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iConsruct is a B2B marketplace that connects suppliers and contractors in the construction industry through one single platform. Our aim is to digitize the supply chain of building materials and disrupt the conventional way of buying and selling building materials.


iConstruct figures:

  • Launched in July 2019, iConstruct has grown up to 35x in revenue in a year
  • Started the business with a capital of RM 23,000 , iConstruct had successfully transacted RM 2.4 million in revenue in just 11 months of operation
  • iConstruct's current monthly revenue had surpassed over RM 500,000 having over 70 contractors transacting through its platform




  1. Contractors face a hassle to source for cheap building materials from multiple suppliers
  • Contractors will need to make countless trips and compare prices from suppliers before purchasing a material
  • As there are different types of materials being used in a project, contractors will have to deal with a lot of suppliers


       2.  Materials arriving late increases construction cost and causes project delay

  • Time is money in construction because it includes cost of workers per day + rental machinery
  • Materials arriving late is common at a construction site and this will cause a slow progress and project delay
  • Contractors do not have real time data information on their material delivery
  • Slow progress and project delay = increase in construction cost


  1. Easy source
  • Contractors can now source for building materials and compare prices from multiple suppliers via online
  • Contractors can save their time as they do not need to contact and compare prices manually from different suppliers


       2.  Save cost

  • Contractors can save their cost by having access to multiple suppliers by comparing prices of materials 
  • Contractors can purchase materials from suppliers who offer the cheapest price in the market 
  • By leveraging with multiple suppliers through iConstruct, contractors are able to receive materials on site according its requested time of arrival
  • Fast delivery = minimise construction cost




Starting the business with a minimal capital of RM 23, 000 in July 2019, iConstruct have grown up to 35x in revenue.

July 2019 : RM 13, 724

October 2019 : RM 113, 435

January 2020 : RM 309, 534

Despite the pandemic and MCO, iConstruct have gained huge traction due to the increase demand from contractors. iConstruct is currently transacting over RM 500,000 in monthly revenue and has brought in a total revenue of RM 2.4 million within 11 months of operation




Construction of one-storey bungalow house (3420 sqft)


Construction of workshop @ UITM Puncak Alam


Development of 33 acres of cemetery lot @ Putra Heights


Roof replacement for quarters @ National Defence University

Construction of double storey bungalow @ Bangi


Profit margin ranges from 3% - 15% depending on items and quantity sold


Cement – 3%

Roofing – 12%

Pipe – 15%

Bricks – 7%

Steel bar – 8%

Drain - 8%

Wood – 13%




Building materials being purchased a year in Malaysia is summed at a total value of RM 46 billion. Out of the RM 46 billion market size , all of this operations and transactions are still being done manually and traditionally.

The construction industry have yet to embrace technology and still remains the same as how it is 10 years ago. Therefore, iConstruct wants to disrupt this traditional industry to ensure construction works can be done efficiently to reduce cost and save time




Despite the global pandemic , iConstruct sees this as a huge potential to become the market leader in digitising this brick and mortar industry. By investing in technology, this is the perfect time for iConstruct to position itself as a supply chain enabler and disrupt the building materials industry.

With the increase demand of contractors for online solutions, iConstruct aims to serve over 2,000 contractors as it targets over RM 100 million revenue over the next 3 years



iConstruct is aiming to raise RM 500,000 through this equity crowdfunding round

Product development (30%)

  • Website development
  • Mobile application development
  • Inventory management system & material tracking delivery system
  • Building materials calculation system


Operation expenditure (40 %)

  • Expansion of team to strengthen supply chain across the region
  • To increase customer base of contractors


Marketing (30 %)

  • Digital marketing through Facebook Ads & Google Ads
  • Video content marketing
  • Secure partnerships to offer rewards to contractors
  • Road show and exhibition



To bring building materials everywhere in a cheap, fast and easy manner using technology

To become Southeast Asia's leading building materials supply chain enabler





iConstruct currently comprises of only four members in the team


Taquiddin Tamunif

  • Site supervisor at PA Builders (Construction of 74 units of double story house at Serene Heights @ UEM Sunrise)
  • Site engineer at Dynamic Ascension Management (Development of 111 double story house at Idaman Putra, Sungai Buloh)


Hasif Ramli

  • Founder & Director of Pengkalan Hardware Building Materials
  • Chairman of Malay Hardware Perak Organisation
  • Two years experience as a contractor serving projects such as construction of houses, maintainence and road construction

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