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TEAM FANTASIA is a locally established services-oriented software company that focuses on development of Fantasy Sports game. Our mission building, applications and mobile applications with creativity, originality and imagination

Fantasy sports is a type of online game where participants assemble virtual teams of professional players of a particular sport. Such teams then compete based on their actual statistical performances in the actual games being played by them. Based on this performance of the chosen players of the fantasy team, the points for the team are compiled and totalled. The point system for fantasy leagues are calculated by a league commissioner, or may also be calculated by tracking actual results of the professional sport.

Malaysia is one of the countries that are missing out of having our own Fantasy sports even tho we have many local die-hard fans. The estimate for football fans in Malaysia is around 13 million (NST September 17, 2019, @ 10:30, am). There is a vast market segmentation that provider unable to tap and penetrate base on the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. Now trends on gaming sport are on arise due to the current pandemic that effecting all types of sport. This one of the reason why fans are urging to some sort of substitute.

Fantasy Sports:

A competition in which participants select imaginary teams from among the players in league and score points according to the actual performance of their players


Enactment of Movement Control Order (MCO) in lieu of Covid19 spread has halted much friendly sporting activities. The absence of sports presents opportunity for individuals to fill the gap with virtual games. Even more so, online-competitive of the sorts.


A Fantasy football game. Developed 100% by founders of the Company. Namely Shahrir and Khan.

Malaysia is a Football fanatic country. NST estimates there are at least 13 million football fans in Malaysia. Team Fantasia estimates 7.4 million individuals to be highly interested with fantasy football game.



Beta already launched since 19 March 2021. Users may now head on to our website to create their very own Fantasy Team: https://app.teamfantasia.com/team
We expect to continue our Beta at least until middle of April to debug our system before enabling payment transactions.


Although we have not launched publicly, we have prepared various mode of partnership and established ourselves on digital platforms. We are ever ready to go live the moment we are confident with the robustness of our platform.

We are able to achieve breakeven on 11th month of platform launch. And this is only with reference to 0.2% penetration of users from Malaysia (size of 7,400,000 individuals).


Our primary target audience are Malaysians from the age of 18 to 35 that is adept in mobile and PC gaming while at the same time is highly interested in football. More so to the local scene of our semi- and professional leagues.

According to the current data as of 2019, Mobile is the most popular platform. Whereas PC and console are also prevalent like many Southeast Asia markets, most of the urban online population are gamers. While mobile is the most popular platform, the majority also plays on console and PC:
75% play games on mobile;
66% play games on PC; and
55% play on console.

As you can see in the chart below, these shares include most of both men and women in Malaysia’s urban online population:

Share of Gaming Online Urban Population in Malaysia© Copyright Newzoo 2021 | Source: Consumer Insights for Games and Esports | newzoo.com/consumer-insights

Most paying gamers (87%) spent money on in-game items or virtual goods in the past six months, which makes sense given the market’s enjoyment of free-to-play games across all platforms.

The absence of “real” sport presents an opportunity for virtual technologies to grow such as fantasy football. Already, sports leagues across the world are using fantasy leagues to maintain interest and a sense of competition during shutdowns. Esports have grown massively in recent years and present a new way to engage fans and bring in revenue. Furthermore, immersive technologies could enable fans to experience games live, without having to be physically present–an idea that once may have been counterintuitive but now seems logical.

The number of Malaysia football fans opting for an alternative platform of gaming to make their daily livelihood more interesting has increased tremendously, and the importance of being the ‘go to’ gaming solution or online gaming has never been more vital. Ongoing product development and persistent marketing reinforcement is needed in order to increase both usage and engagement on the platform.



Back in the days, video games was not easily accessible as high performance PC was expensive. But today, a smartphone can be as low as RM500.

Our study shows that our direct market in Malaysia is of a population size of 7.4 million individuals. Being individuals highly interested with football and at the same time plays mobile games on a daily basis.

In Malaysia, an average gamer spends about RM134 per annum. However the spending elasticity drastically varies from RM0 to RM50,000. All depending on their individual interest on the game that is being played.

Team Fantasia is not limited to Malaysia only. We are able to conduct EPL fantasy league as well. Furthermore, by 2022 Team Fantasia will launch into other 5 countries namely Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.


Our platform welcomes 3rd party to host their own branded version of Fantasy league. As an example, Shopee can come onboard Team Fantasia as a sponsor to conduct their own Shopee Fantasy League running on our engine. The leagues are easily separated through the tone from sponsors marketing message and prizes giveaway structure. Additionally, all sponsors is able to cross-sell and share participants data if they so wish it.

Team Fantasia did not exist to compete in this space. We are built to collaborate.


The funds provide us working capital of 8 months. In which we will achieve up to 0.12% penetration (9,000 users) on our platform.

In today’s age, attention is the most expensive commodity to purchase. As such we are not underestimating the size of marketing spend and have allocated a significant chunk of our funding into it. The use of our marketing budget can be categorized into;
1) discounting to onboard early adopters
2) heavy prize for top winners in order to attract participants
3) diving into collaboration with relevant brand partners


We are a team of founder deeply passionate about football. Much of today’s football interest falls on EPL. But we feel there are much content and exciting development here in our local scene as well as the ASEAN countries.

We are highly focused to develop our core business. As we progress into later stage of our company, opportunities will come along that will allow us to branch to many other forms of revenue streams.


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