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Nature Harvest Garden Sdn Bhd is a plantation and management company that operates durian plantation in Pahang, Malaysia.

Nature Harvest Garden business objective is to build a stable and recurring income plantation to target China Market. Nature Harvest Garden business modules are low entry cost. Plantation is a stable business, no matter how technology advances, food demand will not decrease. Nature Harvest Garden designed and customised specifically for different individual investors. Investors can learn the plantation business, with low entry cost.

Nature Harvest Garden will be focused on durian plantation, which higher return in the plantation.  



Time Consuming

Although Durian Plantation brings attractive returns, Durian plantations require 5 years of planting period without income. It causes farmers or investors difficulty to sustain in durian plantation. Due to time consuming, fertiliser, manpower, maintenance costs are not able to cover itself for the first 5 years. 

Expertise Needed

From young to maturity for harvest need a lot of expertise, without proper maintenance like fertilisation, grass cleaning and branches cutting, durian trees will not grow healthy and produce quality fruit.

Heavy Investment

First 5 years of durian plantation without income, daily expenses are still ongoing. This causes investors to invest a substantial amount of capital to start in durian plantation.

High Consumption

The China Market is always short of supply. Often speculate, The Chinese’s fondness for the durian is evident from the country’s total import of 600,000 tonnes of durian worth US$1.7bil (RM7.24bil) in 2019. However, the Malaysian durian only accounts for a very small percentage of the market share in China and is only available in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and via online platforms only.



Nature Harvest Garden provide a ticket to venture in to durian plantation :

Low Entry Requirement (thru Pitch In Platform)

Strategic Location, 1  hour drive from KL and 15 minutes from Karak town. 5 km away from the main road.

Manageable Risk, Nature Harvest Garden have our own management and labour team to focus the planting activities as well as handling all the possible plant diseases. Provided Expertise with 15 year durian plantation experience

Nature Harvest Garden also consider global market aside from China, we also study Market in Middle East, Singapore, and etc.


Durian, Musang King
Our Signature Product highlights at Durian fruits sales in 5 years time. Our aim is to plant the latest quality bread of Musang King Durian that could meet export quality. Currently, our source for nursery will provide tree that could provide grade A durian of 1.8kg each with perfect outlook.

Our second product will be durian paste. Selling quality raw ingredients to manufacturers that require durian paste for their product such as durian mooncake, durian cake, and other desserts. China market current requirement from Malaysia stands at 200ton a day. We look forward to being part of their supply chain in 5 years time.

Lastly, we also provide agro tourism for our investor and public to enjoy durian delicacy at our farm. Our farm is built with a chalet, event space, vip rooms and surely with durian part of the tour.

The above product is our current main product and promotion product through agro tourism.

Our’s location (Hutan Simpanan Kemasul, Semantan, Temerloh, Pahang) is stragically for durian plantation, sunlight and water source are extremely enough and suitable for durian plantation. 



First harvest will be on the 6th year with and on 7th Year will be constantly 2 harvest per year

Currently, our partner Mr lai from durian company Puncak Kembang Sdn Bhd, he is experienced in this industry. He has the immediate team to assist us to mobilize the clearing of land and durian plantation. He has prepared stable and strong tree of 5 months old to be trans planted onsite. This would reduce the risk of tree failure, increase the speed of the tree growth, reduce the time of Return of Investment ROI. Not only that, Mr Lai will provide security and machinery ready to mobilize, same time  buy back all our harvest should wish to sell to him at the start of 5th year onwards.

Keeping us to grow further in this industry, we will start immediately to nurse small durian trees, ready for the next land and investment that is available that meets our requirements. We are selective to our location, to have no virus and near virgin forest.



Four Major Market 

International Market
We are targeting the China Market, We targeted about 70% of our harvest will export to China..

Local Market
Local market consists of direct consumers and distributors. We planned to supply distributors which have larger sales volume than consumers. 

Processing Market
Another market we will target is the raw material which is for desert, cake, sweet and etc. confessionary production. Advantages in the raw materials market is storage time, and storage space.



Global trade in Durian fruit is dominated by two countries at the moment – Thailand dominates exports and China dominates imports. Thailand in 2016 exported 402 million KG of Durian fruit, accounting for 95% of global trade followed by Malaysia with approximately 4%.  China dominated global imports in 2016 with 292 million KG or 66% of all trade, followed by Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong. Durian global demand can be quantified in two ways. Firstly by Durian demand in raw fruit form and secondly high demand for Durian based end products. The retail value of Durian demand, domestically and internationally, in raw fruit form – fresh, frozen, paste and pulp – was estimated to be worth over 9 USD billion in 2016. Global demand and trade is expected to grow to more than 25 USD billion by 2030, driven primarily from Chinese demand.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, the country imported USD 358,000 tons of durian in the first half of 2019, more than doubling in volume from 2018

The majority of durian so far have been from Thailand, but after Malaysia secured an export deal in August 2019 for whole frozen durians, the tides look to be slowly but surely turning in its favour, particular 3when concerning China’s favourite durian variant, the famed Musang King which could reach over US$100 per fruit in the country.

China’s incessant demand for durian has not only driven the process up, but also led to real estate experts predicting that durian plantations will invoke a boost in local agricultural land value in the coming year.



Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s largest and leading exporter of Malaysian durians – from frozen durians to delectable durian treats. Since our incorporation in 1996, Hernan has taken Malaysia’s king of fruits from our durian orchard where the intoxicating scent of durians reign, to across the globe. 

Benm Hill Fruits is a Malaysia company which specialise in cultivation and production of durian. We are located in Sungai Ruan, Raub, Pahang. Offering a wide range of fresh durian and frozen products. All our durians are supplied locally in Malaysia and also export internationally including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States and more.

Top Fruits began in 1986 as an agricultural paradise business located at Batu Pahat, Johor and owned one of the largest Durian farms in Malaysia. Beside Durian, we also plant other tropical fruits like Mangosteen, Rambutan & Jackfruit. Our Durian farm is awarded MyGAP (Malaysia Good Agriculture Practice) .



Nature Harvest Garden Sdn Bhd is raising RM3,000,000 in exchange for  37.5% of ordinary share to fund the growth of the company. The fund will be used to focus on 4 key areas which are purchase of land(Capex), Maintenance, strategic partnerships, and product development (Opex) to further improvise.

The fund would be utilized in the proportions highlighted below:


To be the one of the top in the durian plantation in Malaysia and SouthEast Asia



The initial capital was funded by:

Tan Hou Ham

Jeffry Bin Abdullah

This Equity Crowdfunding round is Nature Harvest Garden's first fundraising exercise.



The company estimated the business will create 10 jobs in the area and to provide durian plantation and orchard management skills to the local employment. When harvest season, the company will create about 30 more part-time jobs in the area. Besides, the company will plan to hire about 5 permanent staff for office administration. 

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