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Launched in 2011, with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong, SimplyGiving’s award winning platform works with over 1,000 organisation partners and 150,000 donors & fundraisers across Asia to maximise their fundraising potential.

SimplyGiving is focused on combining the power of social media and tech innovation. We are uniquely positioned to help our partners not only fundraise in their local market, but extend their reach globally with a multi-lingual and multi-currency platform, including a choice of 17 currencies that supporters can donate in.

Whether it’s peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding for individuals, social lending, event ticketing and registration or merchandising, SimplyGiving’s ongoing innovation helps our partners optimise their ability to raise money efficiently and securely for social good. We have also aligned our fundraising priorities to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 2030 to identify social needs.

Since inception, SimplyGiving has helped our beneficiary partners raise over RM38m in donations. Our revenue model is based on a service fee of 5%-7% of donations raised.


At this modern millennial era, traditional charities and social causes faces many challenges when fundraising to fulfill their cause. Impersonal, lack of transparency, donor fatigue are few of the challenges face by charities when it comes to raising funds for their causes.

Traditional method of fundraising for charities are also time consuming and restricted by geographical limitations to reach out to new donors.


SimplyGiving is Asia’s crowdfunding platform for social good, building solutions that will help our charity partners achieve greater productivity and outcomes in terms of fundraising.

Fundraising is a challenge for any charity. With limited resources, traditional fundraising can be time-consuming and expensive. Online Fundraising is one of the most cost effective ways for charities to raise funds. Hence our solutions are built to help causes:

  • Raise more funds with less cost
  • Empower their supporters and reach more donors in a safe, secure and transparent manner
  • Build their community fundraising program online and providing an important source of new funding and to diversify their income


We continuously build innovative tools to breakdown barriers and reinvent the way people fundraise and give in Asia. We maintain exacting standards and strict requirements to ensure that fundraising is safe, easy, secure and transparent on SimplyGiving.


We have built a strong and trusted track record of helping charitable causes in Asia raise funds.

As of 31st of May 2020:

  • Total Fund Raised for Charitable causes: RM 38 Million across Asia.
  • No. of Organisation Partners (NGOs, SE and Corporates): 1,155
  • No. of Active Individual Fundraisers: 5,600
  • No. of Donors: 145,000
  • 60,000 average monthly active users on our website
  • Donations Raised in FYE19: RM6.8m
  • Revenue in FYE19: RM368,400


We already work with over 1000 organisation partners, including some of the largest international NGOs and corporates. SimplyGiving’s regional focus has been an important factor when they choose a fundraising platform to work with, as we are able to facilitate their fundraising campaigns across Asia.

We align our financing priorities to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 2030 to identify social needs. Apart from funding support, we are also helping our charity partners build capacity to do more with efficient use of resources and advise them on running successful campaigns.

Business Model

Our revenues are success based and aligned directly to donations that are raised on SimplyGiving. Our transaction fees range from 5% - 7%.


SimplyGiving have offices in Malaysia (HQ), Singapore and Hong Kong. These are our core markets. We also work with a range of charity partners in Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Our website is localised in 7 regional languages, including Bahasa Malaysia and Indonesia, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai and Tagalog.

We enable donors to make payments in 17 different currencies, to help charities extend their global reach.


SimplyGiving is the only Pan-Asian platform with twice as many features as our peers.


We are currently raising RM2m from pitchIN investors utilized in the following manner


Our Vision it to become Asia’s leading crowdfunding platform for social impact

Our Mission is to Grow the fundraiser and donor community in Asia, to give back to Asian cause

  • Reinventing the way people give in Asia – making it easy, secure, transparent and fun!
  • Eliminating barriers to anyone to fundraise for personal and social impact
  • Inspiring a community of fundraisers!
  • Aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – our commitment to impact.


From 2016-2019, we have raised funds from a leading regional VC, Gobi Ventures amounting USD1.48m

From 2015-2018, we received USD 740k from MAVCAP.



Driven by the enjoyment of creation, James has consistently gone the extra mile into growing a multitude of businesses over two decades of living in Asia. James has founded JAG Group Holdings, Salesworks Asia, SG Global Services, SimplyGiving, Shaves2U and other lifestyle brands.Driven by the enjoyment of creation, James has consistently gone the extra mile into growing a multitude of businesses over two decades of living in Asia. James has founded JAG Group Holdings, Salesworks Asia, SG Global Services, SimplyGiving, Shaves2U and other lifestyle brands.


Jeffrey is the founder and Director of Uberfusion and Fortitude.asia. These are technology-centric companies focused on helping clients realise their digital needs and objectives. And a the partner of choice to an ever-growing number of businesses across Asia-Pacific aiming to realise and align technology-related elements of their corporate strategy.


A chartered accountant with more than 18 years’ experience as a financial, operational and business development director, working with MNCs, SMEs and start-ups in the UK and Asia. Cheryl is passionate about developing sustainable businesses that address social and environmental issues.


We are a small but very dedicated team, supported by shared resources available from our parent company/shareholder. We will remain lean to make sure we can operate on a breakeven basis.

We are governed by a supportive Board that is made up of our 2 original founders and our 2 VCs.


Watch/Listen to our Interviews on:

Astro Awani: http://www.astroawani.com/video-malaysia/future-female-making-kindness-viral-1818468
BFM: https://www.bfm.my/podcast/enterprise/hervantage/ent-hv-simplygiving-back-to-the-community

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