Next Generation Electronic Medical Record


REMEDi or short for Redefined Medical Information Exchange is company which focused its energy and resources to innovate electronic medical record to make it connected regardless where patient received treatment, easy for patients and medical professionals alike to use, secure and cost -effective manner.

It’s a culmination of hard work since 2012, research of the market and multiple engagements with stakeholders - patients, Healthcare providers (HCP), clinic owners, Medical fraternity and Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Currently patients do not have any share on the information about their previous and current medical condition; medications they are on currently or in the past and many more of their own health records are unknown to them. Each time a patient visits any healthcare institution such as clinics or hospitals, the process of history taking must be repeated all over again by the doctors and some of this data might be missed.

Although there are numerous Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions around already, these data are confined to an institution due to regulation surrounding medical information. This makes the treating physicians unable to treat the patients holistically as information available to them are not robust enough for them to treat patients effectively and maybe life-threatening at times.

For healthcare funders/payers, not having a centralized EMR means healthcare costs are not able to be managed wisely as patients cost of healthcare are unable to be determined effectively, redundant tests are being conducted at different institutions unnecessarily, and treatment costs are not transparent and left to third party to be managed which compounded the problem.

Realising this problem, REMEDi seeks to solve this three main problems of Patients, Healthcare Providers and Payers by offering REMEDi Clinic Management Software (CMS) that is first ever;

a. Empower patients to be able to take control of their own EMR – patients are able to track their Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, BMI, Sugar level, Prescription, All Medical documents such as Medical Certificate, referral letter and appointment.

b. Allow HCPs to get a holistic view of patients EMR as it is connected throughout patients’ treatment course regardless where patient gets his treatment.

Clinic owners are able to manage their clinics better with REMEDI proprietary administrator dashboard – track their sales, inventory levels and monitor other branches of the business.

c. Allow payers or healthcare funders (Corporations, Employers, Insurance players and even Government) to better manage healthcare costs as all costs are transparent, verify medical documents issued by REMEDI (using proprietary block chain technology) and most importantly with a connected EMR allows appropriate healthcare resources to be deployed in any case of epidemic outbreak or public health interventions.


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In Case you missed the talk by our Founder in Astro Awani

11 days ago by Khairul Faizi Khalid

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Catch REMEDi on Astro Awani tonight!

29 days ago by Khairul Faizi Khalid


2 companies are in final stages to be REMEDi reseller

about 1 month ago by Khairul Faizi Khalid

Two companies are in final stages to formally be REMEDi Innovations Sdn Bhd authorized resellers to be rolled out nationwide to General Practitioner clinics or GPs.

What this means is that RISB will be able to capture the market faster, which currently already onboarding almost 60 clinics nationwide from September 2019.

The two companies will help propel the marketshare to 20% or about 1400 clinics nationwide within the next 2 years. 



REMEDI in talks for Nationwide Ministry of Health Electronic Medical Record roll out.

about 1 month ago by Khairul Faizi Khalid

REMEDI is currently being evaluated for the upcoming exercise for Nationwide connectivity of Electronic Medical Record by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Due to its Proprietary EMR Platform which connects patients medical record in one platform regardless the place that they received their treament, 3 separate companies are in talks to bring in REMEDi as their platform to bid for the nationwide tender exercise. 

This is a testament of REMEDi fundamental work in EMR that is significant in the years to come to Malaysia Healthcare landscape and potential to be used in other countries as well.


REMEDi participates in 1st Associations of Private Practitioners Sabah (APPS) Scientific Conference

about 1 month ago by Khairul Faizi Khalid

REMEDi will be sponsoring in 1st Associations of Private Practitioners Sabah (APPS) Scientific Conference which will be held on 19th and 20th of October.

This conference is an important milestone for Sabah Practitioners as it is the first being conducted by APPS and REMEDi is proud to support this conference


REMEDi Signs its first MOU with MPCAM

about 2 years ago by Khairul Faizi Khalid

We are delighted to announce the signing of MoU between REMEDi and Medical Practitioners Coalition Association of Malaysia (MPCAM) which has over 900 doctors as members and an affliate network of 11300 doctors nationwide.

The signing was conducted at MPCN office today with the signing of the MoU by one of REMEDi founder Muhammad Sobri and Dr Peter Chan the president of MPCAM.



REMEDi rolls out its Clinic Management Software to 20 New Uniklinik branches

about 2 months ago by Khairul Faizi Khalid

REMEDi Innovations Sdn Bhd has sealed the first 20 clinics to use its Proprietary fully Cloud based Clinic Management Software (CMS). 

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