connecting drivers to available parking spaces



We’re pleased to have the chance to share with you this opportunity of solving the parking woes in our society.

At ParkIt, we aim to solve the problem at scale. We make a difference by helping parking owners monetise their under-utilised parking space by making it accessible to drivers who need them. Economically, this removes deadweight loses as no capital is spent on building additional parking spaces to accomodate parking demand. Cost of a parking space falls as each parking space is now occupied longer and parks more number of cars.

In simple terms, parking owners make money by providing a driver an affordable, reliable parking space, saving them time and money. In the process, there are less cars parking illegally, less time spent on the road looking for a parking and as a result, less traffic congestion.

Our mission is making parking reliable and accessible at your fingertips for everyone, everywhere.  

Our vision is smarter affordable parking with greater access

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