighted issue is never-ending discipline issues such as bullying, skipping classes, disrespect to the teachers, etc. But these students also do good behaviors that are rarely recorded by teachers as positive behaviors activities are too much compared to a discipline issue. When this happens, parents tend to think that the teachers did not teach their children properly as they only get informed of the negative behavior.

2. Manual & tedious administrative tasks to teachers
On top of their in-class Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran (PDPR), To do additional tasks such as keying in the positive behaviour reporting. This is cumbersome to the teachers. Since this is a compulsory requirement, the teachers have to spend a significant amount on this manual & tedious task.

They need to prepare a study plan, syllabus report and for each of the classes, they need to do reporting. is a big burden to them. But if it's a compulsory task given by the schools, they need to do it using manual or old systems that take 4-6 months to reach the parents. This process is not efficient and fails to reach schools' objectives as the data is not key-in in real-time and is not accurate.

3. No Real-Time Reporting
When parents get the students' reports, especially related to their discipline, most of the information is subjective and not accurate. It also depends on the teachers that key in the marks. So parents feel dissatisfied with their kids' reports and give a bad reputation to the teachers and students.


Using StudentQR will solve all these problems while increasing engagement and fun elements in the classroom.

1. Positive Behaviour Reinforcement via Point merit System

In the classroom, students claim points when they do any good or positive behaviour. Students collect points by scanning their QR Tag from the teacher's smartphone. All good activities such as attendance, submitting homework, helping teachers, cleaning the class, and so on, can be recorded using bulk scanning or by using kiosk mode which allows students to self scan their QR code. Parents instantly are notified of their children's activities in school from the parent app. Not only that, parents can award points to the students from home. Every month or end of the year, the principal and school management can monitor and track overall student behaviour in real-time. Teachers can reward and announce the best students at the assembly or Whatsapp group from the leaderboard.

2. Reduce 95% administrative work

Based on the feedback, StudentQR helps to reduce 95% of administrative work by combining all tasks by all students in only one submission. From a 1 week task to only 10 minutes. The secret sauce of the system is from the optimization of multiple QR code scanning and multiple task submission process. Not only that, teachers can submit the records offline or with low internet connectivity. This feature helps thousands of teachers reduce their burden doing administrative work.

3. Digitalise real time reporting to schools administrator & parents

The StudentQR is the easiest way to keep track of the consistent and outstanding performers. The school will have the data readily at hand … 
Our promise: no more spreadsheets, merit books, or paper slips! 

With clear transparency for staff and students, the StudentQR will provide the perfect platform for your students to compete. It allows the schools to make a more accurate and fast assessment of every student because it can see the performance and discipline of students in real-time in the admin dashboard. 
In essence, the StudentQR will provide the schools with rich insights into student development, behaviour, and tracking of specific details of the improvement. This will help the school understand its students better than ever before.


The technology that has been designed since 2018 is Multiple QR Code scanning. This allows teachers to scan the student's QR code in bulk without any loading process. The app will detect multiple QR codes instantly and does not affected by internet connection. This process saves the teacher's time and makes the scanning activity more fun and engaging since it has an attractive sound when scanning.

The school admin is also able to generate multiple QR Tag complete with beautiful designs in one single click. It can be generated for one school or selected students. These features help save admin time to create student tags without any design skills needed.

All activities will be recorded and parents get push notifications on their smartphones.

Offline submission is the most requested feature by teachers that help them to submit the records without relying on the internet.

Schools also can generate the E-certificate of all students complete with a pie chart and points in one single click. This certificate can be customized by teachers easily without having to learn any design skills.
We have submitted a utility patent to MyiPO to secure the offline QR code scanning technology in the education sector


Incorporated: Sept 2019

Number of schools (#) : 4,200 

Number of students: 245,000

Number of teachers: 19,230


Our target industry is education including 

1. Preschool

2. Schools (government & private) ,

3. Universities.

StudentQR market & target customers are school administrators, teachers and parents.

Business model

​StudentQR is using FREEMIUM business model


Since our system is fully customizable and can be used by any school in the world, we have more than a US$13.5B Market opportunity.


We are currently working with our partners such as Microsoft, YTL, MMU as sponsors.


Our main competitor is Classdojo. What sets us apart are:
1. Multiple QR Code scanning
2. Offline feature
3. E-certificate
4. Fully customizable items
5. Business model 


StudentQR is pleased to conduct its first Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) round with pitchIN. StudentQR has received RM500,000 through winning in SUPERB TERAJU program by Ministry of Finance. For this ECF round, StudentQR is expecting to raise to RM 2.1m in return for issuance of 9.09% equity.

We want to allocate the funding of RM2.1m for 
1) Marketing and advertisement (60%)
2) Human Resources (20%)
3) Technology and development (10%)
4) Customer support (10%)


Our vision is to shape and build the values of the future generation by using information technology in education to make the world a safer place through AI-enabled behavior big data. We firmly believe we can only achieve greatness if we first achieve goodness.


1 Angel Investor with total fund of RM240,000


Mr Syed Huzaifah Syed Omar – Certified IT specialist, 17 years in AR, VR and Mobile app industry\
Mr Sam Koh – 20 years in printing and marketing industry


Syed Huzaifah Syed Omar : CEO, founder

Sam Koh :  Co-Founder

Adis Nabawi : CTO - Co-Founder

Syahrul Anuar  : CFO - Co-founder

Ray : CPO



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Lensa Magazine:


I'm honoured to be interviewed by British Publishing House LTD as they wanted to showcase my success stories in their encyclopedia journal titled 'Successful People in Malaysia 2021.'

They had showcased and listed many great people in Malaysia and other countries in different fields such as Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

TV Al-Hijrah:


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