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Smart Malaysia Solution Sdn Bhd provides Property Management System with Fullset Accounting System known as X Count. X Count is designed for the Strata Industry, there are approximately 35,000 strata in Malaysia. The founders have vast experience in property technology and they have spent 2 years in enhancing the system to what it is today. 

Smart Malaysia Solution Sdn Bhd is at the growth stage to expand its business other parts of Malaysia.


There are 3 main issues in the industry, which are;


  • Fraud cases in the management companies and staff
  • No backup
  • Audit trail limitation

Limited Features

  • Water meter reading
  • Shared services, with shared cost to different owner
  • Share Unit calculations, Recurring billing, Tenant Billing
  • Mix Development Commercial and Residential Billing
  • Integrate to cash deposit system and resident application

High Cost of Entry

  • Current market available cost to setup is high

X Count helps to eliminate manual process of reconciliation, generating manual invoices and tedious processes. 

Specially designed to incorporate Best Practice

  • We analyze and configure for JMB
  • Preset Business Transactions to ease user to key in or resident to self-service transactions
  • Monthly invoice generated with few clicks using Wizard

X Count

Property Management and Accounting System for Strata Property. Include specific market / business requirements of the JMB that is not available at ordinary accounting system.  Solve JMB Problems, functions :- 

  • Water meter reading, 
  • Shared services, with shared cost to different owner
  • Share Unit calculations, Recurring billing, Tenant Billing
  • Mix Development commercial and residential billing.
  • Integrate to cash deposit system and resident application
  • High Volume of data

Data Protection

  • Daily backup
  • Free from virus
  • System and data in proper Data Center
  • Hassle Free - No need to install system
  • Data ownership - Data is owned by JMB / MC not accountant / property manager

Currently Smart Malaysia Solution Sdn Bhd is in the midst of deployment to 100 sites and have deployed to 30 Sites.

Smart Malaysia Solution Sdn Bhd has strategic tied up with one of Malaysia Strata Industry player to implement in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.


Smart Malaysia Solutions has 3 categories of Clients;

  1. Reseller
  2. Property Management Companies
  3. Joint Management Bodies and Management Corporation

X Count goes on a Software as a Service (SaaS) Model, their clients are on subscription basis with a 2 years contract for each client sign-up. The Charges are as below;

  1. Setup Fees
  2. Monthly Subscription Fees
  3. Migration Fees
  4. Accounting Services Fees

Industry Overview:

Market Size for Strata Properties is 35,000 sites / JMB / MC

Smart Malaysia Solution Sdn Bhd has planned to roll out a Cloud based Accounting System for business. Total of new SME companies are estimate 120,000 yearly incorporated.

Due to its nature of Cloud Accounting System. Global Business is our potential subscriber

We could offer to Countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine and Indonesia. Our product will double at every country we introduce.


X Count has a significant competitive edge against relevant competitors as they are partnering with Government Services solution provider for Strata Industry, Property Management Companies, Security Companies. Besides a being a product company, they are also customising to the needs of the relevant parties to address the real-life issues rather than being one software for all concept.

In this industry there are quite a few established player in the market, their direct competitors are CSS, Advelsoft and Condo Master. Their secondary competitors are UBS, Autocount and SQL Accounting. 


Currently the Company is funded by the shareholders. The shareholders is raising funds to reach out to more customers. Smart Malaysia Solution Sdn Bhd is looking for equity investment of RM250,000 to RM1,000,000 to further the growth of the company. The investment funds will be use to focus on 3 key areas which are Marketing, OPEX and product enhancement. 


Smart Malaysia Solution Sdn Bhd is looking to not just expanding in Malaysia’s market but to other parts of the Asia market.


The initial capital was funded by the shareholders. This Equity Crowd Funding round is Smart Malaysia’s first fund raising exercise.



The Smart Malaysia Solution Sdn Bhd team consist of 5 members with experience in management, business, finance, software development, prop-tech and the property industry. We strive to make an impact in the property industry by revolutionizing the conventional process in managing strata properties. 

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