Nu Vending is a reimagined concept of automation technology, leveraging on a connected digital ecosystem to disrupt the retail industry and distribution channels of businesses.

Our Vision is to be the ASEAN Market Leader in the Self Serving Automation Technology Solutions Industry.

Our Mission is to carve the path for Self Serving Automation Technology to become everyone’s side business using a connected digital ecosystem.


Nu Vending Key Facts

  1. A total of 13.95 mil machines deployed across USA, Europe, Japan and Malaysia. Nu Vending has deployed about 1,200 machines which is less than 0.001 percent market share. Huge potential upside growth!
  2. 10.8% CAGR highest growth potential in APAC. We are strategically well positioned in a vast growing market.
  3. 3 Years of profitable track record showing a reliable business model.
    • Revenue has grown from RM5.6 mil in 2018 to RM7.5 mil in 2019. An increase of RM 1.9 mil or 34%.

    • Profit has grown from RM191k in 2018 to RM456k in 2019. An increase of RM 265k or 139%

    • Revenue has decreased to RM 5.7 million in 2020 due to COVID19 and the Movement Control Order (MCO). However the Company is still profitable with Nett Profit before Tax of RM237k (Management Accounts).

  4. Distribution Channels
    • Klang Valley – moved to a new 3 storey factory with a build-up of around 12,000 sq ft. (Ready)

    • Southern Region Showroom at Johor Bahru. (Ready)

    • Northern Region Showroom at Penang. (Ready)

    • East Malaysia Showroom at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (2021)

    • East Malaysia Showroom at Kuching, Sarawak (2021)

    • East Coast Showroom at Kelantan (2021)

  5. Our Product Development
    • Our very own Vending Machine Industrial Motherboard with Android Operating System, NUBOX. (Ready)

    • Nu Vending App that provides the digital connectivity for effective and efficient control of the business. (Ready)

    • Our E Marketplace to promote continuous buying and repeat sales. (Ready)

    • Our Sales Force Automation software for efficient sales, orders and purchases tracking. (Ready)

    • Setting up of our Manufacturing arm to produce machines for the local market and export. (2021)


Entrepreneurs and Business Owners have always faced the problem where:-

  1. It takes high start-up capital to set up a new business or expand a current business distribution channel.
  2. It takes up high operating expenses in terms of rental and manpower cost to maintain the business.
  3. Time flexibility is limited due to the heavy reliance on physical workforce.
  4. Limited Business Operating Hours due to heavy reliance on physical workforce.
  5. Fix business premises limiting relocation of premises when performance is bad.
  6. The human manpower recruitment struggle due to market competition and foreign worker’s work permit cost and enforcements.
  7. Business Data such as Sales and Inventory might not be transparent or easily accessible.


This inefficiencies will normally lead to less effectiveness and efficiency and ultimately business losses.


Nu Vending can solve these problems through self-serving automation technology.

  1. Lower the Start-Up cost to start or expand a business.
  2. Lower the monthly Operating Expenses by reducing rental and manpower cost.
  3. Flexible working time for the business owner due to reliance on automation.
  4. Long Business Operating Hours. Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  5. Can easily relocate if business performance is bad.
  6. Business Data such as sales, inventory and misc. transparent and easily accessible via Nu Vending app.
  7. Digital Connectivity between machine and Nu Vending app allows highly effective and efficient running of daily business operations.


The minimizing of heavy reliance on physical workforce and machine downtime enables the business to be run efficiently and hence increase the chances of profitability.


Nu Vending has a range of Vending Machines from basic to Android based machines. These Smart IoT Intelligent Vending Machines are digitally connected to our Nu Vending server and Nu Vending App.

Nu Vending also provides after sales services including the Sale of Ready Locations, Refilling Services, Refilling Products, Maintenance, Repair, Financial Assistance, Leasing, Software Solutions, Machine Customization, Logistics, Relocation Services, E Wallet Installation, Training, Installation and Product Consultancy.


Nu Vending commenced business in 2017 with a small 1500 square feet shop in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. That was our Central Region Headquarters at that time, covering Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

In 2018, Central Region expanded into 4 shops at the same area. Our Southern Region Branch opened in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru. Our sales, distribution and support network covered Johor, Melaka and Negri Sembilan through that expansion.

In 2019, Nu Vending expanded into the Northern Region, Bukit Mertajam. Our sales, distribution and support network covered Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis through that expansion. We also started our R&D into our Nu Vending App, Sales Force Automation software and our very own industrial motherboard NUBOX.

In 2020, our Central Region Headquarters moved to a factory in Kajang providing a total nationwide combined working space of more than 20,000 square feet. The bigger business premise will enable us to focus on planned expansion into Manufacturing. Our R&D has been successful and we have implemented our very own Nu Vending App, Sales Force Automation and industrial motherboard NUBOX.


  1. Wholesale Segment

Authorized distributors selling the machines locally and abroad.


  1. Corporate Segment

           Companies with their own products / OEM products / 3rd party products looking for an additional distribution channel for business expansion.

           Companies that need customized software solutions for inventory management, branding and awareness, differential delivery methods and etc.


  1. Entrepreneur Segment

           Individuals who wants to start a fully automated part time / full time business.


  1. Digital Ecosystem
    Companies and Individuals involved in our Nu Vending E Marketplace for products and services in relation to the Vending Machine Ecosystem.


  1. Advertisement Segment

           Companies who want to increase branding awareness through graphic, video, engagement activities and etc.



Nu Vending’s revenue comes from the sale of Self Serving Automation Machinery, Vending Machines and the after sales services in relation to the product.



Japan has a total of 5.52 million, United States 4.6 million and Europe 3.82 million number of Vending Machines with the global market size of USD 30.30 billion in 2018. Malaysia has an estimated less than 100k Vending Machines.

The more popular and modern Vending Machines has only been feasibly available in the Malaysian market about 5 years ago. The availability of these Vending Machines has seen an increased demand in the industry. The availability of cashless payment solutions such as E Wallet will further boost the demand of our Smart IoT Vending Machines.

Asia Pacific is expected to witness the fastest CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 10.8% from 2019 to 2025 due to increasing adoption of automation processes and our strategic geographical position will give us the advantage into ASEAN market expansion.


  1. Local Machine Distributors

Local trading companies who import from overseas and sell locally.


  1. Overseas Manufacturer

Overseas factory manufacturers who produces the machine.


  1. Machine Operators

Tussle for strategic locations


Our Competitive Edge

  1. Our machines are digitally connected between Nu Vending App – Hardware (Machine) – Cloud Server
  2. Continuous R&D and improvement on the product and software solutions segment to provide for a bigger target market.
  3. Aggressive Distribution channels and distributors engagement expansion.
  4. Investment into Manufacturing segment (upstream)
  5. Focused and proven successfully based on sales results on the focus, execution and implementation of the Vending Machine Ecosystem (downstream)


We are looking to raise a minimum RM 560k to a maximum of RM 2.73 million for our expansion. The funds will be for the setting up of Manufacturing and Purchase of Inventory.



Our Vision is to be the ASEAN Market Leader in the Self Serving Automation Technology Solutions Industry.

Our Mission is to carve the path for Self Serving Automation Technology to become everyone’s side business using a connected digital ecosystem.



pitchIN Equity Crowdfunding Round 1 successful campaign with 98 investors and RM 1,345,000.00 raised. We are thankful to have have 2 strategic investors with extensive knowledge and experience in Manufacturing and Finance on board. 



Michael and Deric, the co-founders have known each other for 20 years. They have a shared passion towards using and improving Automation to maximize efficiency. Together, they have faced the ups and downs of building a business from scratch, bootstrapping, faced the challenges of overcoming obstacles from time to time and celebrated the triumphs that Nu Vending merits.


We currently have 35 full time employees on payroll and 20 independent sales agent on board.

Our Senior Team Members include very experienced personnel holding the positions of :- Finance Manager, Legal Executive, General Manager – Southern Region, Head Of Sales – Northern Region, Production Engineer, General Manager – Logistics & Warehouse, Operations Manager, Software Development Manager, HR Manager, Designer

The Nu Vending Family is very balanced, consists of experienced individuals as well as young and vibrant individuals hungry to push their talents beyond the boundaries. The team works in unity with a shared goal in mind and strives to excel in every aspect of their duties. Together, we seek to achieve milestones with Nu Vending always keeping in focus of Our Vision and Mission.

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