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Managing customer value management (loyalty, crm and campaign management) is not an option for small-medium businesses, it is the very foundation of success and the key to survival during these difficult times.

Driving a repeat customer through the door is at the very least 5x cheaper than acquiring a new customer, and most SME’s are not aware that their loyal customers contribute up to 80% of their profits.

Yet, small businesses are incapable of effectively retaining customers because the existing solutions for managing customer loyalty are too expensive and difficult to adopt. Concurrently analogue alternatives such as loyalty cards and other entry-level solutions are inefficient and difficult to govern.

Introducing Spurr, A FREE digital tool for small businesses to drive value and build loyalty to keep customers coming back again and again. In just a few simple steps, you can manage customer loyalty and marketing automation like the big boys.

Spurr is on a mission to democratise customer loyalty and empower small businesses with large enterprise capabilities, so stop wasting large sums of money trying to acquire new customers.

Launch your FREE digital loyalty program with Spurr to engage your loyal customers, trigger repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value.



Customer loyalty is key to profitability yet, small businesses are incapable of effectively retaining customers.

Firstly, customer loyalty value management is too expensive for the average small business. Most solutions are large-enterprising facing.

Secondly, even if a small business were to adopt an existing solution, it will be difficult to adopt and adapt. Customer value management comes with a learning curve that requires customer value management insight.

Lastly analogue loyalty programs and entry-level solutions possess many inefficiencies and are difficult to govern.



Spurr is on a mission to democratise customer loyalty and empower small businesses with large enterprise capabilities.

Our solution will introduce a FREE digital loyalty tool to SME’s that is quick, simple and self-serve, yet powerful - large enterprise customer retention capabilities for the small business owner.

A small business may launch a FREE digital loyalty program anywhere in the world with just a Google My Business account. It may also begin engaging customers within 10 minutes of self-serve setup with no technical skills required.



As a product, Spurr is a FREE digital tool for any brick-and-mortar small business to drive value and build loyalty. The Spurr platform comprises of 3 essential compenents.

Spurr Loyalty for Business is a responsive web application for small businesses to launch and track their digital loyalty program.

The Spurr App for Customers is a FREE mobile app for customers to engage loyalty programs, campaigns and rewards.

The Spurr Scanner for Employees is a FREE mobile app for employees to seamlessly issue and track customer redemptions.



Spurr has achieved some critical traction upon launch,

Firstly large enterprise partnerships and nationwide campaigns - Digi & TM are launching Spurr as a value-add partner to a combined audience of over 400K merchants.

Spurr’s has also embedded itself into the KryptoPOS ecosystem with a user base of over 6000 merchants. As a partner KryptoPOS will launch a Spurr campaign to it’s entire userbase positioning Spurr as a powerful and complimentary business tool.  

Finally, in product development Spurr is well on it’s way to monetization with campaign management and priority membership modules well into development and set to launch in February 2021.



Pre-launch, Spurr has already garnered interest from several parties and successfully onboarded brands such as espressolab, Fat Sunday, Fitworx, Pop’s, The Grill, Aria and many more with outlets all over Klang Valley.

Spurr has also begun to onboard earlybirds in Indonesia in preparation for the Southeast Asia launch.



At the entry-level, Spurr’s business model encompasses a FREE loyalty tier where SME’s may launch their FREE loyalty program into the market for up to 500 customers.

Beyond which, merchants will need to sign up for Spurr Premium at RM90 a month for the annual package or RM45 per month combined with the SME Digitalization grant.

Spurr premium introduces campaign management and priority customer memberships to unleash the full-power of Spurr’s marketing automation.

Spurr Unlimited is an exclusive package custom-tailored for Digi and TM customers, via Digi’s Smart Retail and TM’s Digital Retail initiatives. Spurr Unlimited unlocks the 500 customer limit so that Digi and TM customer’s can enjoy the FREE Digital Loyalty program indefinitely.



Spurr is facing an addressable market of 500,000 small-medium business in Malaysia, 15,000,000 in Southeast Asia and 125 million worldwide.

Spurr is projected to acquire 1.55 million businesses globally by quarter 4, 2020 with 52K merchants in Malaysia, 650k merchants in Souhteast Asia and the remaining spread throughout ASIA PAC, Europe and North America.



Spurr has a significant competitive edge against relevant competitors.

Spurr is the only FREE digital loyalty solution on the market with Spurr Premium capabilities commanding the most value for money based on SME purchase power.

Spurr’s go-to-market is growth-hacked and exponentially accelerated by our large-enterprise piggybacking strategy with Digi and TM, riding on their incredible reach, customer base, marketing resources and brand alignment.

Futhermore, Spurr is one of only 100 technology service providers in Malaysia, approved to leverage the SME digitalisation fund of RM500,000,000 per year. We are able to offer premium services to qualifiying SME’s at 50% of the list price.



Spurr is looking to raise a minimum or RM500,000 and a maximum of RM3,000,000 at a pre-fund raising valuation of RM15,000,000.


Spurr is on a mission to democratise customer loyalty and empower small businesses with large enterprise capabilities by enabling small businesses to manage customer loyalty and marketing automation like the big boys.



Chief Executive Officer | Co-Founder

Dato’ Arulchelvam Arulampalam is a highly experienced digital platform founder/ evangelist and telco professional with prior postings and consulting to companies like Axiata, Qualcomm and Lifesight.


Chief Technology Officer | Co-Founder

Toshi Firmansyah is a highly experienced professional in digital platform technology & development with prior consulting and service provision to companies like Hong Leong Assurance, TapSquare and Lifesight.



Chief Product Officer

Jeevan Vijayan is a highly experienced professional in digital platform management & design with prior consulting and service provision to companies like Astro, Air Asia and EMKAY Group.

And of course Spurr is supported by the help of many other talented in-house managers, developers and executives. 


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