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Superceed is an AI-driven customer experience company that is bringing world-class customer experience solutions to the APAC region. Superceed is a “camel”, not a “unicorn”. Throughout the years, Superceed has funded its operations, product development and business expansion mainly through its profit generating activities. Superceed wins in the marketplace through capital efficiency, sound execution, and bringing clear-cut solutions to businesses.

Superceed Key Facts

  1. USD284.6B Global AI-driven CX (Customer Experience) market
  2. 8.4% CAGR highest growth potential in APAC. Strategically well positioned in a vast growing market
  3. 5 Years of profit track record. Reliable business model.
    Revenue has grown from RM2.01 mil in 2016 to RM12.69 mil in 2019 with CAGR of 68.80%, tracking for RM16.33 mil in 2020.
    Profit has grown from RM0.03 mil in 2016 to RM7.99 mil in 2019 with CAGR of 327.39%, tracking for RM9.2 mil in 2020.
  4. Market share
    The contact center applications market size for Malaysia is RM60.84 mil. The AI software market in Malaysia is forecast to reach RM595 mil. The combined markets are referred to as the Customer Experience market with RM655.84 mil market.
    Based on our revenue for FY2019 which is about RM12.69 mil, our market share in Malaysia for contact center applications market is about 21.37%. However, for the Customer Experience market in Malaysia, our market share is 1.93%. This indicates there is plenty of room for growth in AI applications, even in Malaysia. 
    In 2019, the AI market in the Asia Pacific is estimated to be worth around RM3.9 billion with CAGR of 41.6% till 2027.
  5. Gem AI innovations
    In-house developed Emotion AI technologies strategically positioned for Customer Experience
  • Voice Emotional Intelligence
  • Text-based intelligence (Natural Language Understanding)
  • Facial Emotional Intelligence
  • Predictive AI for the monetization of the emotional journey of customers



Piecemeal solutions are unable to help businesses deliver a complete and exceptional customer experience.

Vendors and service providers offer different facets of solutions to solve customer experience pain points partially. CRM and helpdesk vendors offer solutions to streamline internal customer service processes. Market analytics vendors provide insights into customers buying patterns. AI augmentation tools help coach customer service agents and sales agents to optimize their responses to customers. AI automation empowers customer service agents with integrated knowledge base, transaction-based bot capabilities and bot-to-human handoff. Speech analytics help customer experience centers uncover insights from customer interactions through conversational analysis. 

A great customer experience is a holistic proposition that cannot be fulfilled by piecemeal solutions put together. Is it the "leg"? is it the "ear?, or is it the "trunk"? The whole, it seems, should be greater than the sum of its parts.


End-to-end solutions that combine “Infrastructure”, “Applications” and “Intelligence” to empower total customer engagement capabilities. At the “Infrastructure” layer, Superceed aggregates global gateways and connectivity points to create the most intricate and robust network for handling voice and mobile messaging.  At the “Application” layer, Superceed provides innovative customer engagement solutions, and develops value-added solutions on top of an ecosystem of customer engagement solutions providers. At the “Intelligence” layer, Superceed provides innovative, unmatched Artificial Intelligence solutions.


Virtual Call

Manages calls efficiently and intelligently

Omnichannel Customer Care

Comines all text-based interactions into a single platform

Emotion AI Augmentation

Monetize the emotional journey of customers

Omnichannel Marketing

Combines customer marketing channels into a single platform


Knowledge Assistant, Leads Generator, Linguistic Expert



Knowledge Assistant, Leads Generator, Linguistic Expert



Value-added AI applications on all competing CRM systems



AI connectors to all competing CX systems


Gem AI Innovations

Chatbot with 3 key capabilities that surpass IBM Watson and Google Dialogflow:

  • language-agnostic framework that supports multi-languages, mixed languages and dialects.
  • zero-learning intelligence that enable FAQs to be uploaded into the chatbot to intelligently answer questions even without any further training
  • ability to understand emotions and show empathy in a conversation 

Voicebot with human-like capabilities

  • language-agnostic framework that supports multi-languages, mixed languages and dialects.
  • natural human simulations simulates human breathing, empathy and natural human responses for engaging, effective conversations.
  • Integrated emotion AI that understands the obvious and subtle emotions of humans.  Our engine handles situational responses based on customer emotions. Suitable for achieving high customer satisfaction, resolving customer conflict and handling customer objection.

Voice Intelligence Customer Experience

  • Personalize based on the voice of the customer and trigger the display of past issues in the CRM system
  • Voice intelligence that audits emotions in voice content and flags troubled calls to Quality Assurance teams
  • Voice intelligence that flags real-time emotional cues from customers to supervisor and representatives

Facial emotional intelligence

  • Capture primary emotions of staff and customers
  • Generate secondary interpretations such as lie detector and personality analysis
  • Uses cases: talent acquisition, education and healthcare



We moved from providing virtual call management to work-from-home technologies to omnichannel solutions to Emotion AI technology; with focus on AI-driven augmentation and automation for customer experience.

Over the years, we have grown organically by tapping into enterprise markets, mainly telcos and services industries.

Revenue has grown from RM2.01 mil in 2016 to RM12.69 mil in 2019 with CAGR of 68.80%, tracking for RM16.33 mil in 2020.

Profit has grown from RM0.03 mil in 2016 to RM7.99 mil in 2019 with CAGR of 327.39%, tracking for RM9.2 mil in 2020.


Enterprise segments
For Enterprise, telecoms and BFSI are major growth drivers. Government and education and BPOs will be emerging growth segments. Sales are mainly derived from Channel Partners.

Cloud segments
For Cloud, medium-size industries will be our major target segment.

We have built value-added applications on top of existing ecosystem players so we can market to a ready pool of paying customers.

  • Service Providers and hosting companies
  • CRM players
  • Contact Center Applications players

1) SELL: Subscription/Installation


  • Offer SMES monthly subscription to in-house solutions
  • Offer Enterprises one-time sales of solutions + maintenance and support. Full premise and hybrid model.

2) DISTRIBUTE: Value-added Subscription


  • Offer value—added subscription in addition to CRM players core offerings
  • Offer value—added subscription in addition to telco and hosting companies’ core offerings

3) EXPAND: Pay-per-use


  • On-demand out-of-the-box AI code functionalities
  • On-demand out-of-the-box CX code functionalities


Market Share

The total market size for Malaysia is RM60.84 mil (USD14.05 mil, average between USD13.3 in 2016 and USD14.8 mil in 2023).

Based on our revenue for FY2019 which is about RM13 mil, our market share is about 21.37%.

Based on our revenue for FY2020 which is about RM16 mil, our market share is about 26.3%.

Market size for APAC is USD647.1 mil in 2016 and USD733.1 mil in 2023. Market size for Malaysia is USD13.3 mil in 2016 and USD14.8 mil in 2023. The top three markets with the highest revenue contribution were Japan, Australia and China, accounting for 60.8% of total market revenue in APAC. Focus on high CAGR growth (5-7%) markets i.e. Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.


1) AI Players

a) Functional AI competitors

  • Solving functional needs; market scope may be limited
  • Does not solve a customer's business flow
  • Scalability of business model is limited as similar competitors appear

    Sample competitors: Robbie, EmoShape, Voice Sense

b) Niche AI competitors

  • Niche players focus on solving one or more customer pain(s) ina niche area
  • Neglect holistic, inter-connection of modules in a customer's organization
  • Creates silos of data

    Sample competitors: Nudge, Localytics, Jobvite

2) SaaS Customer Experience

SaaS-based contact center players include Five9, 8x8, LiveOps while SaaS-based CRM players include Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Kayako, Hubspot, SugarCRM, Zoho.

3) Traditional Customer Experience

The top contact center applications players include Verint, Avaya, Genesys, NICE, Cisco, Oki Electric, NEC, Huawei, Aspect Software, Fujitsu, West Interactive, Enghouse Interactive.

Competitive Advantage

1) Breadth and depth of AI products strategically developed for CX

Key innovation in emotional intelligence technologies that augment business processes that boost customer experience

  • Voice emotional intelligence
  • Natural language understanding
  • Facial emotional intelligence
  • Predictive AI

2) Layers of CX competencies

  • Helps businesses identify the critical moments that make or break customer relationships
  • Helps businesses accurately identify negative emotions to reduce customer churn and positive emotions to increase upselling and cross-selling revenue

3) 4-dimensional scalability

  • In-house solutions with organic growth potential
  • Value-added applications to tap the existing paying subscribers of service providers
  • Value-added applications to tap the existing paying subscribers of ecosystem players
  • AI API model that enables system integrators and developer ecosystem to integrate our solutions into traditional CX products with established customer base

4) Gateway to other AI transformation products

  • From AI-driven customer experience into AI-driven talent acquisition, healthcare and food tracing.

5) Blockchain AI

  •  Our AI CX solutions run on the highest security platform for accountability and audit trail



In the past we have obtained government grants from government agencies to fund the initial product development. Subsequently, we grew organically without external funding, except rare instances when we received matching grants to develop new AI products.


We are raising RM4 million in exchange for 8% equity. Funds would be utilized in the proportions highlighted below


Our roadmap or implementation timelines would be to build a complete application ecosystem in 2021, build API platform in 2022, shift focus from generic to vertical industries in 2023, and diversify our product lines in 2024.


Exit Strategy

Investment offering
Target Amount MYR 2,000,000 MYR 4,000,000
Type Of Shares To Be Issued Ordinary Shares
Pre Fund Raising Valuation MYR 50,899,808
Issued Share Capital Before Funding Exercise 168,794
Price Per Share MYR 301.6
Shares To Be Issued 6,632 13,265
Indicative Equity Offered 3.78% 7.29%
Minimum Investment (10 Shares) MYR 3,016
Investment Block (10 Shares) MYR 3,016

To become the leader in AI Customer Experience empowering service providers, enterprises and SMEs to deliver exceptional customer engagement capabilities.



We have been funded by high net worth individuals and also the ECF investors during our first round of ECF campaign with pitchIN in 2018. We've also had Kumpulan Modal Perdana as our seed investor in our early days. We became profitable and successfully redeemed all preference shares from Kumpulan Modal Perdana in 2014, giving them an exit with respectable ROI over 3 years (2011-2013).


Jeffrey C. P. Tan, CEO

Jeffrey C. P. Tan is the visionary and thought leader in the area of outsourcing technology with over 19 years’ experience in Asia with a strong background in technology innovation, business strategy and strategic innovation. His passion is in transforming customer experience though innovative AI technologies.

His experience covers implementing projects for public organizations and large corporations in sectors such as telecoms, banking and IT.

He has implemented several key innovations, most notably in Emotion AI, Virtual Contact Center and Virtual Workforce. His pioneering works in R&D has won the company several commercialization grants in Malaysia.


Kenneth Y. F. Wong

He oversees telephony programming and AI engineers, and is highly capable of designing, coding, testing and implementing applications systems, and regularly troubleshoots problems with team.

He has handled high-end production systems, including applications and programs in the contact center and interactive voice response (IVR) technology space that handle 20,000+ calls daily. He also oversees development projects with staff from telephony, omnichannel and AI departments, and from external departments or vendors.

He worked in a local PLC and local TV station as systems developer.



We have a strong team and below is our current organisational structure ensuring smooth operations at Superceed.

  • No shares will be allotted or issued based on this document after six months from the closing of the offer period.
  • This issue, offer or invitation for the offering is a proposal not requiring authorisation of the Securities Commission under section 212(8) of the CMSA 2007.
  • This document has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. The Securities Commission does not recommend nor assumes responsibility for any information including any statement, opinion or report disclosed in relation to this fund raising exercise and makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. The Securities Commission expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the information disclosed.

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