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Newswav runs and operates a news aggregator mobile application platform. The Newswav app is the most user-friendly app for local Malaysian content. We plan to revolutionize the News industry with AI and Big Data and to solve the problem of failing news Publishers.


Reader Problems:

  • Users don’t read news from newspaper anymore.
  • Unable to find any localised content using Google News or Filpboard.
  • Information is scattered around, don’t want to waste time searching.

Publisher Problems:

  • Declining print ad revenue.
  • Lack of technology knowledge to keep up with user appetite.
  • Unable to effectively monetize digital content.

Our technology framework allows us to track & learn about user behaviours. This allows for more personalised service so that we could deliver the right news to the right users. We have laid the foundation in our technology framework to allow for localised and multilingual structure to cater for the diverse news reader's needs in Malaysia. Ultimately, all these are built for the purpose of having excellent user experience. 


Our proprietary interface and machine learning system allows us to create superior product which brings the right content to the right reader. We have reinterated multiple UX and UI interfaces to create best possible look which is user friendly and intuitive. Our mission does not end here but to continuously improve on the product. 


We have witnessed significant traction in 2020 due to various economic, social and political uncertainties. For Newswav, "Bad News is Good News". Users recognise us as the platforms which aggregates information from authoritative publishers. We are aiming to reach 1 Million Monthly Active Users by end 2020. 


These are some of our happy clients. As of to date, we have >50  clients that have advertise through us with many more new ones coming onboard as our user count increases. 

Our Publisher Partners


Our business monetises through Native ads as we would like to continue to provide free access to users. This is crucial for our strategy to reach out to more users.


As seen from the above, the potential for us is enormous as news is a basic necessity for everyone. The more upheaval, the more excited and engaged the users are. As the society become more digitally savvy, more people are experiencing the benefit of adopting digital plaform as their preferred choice of news consumption.


We intend to raise RM1Million in this Equity Crowd Funding campaign in order to:

  1. Increase Malaysian user base to reach the status of number One news app in Malaysia
  2. Build features for WavMaker, the plaform for journalist to contribute articles directly to Newswav
  3. Strengthen back end office to ensure all compliance and regulations are properly satisfied


News is essential, but News Publishers are failing. We are here to create a platform to make news interesting again, and publisher sustainable.


Other shareholders includes:

  • Swee Wai Hoow - CEO of Newswav
  • Liew Ooi Hann - (Jirnexu)
  • Jonathan Oh Kah Hoe - (Supplycart)

Swee Wai Hoow is the founder & CEO of Newswav. Please refer to TEAM segment for his details.



Facebook Startup Station Top 10 Finalist 2019

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  • https://www.digitalnewsasia.com/digital-economy/facebook-and-imda-kick-startup-station-singapore

Huawei HMS Challenge 2019

  • https://www.lowyat.net/2019/195702/here-are-some-of-the-companies-participating-in-the-hms-integration-challenge/


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