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Natural Farmland Resources Sdn Bhd is providing professional services for investment plantations in Malaysia and South East Asia. We offer a wide range of services to corporate or private investors ranging from full plantation management, technical assistance, supplying high-quality planting materials, property scouting, and assistance in crop sales.

Natural Farmland Resources Sdn Bhd will be focused on a bamboo plantation, which has lower entry points and higher returns in the plantation industry.


Time Consuming

Although fruit plantations bring attractive returns, many plantations require at least 3 years of planting period in which investors only see the real profit when the fully mature trees are harvested. 

Expertise Needed

Fruit plantations need a lot of expertise. Without proper maintenance like fertilization, grass cleaning, and branch cutting, fruit trees will not grow healthy and produce quality fruits.

Heavy Investment

The first few years involved heavy investment for fruit plantations. High operation expenses cause investors to invest a substantial amount of capital to start. 

Market segment.

The fruit plantation market is very focused on the type of fruits planted, for example, the durian plantation is mainly for the durian market.


Rapid Growth and High Yield

Bamboo is very fast growing it can offer investors returns at a much earlier stage than other plantations. 
Bamboo technically it’s not in fact a tree, it’s a grass.  It can reach its full height in just one year and reach full maturity within four. In the right conditions, its growth can surge 100cm a day!
A great advantage of bamboo is that it can grow in a wide variety of climates and soils, both in lowland and highland areas. Setting up new plantations is therefore feasible in many areas.
Bamboo is a self-regenerating natural resource. When bamboo culms are harvested, new shoots emerge and replace them in a matter of months. Compared to trees bamboo can be harvested annually. The rapid growth of bamboo means more harvests to ensure sustainable supplies.
Bamboo new shoots that emerge in the Spring will continue to get bigger and more numerous from year to year as the colony grows towards maturity
Depending on the species, bamboo plantations can remain productive for more than 50 years. Harvesting in new bamboo plantations usually begins after 5 to 7 years



            5 DAYS                                        9 DAYS                                      12 DAYS


Bamboo is a multipurpose plant with a myriad of applications ranging from construction materials, furniture, fences, handicrafts, pulp and paper, edible shoots, and animal fodder. In developing countries, it is a basic raw material with numerous traditional uses. It is highly suitable for handicrafts, and it also for veneers, clothing, medicine, and cosmetics. 


Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts are edible shoots (new bamboo culms that come out of the ground). They are used as vegetables in numerous Asian dishes and broths.



Mr. Yeo Kian Peng, the founder of Natural Farmland Resources Sdn Bhd, has more than 9 years of farming and farmland management experience.  He has an immediate team to mobilize the clearing of the land for bamboo plantation. The team is targeting the first harvest will be on the 6th month onwards from the completion of the seed planting process. Thereafter will be constantly one harvest per year.


Natural Farmland Resources Sdn Bhd is responsible to develop and to maintain the farm operation and assistance in crop sales. Bamboo trees take approximately 6 months to produce yield. A 6 to 12 months old bamboo tree can produce up to 23 shoots every month. Natural Farmland Resources expects the plantation to be self-sustainable by year 12 months onward, with a projection yield of 25% to 40% per annum. As the bamboo trees grow older, the yield will increase gradually.


Bamboo shoots form a traditional delicacy and have been eaten as a vegetable for thousands of years in many Asian countries.

Consumption of bamboo shoots is mainly concentrated in South-East Asia, where they are a popular ingredient in the local cuisine. Worldwide more than 2 million tons of bamboo shoots are consumed annually.


Countries such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam also produce bamboo shoots, mainly for the domestic markets. China is the largest bamboo shoots exporter, accounting for 75% of global exports, which, in 2009, were worth US$195 million according to UN Comtrade data.  At present, China produces about 1.3 million tons of bamboo shoots annually.


Natural Farmland Resources is raising RM1,000,000 to fund the development and maintenance of a 10-hectare bamboo plantation in Kampung Thom, Cambodia. Natural Farmland Resources will venture into bamboo shoots plantation. Natural Farmland Resources will venture into bamboo shoots and wood export and trading. In exchange, investors will hold 45% of Natural Farmland Resources Sdn Bhd ordinary shares.


10 Hectare land in Kampung Thom, Cambodia. Kampong Thom is the capital of Kampong Thom Province in Cambodia. It's about halfway between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap





To be a leading professional service for investment plantations in Malaysia and South East Asia.


The initial capital was funded by the founder, Mr. Yeo Kian Peng. This Equity Crowd Funding round is Natural Farmland Resources Sdn Bhd first fundraising exercise.


Yeo Kian Peng
  • 13 years of farming experience
  • 9 years of farmland management experience
  • 4 years farm produce trading in rice, cashew nuts, dried fruits


Natural Farmland Sdn Bhd team consists of 5 members with experience in farming, farmland management, technical assistance, supplying high-quality planting materials, property scouting, and assistance in crop sales. The management planned to hire 8 Malaysian staff based in Cambodia to supervise the farming work which is mainly done by local Cambodians.   Besides, the management is having discussions and getting advice from Bioeconomy Corporation to develop urban and traditional farming in Malaysia.  Hence, the management is planning to hire at least 5 staff for its R&D department in Malaysia with the intention to establish collaboration work with Bioeconomy Corporation.  In addition, with the recent boom in  E commence,  an IT department and online marketing department with a minimum of 7 staff will be set up to market the company product to the whole of Malaysia and Singapore. 

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