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Peoplender Sdn Bhd fully owns and runs Fundaztic.com which is one of the only six companies registered with the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) as a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) to operate a peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform in the country.

Very simply, P2P financing is a web-based innovation that broadens the ability of entrepreneurs to unlock capital from a pool of investors in small amounts.  Platform operators like Fundaztic acts as the intermediary / "match-maker" by hosting debt financing requirements of SMEs which it has prior evaluated on its website for its members who have registered as investors to select and invest in to earn returns of investments in the form of interest paid by the SMEs that successfully obtain the funding amount approved for disbursement per guidelines by the SC.  The platform monetises in terms of origination and management fees paid upon successful disbursements and subsequently repayments. 

Peoplender Sdn Bhd itself is a pure Malaysian owned fintech start-up.  However, the founding members and senior management team of the company brings about more that 50 years of expertise and experience in various areas of banking, legal and technology.   Strongly believing that it is through complementing and filling gaps of needs in the ecosystem that will create sustainable and meaningful growth, Fundaztic aims to leverage the latest financial technology to enhance access to both financing and investment for businesses and individuals with low entry barriers. Our Issuers who can be any business registered with the SSM can have access to easy financing through a fast and simple online application process, while our Investors can chip in to provide funds to multiple Investment Notes in exchange for attractive returns of investments with as little as RM50 per Note. Fundaztic intends to transform the financing ecosystem into a transparent, simple, and fair online marketplace, helping people and businesses achieve their financial goals every day. 

Having just gone live on 7/7/2017, to-date, Fundaztic has disbursed RM26.33 million to 309 Notes with just 1 of the Notes classified as default.  Live statistics are transparently available at https://p2p.fundaztic.com

Fundaztic is the leading P2P operator in the country in terms of driving access to financing and investing by helping 180 SMEs (out of a total of 227 SMEs as per SC's industry updates as at 30/6/2018) to obtain debt financing though its member base of more than 8400 members. 


  • Gary Tan
  • Jeffrey Chew
  • Kristine Ng
  • Michael Ooi

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